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  1. I also applied in game via board. IGN: NebulousWind Level/Class: 85 Grand Archer Main or Alt: Main Previous Guild: Essence Time zone you are in (ie PDT, GMT, etc...): (UTC-6:00) Central Time (US & Canada) Reason for wanting to join other than Raid: Been looking for a very participative/active guild. Cake or Cookies: Why not both? If I had to choose...cookies.
  2. I hope they do keep their intentions on moving from 14/22 slots because it'd save a lot of trouble. I don't mind to spend an extra $5 to max character slots to help maintain the server.
  3. The problem with that solution is that it's not permanent and will end up costing a lot more EC rather than just making all the characters. It's not really that hard to level here in Void. I appreciate you trying though, thanks.
  4. A +5 slot choice would be a cool idea, I wasn't thinking that they have a +12 slot purchase, that'd be weird, and people wouldn't know if they could handle making that many at once. I do like that they do have +2 slots at least. I'm just saying the cap of characters should be at the amount of characters we have playable. So when Add -gets shot- comes, we have the ability to buy more slots (or given free to us if they want to help promote him like regular Elsword does).
  5. Hello, my new fellow community of Elsword. I wish to share my first suggestion to the Void community. I apologize if this was already discussed or not, but I couldn't find if it was. I am a huge Elsword fan and since leveling is so much easier, I want to make all the characters in the game and cap them. What I found out is that we can only cap up to 14 characters with extra slots. As you know, we have 22 characters currently. I am aware about how when 1st time Void came, there was 22 slots, but that disappeared for some odd reason that I am not aware of. It then dropped to 10, but after some sort of breakdown, it dropped to 7. I for one would like more character slots purchaseable or given to us like it once was at 22. Don't say make another account because bank share exists and I wish to fully use that with all the characters and there are those items that can be only bank shared and not mailed. I also wouldn't like the idea to mail everything around, it's such a time consumer as time goes by. Let me know what you think or what you know about anything else I don't know about this situation, I welcome your opinions, my new fellow community.
  6. I'll keep this one for research material.
  7. Tis a bloody shame that we cannot play when it was a weekend. Oh well, at least I have no school, anyone else here too? -holds a high five- o.o