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  1. This is why you solo if not run with people you know.
  2. Put a bank there too while you're at it.
  3. laby

    all of homecoming is back

  4. Yani

    [Arcanum] A New Era ✧

    Hi old friend, best of luck to your guild.
  5. erik..

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    2. cugiel
    3. Yani


      i love you no homo

    4. cugiel


      thanks i love you too

      i gotta go to school tho so bye ; / 

  6. LoIi

    Hello, not to disturb you or anything, just wanted to see if you're interested in joining my new discord server, that has currently 13 members (excluding the bots), and it would be great if you could join it, we accept memes, cursing, and literally you can do whatever you want!


    Thank you! :)


  7. >not being geared in 2017 >using the queue buff dansgame
  8. i wanted to have your babies but now that you're leaving i have nothing else to live for...
  9. I think he would be doing the world a favor.
  10. Aight. Dubs decides how OP should kill himself.
  11. Having to find one is a pain due to them being very scarce. +1 from me.
  12. Time to pay 3b for a set that doesn't even look good.
  13. Pretty sure Eltrion was supposed to be 1.9. Too bad we skipped it and went straight to 2.0.
  14. thank the gods, yes please