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  1. tfw the people who say this are usually teleporting around the map `-`
  2. Then how 2 counter RS who can move with that freaking Christmas tree :(((
  3. how 2 counter RS who tank for SB as a NW thanks Im enjoying this system where you lose once and you lose 10% :))))
  4. Welcome to [BlackMail]! A guild looking for a fresh start. We are a guild of mixed priorities, ranging from PvE, PvP, to just chilling in spar. We welcome all, although we are a primarily english speaking guild! Lvl 13 | Hybrid [Guild Master] Swagz | BM | lvl 99 [Admins] NewHak | LP | lvl 96 RainCloud | NW | lvl 99 [Guild Master] Belongs to the one and only Swagz and won't be changing. [Administrator] Of course with any high ranking positions in our guild it's a matter of time and how much we trust you. Don't attempt to bribe, blackmail, or slander just to try and get to a higher ranking. Who gets admin will be decided through a vote and discussion between current admins and the guild master himself. - We have no rules on inactivity! - Alts are limited to 2 per person - Please be respectful toward everyone in the guild. Jokes and shenanigans are totally ok with us, but I'm sure you know what the limit to that is. - Don't cause drama. It's a headache not only for you but for all of us and no one wants to deal with that. - No scamming - No hacking If you are discovered you will be KICKED without notice immediately. [Discord] Open to guildmates only! If you have any problems or questions about us, please PM any of the staff listed above! If you want to apply, please fill out the application below OR PM Swagz in game! IGN: Class: Timezone: About me (optional): Why do you wanna join us? (optional): [4/5/2017] - First event completed~ Major thanks to Elegal for hosting this event! Thanks for your time and have a nice day!
  5. damn S rank is salty af s/o to salty YRs im just a poor DW pls spare me :^(
  6. Forum Name: Inspiring Character Name: Relax Category I want to Participate: 1, 2, 3
  7. mommy hello 

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      h ow did you find me


  8. notice me senpaiii ;c

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      you are noticed :3