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  1. IGN/s: MemeReaper Character/s: One not so sexy Raven that still doesn't know how to play their class after 6 years Class/es: Nova Imperator aka pls give some skill casting speed KoG Level/s: 99
  2. I feel you so hard on this one as a NI main. OT: Tfw you finally do drop a unique el tear but its so bad even selling it would be too good for the tear.
  3. -1 Like I said really depends on how the person acts like as in: If you make a run take longer than it would already take aka 6min+ I will kick the person. If the person thinks their "special" enough to shit talk the person that carries them, I will mash that kick button so hard they won't be able to que for a week. If the person straight up does nothing, they can also say goodbye. BUT if I see they're actually trying to do something and/or don't make shit that could make runs longer than they have to, I personally won't kick them.
  4. FB: That small white dragon, I think it's called Wyvern RH: Blood Eater NI: Son Wukong aka the most annoying pet I've ever had FP: Hoya KE: Miho
  5. Making those boxes untradeable would take away literally any reason to get them in the first place lmao And why do you think Void wouldn't make "enough money" with those boxes? Why should it work on every server even dead as hell EU server but Void would "go south" only because those boxes are tradeable
  6. Pretty much this. btw. Void only has enhancements up to +11 And, I just realized I sounded pretty passive aggresive in my last answer, sorry for that
  7. Dude, most people already use IBs only to get the costumes, nobody expects to pull a +10 or even a +11 from it since the rates are so low you would probably have more luck getting one with fluos. And well... boo fucking hoo, you wouldn't be able to sell +10 scrolls for 4b anymore. Good. Something that you need to experience endgame content in it's fullest extend shouldn't cost 1b-4b (if you choose to buy a scroll to not bother with RNG)
  8. Why can't hurry the fuck up be a virtue when it's about something you NEED these days in this game. +1 btw
  9. TL:DR instead of just changing the system so it isn't only looking at the damage you do, you want KoG to fuck over people that paid some unholy amount of cash/ED to get the point they can oneshot every monster and their mom in the first place. And this: Just sounds even more like you're being a massive bitch to people that can clear shit faster than you.
  10. Farming Energy Shards for the last few Yellow Stages for the Void weapon on my Raven while 95% of all my runs drop 0-1 shard
  11. 2019 and Valak still kicks my ass in Add Dungeon because I am fucking dumb and can't catch him to save my life
  12. Still wanna bash KE's heads in when they use Windmill and don't kill shit. But at least I finally got my Elrianode Weapon Guard after months, I stopped counting.
  13. Die. Boy, I am really looking forward to the day where the Laby hype is as dead as Aisha
  14. I already hate the new queue system and if I hear fucking Laby calling her own name again like some retarded piece of shit, I will go fucking crazy
  15. Oh damn, good luck with that, sounds hard tbh Also, congrats