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  1. It would be neat, but as Somni said, it would be custom content, so we are not sure they can even do that. Also add neutral option to the poll, so we can +0 like I would.
  2. Make inventory space efficient is never a bad idea, considering not everybody can afford spending millions to expand inventory slots. Consumable is easier to manage indeed, but Special category is literally filled with items like that, so making it more efficient means more slots. Cheap =/= discard, you never know when that stuff may come in handy. On topic: +1 on everything, but changing Luriel/Cobo to standard is not gonna happen. I'd rather merge Luriel with Cobo and keep them separated from standard versions, because the former are the untradeable kind of item that are supposed to be like that anyway. This way we keep untradeable items without having them filling extra slots.
  3. -What made you choose your guild? My guild's leader is a player I've raised since he joined Void. I know his brother and him pretty well, so when he told me he created a guild, I was sure it was a good choice to join it. -What do you expect from a guild? I expect fairness between its members. A guild should be like a second family, where you can get help and be helpful, where you can grow as a player and help others growing as well. United we stand, that's what makes guilds great. -How often do you run guild expedition? Not much actually, but we all make sure to have a decent quantity of Guild Coins stored. When we run short of coins, we all play expeditions and minigames, which makes coin stacking quite easy and fast. -What are your favorite guild passives? Light Steps hands down. Moving fast is something that makes speedrun easier, and getting up to 25% Movement Speed by just picking up ED is a godsend. -How do you like your guild's community? My... community is not very well known for being united, nationality wise. We all tend to fight between us, and that's why it has fallen so hard in the last years. But my guild kills this stereotype, as we all try to be as much of a family as possible. And you bet I like them. Our Discord chat is also a puns 'n' memes festival, so it is funny as well!
  4. The more you try to be polite, the more people gets salty. Chill nigga, it's just a game. i got the n-word pass
  5. mfw people wants its time back with interest
  6. My first character ever was a Lord Knight. I think I picked him because main protagonist, and I had quite some fun with it. Then his sister came out, so I was interested on how different she could be. Answer: not much. But female LK + faster character (14-y-o me didn't know speed stats were a thing, so GrM felt faster to me due to passives) so I started maining her, until Void opened. I started here with LK as well, just to test the waters, and then decided to make the drastic change and started maining Deadly Chaser. Today I am an hardcore LuCiel main, but I mained DC for like three years, and today I still love to play it with full speed build in spar rooms for fun.
  7. Links to images are broken
  8. Check this thread, it is very useful for beginners when it comes to gear progression.
  9. I think people is mostly pissed off because they are not even able to disagree if not by commenting. I would not mind a new dance, but Venci's arrogance is not something I am going to support. In my case, it is +0. It would be +1 (idm the dance getting implemented), but it's -1 for OP's arrogance. Let's do some maths: -1+1 = 0. This is my vote.
  10. It would be unfair if you got the actual weapon in a different way than raid. We are talking about statless cosmetic, it literally hurts nobody. Also, drop bar just makes chance higher, it does not grant a drop. The odds are still more favorable, and chances are you are gonna drop the weapon sooner or later, the higher the bar gets. But what about accessories? As you pointed out, no bar = harder drop. But we still have statless accessories. So there is no reason to not get the statless weapon, techical difficulties aside.
  11. +1, definitely a good idea. As for the crafting, I would suggest a crafting with Flame Marks, just like raid accessories. Quantity should be a little higher (let's say 20), but since it is a statless version, even 10 FMs would be fine.