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  1. Id love to ask @Lilu, but im still waiting on his pvp tier list.
  2. Waiting for tier list like..
  3. Noticed this too, bascily have to do 2,000 runs to get a +10, on top of 500m It would take less time to actually get a job for a week and cash, and get one that way.
  4. This event kinda just shits on people who dont cash for gear, or newbies. yay for excluding people!
  5. Would love to join, but too busy farming add weapon for my mains. as im coming back from a very long hiatus this guild looked perfect.
  6. We all know a time when a specific class pissed you off in practice channel, which ones do it for you, and why? ( I put this in the pvp thread cuz it's still "kinda" Pvp) Mine would be: Ass-ura - The hitstun on some of those skills is just dumb along with screen wide Supression, though that kinda goes for all Aras EM - Kinda obvious reasons, free mp, skills spam, ect. CBS - Needles cutting or w/e just has the longest hitstun known I swear, and Im a old player so the (No MBing in practice) thing still kinda floats in my head NW- Free spam catches and MP like EM Anything that just one shots me? (Couldnt think of a last one)
  7. Do we have a Arena tier list? I know we have a sparring one. like lets assume everyone has the same exact gear, what would Arena tiers look like?
  8. They wont respond to this due to it being a actual problem, and it would bring personal confict to them. They would rather just ignore it to avoid the problem and make more money.
  9. If you are saying they are hacking without proof, it is defaming. Edit: Sorry, @Structure didnt see you talking about derailing.
  10. Ebola


    Does it really outclass the free 10% you get from the two 2piece effects?
  11. Ebola


    But dont most of those only effect PvE?
  12. Ebola


    Why are people rocking 4d 4/5 more and more now? when two 2 piece Heroic gives like 10% to Attacks, along with other effects? am I missing something?