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  1. I smell attention hoe. That and thread to increase posts :v -spays febreeze- Also forums is in dire need of cookies c: Kbye
  2. Launcher stays at 0% for a bit. Waiting for 3-5min usually gets it working again and you're good to go. Worked for me so idk bout you guys but you should try it
  3. Sadness ...leg shot banned ;; can't make people scream "MY LEG" anymore
  4. Stupid question but I'm assuming IB sets are banned as well?
  5. So I'm stupid at timezone crap Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) -0700 UTC Apparently that's for Cali. Anyways, I'll probs fail but I'll give tourney a try IGN: Bananakun Class: DC Guild: not in a guild Timezone: already posted above owo correct me if I'm wrong
  6. You're an idiot for downloading that crap. Even if there were no warnings at that time even a monkey could tell something's "phishie". Yay lame puns :DD
  7. Whalecum to forums :v go earn your sig by posting in spam thread young grasshoppa
  8. The power to be biased! Nah jk I dunno. Give you warnings and a spanking probably. Ark will probs show up sooner or later in here
  9. Bunch of new people coming over. Guess they realize NA is crap. Anyways welcome new person •~•/
  10. Who knew I'd enjoy this emptiness within ...heh

  11. Shadoge


    Should be working now. Also VoidEls4 is up now and back to normal
  12. Mini update? : VoidEls4 works perfectly fine now so yay