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  1. Chingass

    1. draco123


      ur more of a ching than me bitchass

  2. Xhed

    I am actually back

    Irony and ignorance go so well together.
  3. If it's a christmas event, it'll be on christmas, I'd hope.
  4. Did you quit because you can't login? Wheeze
  5. what the FUCK does that gif even mean

    1. Xhed


      It's my "I got two in a row, hahahah, but i don't need them" gif

  6. Xhed

    Dabbing away for now

    See you when 2.5 comes out.
  7. Kenny

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    ur gay
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    im here to right 2 u about how gay u r

    u c, ur donger got caught in a clipboard in skool cuz i remeber u silly billy

    angel gay af tho so becareful

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  8. Xhed

    -Suggestion- Halloween Event (or random event)

    If you mean the christmas event dungeon with the gingerbread mobs, I was here for that and it was hella fun. The rewards were really good and all of it was free which made me motivated to keep going. In this coffee event, I spent more money than I actually earned, I felt like this event was an ED sink and honestly, the items you could get weren't that great, I only got them because they're limited and to brag that I took part in that event, besides that it's nothing great.
  9. Xhed

    -Suggestion- Halloween Event (or random event)

    Remember events where all you needed was to run a dungeon once and you'd get the event item? And then Exchange ammounts of the event item for Free stuff, you know, like an E v e n t? And not just buy yourself stuff you already have from previous "events" Honestly this 50m + 100 runs business was what ruined most of the "OH SNAP AN EVENT" feeling, and now we're left with "Oh boy, time to grind SDs, again"
  10. l2une

    Y o u.

    T r i p l e.

    G e y.

  11. Xhed

    E n e r g y  S h a r d

    1. l2une