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  1. I mean for most people it really is just to flex and for bragging rights. For me personally,i find it really fun to play with flashy combos,but it's extremely difficult. I want to commit to both. More so my well-being. I actually find it much harder to play with mechanical keyboard since i can't really slide as easily as on a membrane/laptop keyboard,with membrane you can just slide and it registers,you can do it with mechanical too but it's much harder. I used to play with membrane and now I'm playing with mechanical,there were combos that only required sliding and was fairly easily on membrane but requires rapid clicking and accuracy on mechanical,it's tough.
  2. Hey,what's up epic gamers? Hope you're having a great day. So i have just recently come back into the game after not playing in such a long time,i am new to the server and i am starting with Raven as i did back when i played in 2015. I am currently trying to practice Raven's combos and general movements and the hardest challenge i'm facing right now is trying not to get my hands and arms sore and ache from so much clicking,i'm currently only able to practice for 30 minutes before my arms and hands start aching and getting sore. I know Raven isn't the only class that requires repetitive/rapid clicking&movements for flashy combos,I think if not most,all classes need to do it. I'm making this post because i want to know how you guys get used to it,what your routine,how long you practice for,how you get your body used to it,do you stretch and rest after a few minutes and how long it took you to get used to it until finally your arms and hands doesn't sore and ache anymore. Any tips&tricks is appreciated!! That's all,thanks for stopping by! Here is this image to end my post.
  3. I'm planning on playing blade master since that's the character i first originally played when i started raven,though for now i'm still practicing and getting used to the game again so i can enjoy it thoroughly. Currently I'm mostly just practicing in sparring and free training. And thanks so much for the welcome!!
  4. Hey,how's it going? i hope you're doing well. Haven't played since 2015,the server i originally played on closed down and i didn't know it was possible to migrate my accounts so i just stopped playing. Trying the game again now since i have been sick for the past few months and i have a lot of free time, i really liked Elsword and just had this sudden feeling of wanting to play again. It's one of the only games that i remember enjoying a a lot,might be because of nostalgia,who knows. I was originally planning on making a KR account because a Elsword streamer/youtuber that i like plays KR but i spent 2 days to no avail since every single one of them asks for a KSSN and Korean phone number and i have neither of these,i eventually gave up and bought a KR account but the seller never responded after i paid and i couldn't get a refund. I then tried making an INT account only to find out i have missed literally the best events that the server is going to get possibly until next year and there's barely anything ongoing and i found out about it a tad little bit too late,after playing for almost a week. Not only that the prices are absolutely horrendous and frankly, i don't think i have the energy nor the money to play INT so i am hoping endgame Void is going to be on the easier side and possibly a lot more casual. I just made a Void account and i am about to try out the server now with Raven as my starting class. I made this post with the hopes of finding and getting in a guild and making friends in mind, i am not sure if i am going to be active,or if i am going to play for long at all. All i know is i want the time that i spend in this game to be enjoyable as i remember it back when i played it originally,and i am hoping to make friends along the way. If anyone is interested in playing together,my IGN is Powme. Hit me up,i usually play around afternoon UTC+ 7:00 time. I apologize for my lack of vocabulary and bad writing ability as English isn't my primary language,hopefully this post is comprehensible enough. That's all,thanks!! Here is Shrek T-posing to end my post.