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  1. But this topic is not about people ranting/being salty.
  2. Doesn't it sound kinda dumb to get only a +9 scroll when you have to farm a dungeon where you at least need a +10 weapon to even have a chance? Don't get me wrong still gonna +1 this. But well... Just sayin'
  3. Probably 'cause they gonna put all their hope into KurtzPel
  4. Pics or it didn't happen
  5. And during all those years we've only got one Anniversary event or what ever you wanna call it
  6. Then how about this: Tell me why cubes work so well on dead as fuck EU server or literally any other server but would 'destroy Void's IB market'? OT: +1 there is literally no reason for Void to not have it.
  7. Destroyed this mans hopes and dreams as fast as they got 'em
  8. Tbh that kick system is the new Nasod Inspector. Gonna stay broken for god know how many years until they THINK about fixing it
  9. The Kick System has so many problems and just works if it feels like it. Some people can literally do nothing during the whole dungeon and the Kick system won't do shit (lookin at you fucking Elrianode City leechers). But if you DO can kick someone it doesn't even work most of the time and the person doesn't even get kicked. It's literally a gamble if the system will kick in or even WORK if it does kick in. Cool explaination, now I want to see how you can explain that someone can get the Kick system triggered before the dungeon even started? 'cuz you perfectly dodged that part from Betrayus' reply like a master. Anyways: KoG should work on that freaking Kick System again and nobody can change my mind
  10. >spamming 11-3 This one lazy asshole: Does nothing Kick system: Nah he gud >dungeon literally just started Kick system: Fucking WHY
  11. It's 2019 and people still take photos of their screens instead of taking screenshots OT: I'll just farm the shit out of Elrianode City, now that we got double title count and no ticket elrianode for some time.
  12. I will eat a whole broom if they can actually make this happen. Not because I don't have faith in the staff (okay, yes that IS a big reason) but more like, even just making the Apo weapon banksharable made the weapon bug out (stages would be gone and you'd need to relog), or trying to make DWs Magical Makeup hair a actual costume part made the thing end in a pile of depression and wasted time, that I really don't want to imagine in what strange way that could fail (inb4 no upgrade effects at all anymore lol). Or maybe staff will just completely ignore this and we will never know.
  13. Now read what I said after the edit literally 1 second after I send it.
  14. we can't even go higher than +11 and I doubt they would do that th because bugs and what not
  15. The fact that this will 99% guranteed to be the case makes it even more sad. And to those few people that told me ingame "buuuuut you can get a +10 or even a +11 from the event cuuuuuuuuuuube", yeah good luck getting anything decent beside pots, Blacksmith mats, Alchemist mats, pet candy, here 'n there (twisted) sage stones, pet food. maybe even a mod book or a promo cube from that shit cube.