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  1. Accepted! If you're online I can send you an invite! Join the Discord as well so you can get to know all of us if you haven't already~!
  2. Lmao first off relax, you sound like there's a stick up your ass. I have read the passives, and I have played both of the classes a fair amount of time, which is why I left IM for my RM. I never even denied he needed buffs either, because he does, but you guys undermine him more than you think. Maybe YOU don't read your passives if you can't realize his potential. KE is in a great position to him because he's more effective in dungeons than an RM. But when it comes to tanky area of effect, RM shines more there. IM has recently gotten better utility due to force skills. Maybe you think he's better because you fail to manage his WotS, which RM is undeniably the hardest to manage his system.
  3. Accepted! Are you online right now to accept an invite? And make sure to join our discord to socialize with more guild members and keep up to date with the latest news!
  4. l2une

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN] l2une [Ran's items] 7, 10 [Lilu's items] 5, 9 [Yata's items] 2, 6 [Structure's items] 4, 8 [Xera's items] 1, 3
  5. l2une

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Repeatable seems too much no? I think daily makes it a little more balanced. I say that because in the raid discord you guys are already actively looking for 0%'s which makes flame marks fairly easily farmable. Which leads up to the second thing: Despite being insanely high, don't you think that's exhilarating? It's "raid" content, shouldn't be "raid"-like to get? I feel like what I mentioned first would also balance out some of these exchanges which all seem nice. But in response to making it a daily, you could nerf some of the exchange values to a lower exchange to compensate for it. Other than that, nice suggestion, looking forward to finishing my gear to be able to do this more frequently and have reliable damage.
  6. He really isn’t the worst lmao, IM does not have as much consistent burst as RM does
  7. Hmmm, at Luminary most of us are from EU, but aside from that we're PvE with a fairly high activity count. I don't think it's too overbearing based on what you;re looking for. We'd love to have you though!
  8. S H O O T I N G

    B I N D

  9. l2une

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Essentially its like Rose PO / Add DoM and Eve CEs Passive, instead of summons >debuff while im probably being biased since he's my main, maybe 30 is a bit too much, but im least glad they're tuning him up to be on par with these new characters who can dish out loads of more damage leaving other classes unplayed mainly
  10. l2une

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    to be fair, with how mana hungry he is, it's well deserved
  11. l2une

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

  12. l2une

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    CELESTIAL CROSSROADS IN GUILD EXPEDITION CAN EAT A TACO. THE MOBS ARE SO TANKY. This video is literally my reaction whenever we clear a stage and we see the next one coming. Cheers that we're about to hit Stage 200 though
  13. I was ready for Christmas before thanksgiving even happened, my guild mates roasted me for it but oh well :^)
  14. Accepted! If you're online I can invite you right now! Make sure to join our discord as well to keep to date with things