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  1. You're still ignoring what I'm saying and only focusing on what you can answer with the same empty answers. I don't know why anyone should even tell you something so common that the speed of your drive does not affect game speed under any circumstances. No matter what title. Tested monitor refresh rate affecting game speed when you only have 60hz. How you gonna do that? If you're basing your experience based on one time when you "tried" then you're extremely narrow-minded. Ah yes you're 1 out of 10k(population of elsword) who think that SSD makes game faster meanwhile the rest knows and experiences knowing it doesnt. And you're still being defensive and refusing to believe it doesn't affect that it doesn't work like that. How can you say that SSD makes games faster then? Where's your evidence? I guess since you know it makes the games faster you also happen to have this "source code"? Based on my testings, unlike you I can provide evidence when needed, none of your blatant arguments are wrong. Why not shouldn't I say those? By your logic those are exactly what I should be doing and not listen to what anyone says. Fighting fire with fire basically. You wouldn't understand how ridiculous they sound unless I used extreme examples but even then you fail too see it. It is common sense that drive type doesn't affect how well games run. It is common sense not to eat shit. Do you get it now?
  2. I literally said I have tried and am experiencing all scenarios with no differences. I'm telling you to google cuz you don't seem to be understand what they do and because you're unable to test them, mostly the monitor part. And yes, searching google can give you various of answers and they're usually answered without even opening the links. I guess you've tried eating your own shit because you don't believe it tastes bad? Since you failed to see the point and only see the insults let me say it here clearly. Your opinions can't be considered to be an opinion in this case. Why? Because they go against the facts. but since you wanna call them opinions and opinions can be changed well I can say with 100% confidence that your opinion wouldn't convince a single person who has any idea how games work and how each component can affect them. There is a reason why people, me in this case, insult you when you give out your "opinion" and the reason is because it is just plain wrong and ridiculous. Please try to understand that much. I also happen to think that drinking stagnant water is healthy and delicious :) You're literally trying to convince others by saying that having a sport car gives a huge advantage over people who have regular cars when you're both driving in the same speed limits
  3. nah this is how you know someone's just saying random shit and has actually no real idea what's going on im sorry to say but you've actually managed to convince yourself with deluded perceptions. Not only this but you have the audacity to convert the actual fact of how things are with your unrealistic scenarios and dare to call them opinions. people need to try to feel the difference? here I am playing daily on both setups, monitor and drive wise, and there's literally no difference. Even after trying to play just for the sake of it, no differences at ALL. since you're just pulling these statements out of your ass why not google how each of the components affect gameplay. but why would that matters cuz you don't blindly follow others "opinions" :)!! AND SORRY COLLIN FOR LITTERING YOUR POST i kinda knew it was pointless and hopeless to convince a blockhead. Here's a video for you that represents void community
  4. getting anything through you is like pulling teeth honestly you've somehow manage to convince yourself that the game runs faster with a high refresh rate monitor. I am playing with both 144hz and 60hz and the game doesn't run any faster and barely any smoother. The only possible way your argument has any truth and/or sense in it would be that you somehow played with vsync on back when game speed was tied to fps and once tried 144hz monitor.
  5. what are you even saying... Higher refresh does make everything run smoother but not faster. The game runs just as fast on both 60Hz and 144Hz monitor, heck even 240Hz doesn't make a difference in elsword. You could argue that 60fps vs 83fps does make a difference but that's not distinguishable to the majority :/
  6. @soft appetizer

  7. idk how'd you connect the dots between a typo and knowing how to speak
  8. hurt

    hi what's up, cutie? Are you free tonight to enjoy a good lunch with me?:chungSalute:

  9. does anyone play this just to have fun, or try to, and not living a 2nd life?
  10. hey what's up I'm single and ready to mingle! I believe there would be a big spark between us cuz our likes are extremely similiar. I need you in my life. Do you have, by any chance, some time for me?
  11. I agree, all men are pigs. It's absolutely disgusting!! cute single girls hmu btw, dms are open
  12. I love the young cute girls in this community makes me so happy!
  13. hurt

    hey are you single?

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  14. The way Ain scales with gear is gross... and idk how arena proves anything. You can literally just spam arena and at 1 point you'll get there
  15. Class: CBS +9 heroic, as long as she has an access to consumables she's a monster Burst: SS+ every 30 seconds, otherwise around SS DPS: SS Mobbing: SS Field/Room clearing: SS´+ Bossing: same as burst, depends on the boss Party play: she doens't really provide much to her party besides dmg Secret dungeons: SS+ Henir: I assume challenge so S or SS on void, lower on other servers Heroic: SS Fusion Theory: SS she has really good tools to clear this but her abilities are slow which is why I said SS.