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  1. you do realize you're he's a moderator right...? it's like you're trying to arrest a police idk i just find it funny I'm female. - Structure but anyway let me just say I PERSONALLY THINK THE ED WIPEOUT WAS A GOOD THING
  2. wow it's like we're in the ending scenes of 2012 the movie
  3. I'm not gonna rant or anything, I'm just gonna explain my situation here. Have not been playing since the apostasia update, which means I haven't installed nor downloaded the new client yet. So what about that? The thing is, I kept all my riches in ticket form and put it in the bank like you would in real life. Which means my character inventories only contain small amounts of ED. then here I see news of an ED wipe happening, which means all my bank money (the coins and tickets amounting to ~700m) will be gone, leaving me with my wallet (inventory) money which amounts to like 30m or something. so did I do something wrong to deserve this it's like I'm gonna get robbed idfk lol
  4. do you think i should resell the heroes of speed ring I bought for 190M and just wait for it to become obtainable ;-;
  5. ^----------- go asura if you're into a stable high-FPS, medium skill cap, high-reward gameplay otherwise go Optimus if you want to laugh and cry at the same time all throughout your runs
  6. Optimus Basically with: - Any weapon with Plague IV - Alterasia Set 5/6 - White Sword (chance to heal 10% HP when attacking) - Max Elemental Activation Chance in el resonance You're an undying, skill-spamming, field-clearing beast. (also if you know how to spam G-4 frisbee with no cooldown and stack them infinitely then you're good to go with bossing)
  7. thanks for the answers, I bought one now and boy do I feel the damage my second question though
  8. do their effects stack? The +20% magic attack and physical attack (answered ty) also is there news of the Heroes of Speed ring being craftable again by the next updates? @Structure @Poppy
  9. I have the same old heroic weap but when I try to apply an attribute it's locked to three slots. H E L P
  10. um what happened to void scribe and play your manga qwq
  11. oh it's that simple. lol, THANKS!!! didn't know this though; so thanks too!!!
  12. But community shouldn't have been setting prices in the first place cuz well this happens
  13. I know, right. What I'm trying to say is that void has all this power to control the economy and monopolize everything. I mean don't they own this game