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  1. I think you need to make it even clearer for people to understand.
  2. I hate people who do that. They even do that shit on SDs which mostly get cleared by a full party in 1-2 minutes.
  3. Not judging anyone but the lag some people have decreases the dpm of my innocent. Shadow bolt is literally useless if one person lags in the party, it either doesn't move or doesnt get cast at all. So annoying, especially from the fact that I can't steamroll the dungeon when ESCHATON isnt ready.
  4. Really guys? Some of yall bouta be real mad at me but it must be said. Why yall voting for add 2x , its not even permanent, I- YALL THREW THAT 100% MISSION CHANCE AWAY
  5. *Tries pvp after many years again* Fps drops Lag lag LAG Super op players *Never queues again*
  6. Omg preach Also the people that never skip dungeon cutscenes *crying sounds* Rip dp and mp used for maximum strike
  7. Lol are you sure you aren't doing anything wrong because I get the kick warning sometimes and I don't get kicked by any laby players.
  8. You literally called me a dick even tho I never kick players, I am shaking and crying. On topic: When you do a dungeon and someone in the pt lags so hard that the mobs take super delayed dmg making a dungeon run horrible. Also people not moving fast enough towards the stage transition barrier thingie. Rip ace in hole
  9. Omg I did a dungeon with a RaS and she never used her useful skills and constantly knocked the enemies away. The person also never used the help laby active and sunshower >:( She was level 86, how do you fail at using a class like that.
  10. Give code sarial better combos that let her recover mana faster, her current combos are so boring an useless. Now to my fav class bluhen The cast speed of homing requiem should be instant because if you are in a party, all the mobs are dead before the projectiles are even shot, it also needs a small damage increase.
  11. Metamorphy She used to be popular until kogck decided its time to nerf impact zone and her passives into oblivion. Now nobody plays her. I swear, I am going to travel back in time and take over kog.
  12. I agree Herbaon is the worst boss ever I find it funny how the game says to damage him as much as possible before enters his OP laser mode and that damaging him alot would cancel his laser attack but like I was with a other eternity winner in the dungeon and spammed out skills and it still didn't stop him. Like WTF.. #removeherbaon
  13. Skin splitter in elrianode city Who at kog had the idea to add a boss to it. I lost like 10 revive stomes because that thing has high ass defense.
  14. I swear everytime I am in a dungeon queue and there are 4 people in the group, one always cancels. Don't join the queue if you cancel -_- Also these pvp npcs in add fusion theory. I can deal with the nasod bitch and the raven in the uniform but I can't deal with the demon looking raven, also his defense wth.