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  1. Armaros

    Bring back Hero's Assemble buff to F8 solo

    Unfortunately, this is official content, nothing Void could do but implement it. However, i agree on this. Even thought i am geared enough to clear dungeons i need solo w/out queue buff, i still have alts that cannot do that, like other players that have chars in the same situation. Just waiting for people to get out and leave me alone was the fastest way we had to get soloq buff at its best and grind stuff with no fear of leechers and laggy people in general to slow down runs, but now it is gone. I hope KoG changes its mind and brings it back. I doubt Void can do that alone, but hope never dies. EDIT: Do i have so many likes?
  2. Armaros

    Heroic Quest

  3. Armaros

    Heroic Quest

    That's exactly what i am talking about in this suggestion. This issue showed up when they first added Heroic Soul system. Both quests (one for normal difficulty, the other for hell, same name) worked fine at first, then officials removed normal mode, and Void has never updated this quest, resulting in one daily soul being inaccessible since the quest can only be progressed with Heroic normal dungeons.
  4. Armaros

    Heroic Quest

    I still try :D And devs cannot even slap a "technical difficulties" here, since they are perfectly able to manipulate quests and rewards, just like they have done multiple times over the years.
  5. Armaros

    Heroic Quest

    What i have noticed for some time is that this quest is impossible to complete, since it is supposed to be completed by running Heroic normal three times. But we all know Heroic dungeons only have hell difficulty now, so you cannot even try to carry out this quest. Since it is one less Heroic Soul per day, which may come in handy for beginners that want to grind for an Heroic set, i was thinking we could get this quest removed completely with the next big update and have its rewards merged with the other daily Heroic quest, which has the same name and drops, and maybe have its requirement increased from three to six times, so it is more balanced. What do you think about this?
  6. Armaros

    Most fun dungeon?

    Trax Nest, Contaminated Zone and Elrianode City. I love them
  7. Armaros

    QoL updates

    If Void staff decides to add +9 ammy for Heroic weapon, it will eventually come with the next big update. The server has always been like this unfortunately.
  8. Armaros


    Neutral on this. The idea is great, i love it. But Void cannot really implement it unless officials do so. The only way would be to suggest this to KR.
  9. Armaros

    New title for IB?

    -1 It is a limited time title for a reason on officials. Such a title would be too broken to be made permanent.
  10. Armaros

    Worst bravery skill.

  11. Got +10 scroll and instantly used it on my Type-Void weapon, so i have not to stick with my 4D weapon anymore. Merry fucking Christmas Void! :DDD
  12. Armaros

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Those +10 craft requirement changes are better than expected. Time to come back and finally +10 my Type-Void wep