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  1. Farewell...

    Been here a very long time, offered hundred of hours of free time to create mods for free from my modding thread ( and even entered(and won) the very first IB recolor contest(DF/DSu) Spent thousands of hours creating,managing, and then destroying a guild. I've met some awesome people, and terrible ofc, so much damn memories it's almost overwhelming to think about it all. But alas, I lost everything I mentioned, the guild, the friends, the lovers, and even the haters, and now, I even lost my account. Logged in tonight only to see I was banned(already made the appeal, and was already denied) Kind of hurts to continue typing this farewell message to be honest.. so to make this easy on myself, I'll just say: thank you everyone, and farewell.
  2. The calm after the storm

    Been gone around 5 months, came back about a day after the wipe. Wasn't really thrilled to come back being poor. I was the type to turn my ED into tickets and store them out of my site so I didn't randomly gamble it. I've been with Void since 2014, enjoyed my time spent for a long time, despite the highs and lows. I haven't loaded up since I returned, but I probably will just to get an IM costume or something. Just hope the staff realizes what a good thing they got going for them, and not let the digits they see everyday blind them with greed
  3. May I buy your RM combo for  2.5b ?

  4. best player for each class

    don't even know half the players myself, and not even an Eve list, assuming that's because of cbs.. xD
  5. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    Would be cool if the dev of Elsword's hack tool is finally compromising everyone's accounts. They have 2 years worth of account infos, damn this guy could become rich! sadly I think it's just a server issue..
  6. [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    Nothing special. xP
  7. You got nowhere to run : )  
    Forever & Always   

  8. Playing Eve>Exotic>CN since release, then Void announced renewals and I rage quit her, seriously cried that whole night. Then I made a new char, a CrA, I've had a lot of fun, hell, even got on the ranking board! But I watched my old YT vids and felt really depressed I left my CN.. So here I am reviving her. I don't even want to PvP with her is the sad part. I quit her because the game devs made her braindead af, just another char people will bandwagon... But thinking back in S3, I managed to get into the 106AP tier with her, while wearing Souless Ego title. That was a lot fun, killing all those pre-nerfed Espers(makes no sense because they feel strong than before) So I might PvP again... uwu Oh sorry, an item.. on topic then! Ring of Fury, I'm tired of killing these users, it was funny at first but now it's just getting sad
  9. Easy Hack

    Hacking will always remain. They can make better security, but the hack will eventually bypass it. Our best weapon to fight hackers, is: we the players. Even if you can't record well, all you need is a few seconds of evidence along with the hackers name being readable. Then report it and the staff will eventually determine outcome. I agree about the megaphone part. Saying "Omg watch out for this guy in 1v1 hes hackurr" doesn't help at all, because you have no idea who is behind the queue. The only thing it would do, is giving people a warning to open up their recorders and record them if they come across said hacker.
  10. Who is the second most tankiest class?

    Not much I suppose. But a tank that cannot be versatile as well isn't that efficient.
  11. Who is the second most tankiest class?

    I would say it's a tie between RF and CrA. GrM sounds more tanky, but a CrA played and statted right has much more potential. Her super armor actives allow her to play aggressive as well.
  12. Yeah. But. The. Cap. Is. Still. 45. D00d.