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  1. What really makes me laugh in pvp is when people stop after using their hyper, like they expect it to one shot me. Makes it all the more easier to debuff them 100 times.
  2. I guess we're ready to go?

  3. rip in peace christ I don't even know how I got in myself I just got on and boom im in
  4. I was able to get in but my friend wasn't. Welp I guess I can't log out freely now.
  5. I'm still the Illuminati♥

  6. Full support because yes I need these
  7. NF is the only reason I capped a GA here first hhhh also idek what ya'll talking about I like the new jumping animation because the old one was just way to chunky.
  8. Anyone know the location for VP's hair color? Edit: Preview of grey eyes for Aisha♥
  9. 2You


    I just go for cash costumes and occasionally get the IB Weap/Accs/hairs. IM costumes look better than most IB's imo and the people that thing they're better because they have one just make me sad lol.
  10. ok so I have paint.net but how do i get the files for aisha's skills and face? I really want to change some things "^"