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  1. Yuris

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Good bye 10b Verglas hair or was it 20b, I'm going to love this Good luck to whoever is going to burn make void great again
  2. Yuris

    Worst bravery skill.

    during v2.3 btw, I think original did somewhere around 3.4k% while mod did even less
  3. @Structure@Xera would like to request a lock, thank you in advance
  4. Yuris

    Opinions on the Event

    honestly, greed medal only makes up for it's cost if you can make like at least, let's make the minimum 300 shards during it's duration, but obviously, the more the better at least it lasts a day, not an hour
  5. Yuris


    welcome back to Void, while it's true that forum may seem not very active nowadays (?) (more active on random section not gonna lie) in-game is pretty active since we currently have an event going on and people are farming their life out to make profit, gear up as much as they can, however it will end in less than a week as for guild, since I haven't been keeping in touch with any guild aside from my own, i'll just self advertise we're not a super big guild that always have conversations going on, but we're pretty active lately (not 24/7 ofcourse, we all have real life matters to attend to), and still growing feel free to check us out https://www.voidels.to/forum/index.php?/topic/75816-reunion-where-we-meet-again-lv15-pve-guild/
  6. Yuris

    Double Drop Rate?

    just a reference, I dropped one of my weapons on 636th run on previous x2 drop rate event, but then some weapons would drop under 50 runs, some are between 100~300 runs so, there u have it, RNG at work
  7. Baby

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Yuris


      hi papi i missed u

      gib mi luv plz

    2. Baby


      am coming!!!

    3. Yuris


      i’ll be waiting, the door is unlocked


  8. hh and 2 +11 service for a friend in exchange of them carrying these chars to get 300 shards cos i don’t want to spend the entire event farming for this but spend it on farming erp as well
  9. hello, you're accepted already heard about u from ur friend : ) i'll try to send invite to guild now
  10. applies to weapon as well, hence why people be dropping it like candy during event (partly because tons of people spamming it)