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  1. So cant get HR 27-29 from glave anymore?Rip
  2. If memory serves me right, there is such a system, and it works just fine, you get dc if you stand in village for 25(?) minutes and game detects no imputs from you.Still, -1 from me, it's annoying to relog and i dont even remember when all channels were full last time.
  3. Nothing feels as good as kicking underleveled rose at sd boss
  4. Gonna pick Apple regardless, because reasons.
  5. I would revamp rune master entirely, because his current kit and state is awful in my opinion. And would delete every rose class, including base.
  6. Okay, and even if we did such event?What's the point?The 0.1% will remain 0.1% with +50%, the gauge increases chance but not by much, and it's already easy getting it here with heroic equipment.
  7. 1.Ed burners(chests you can buy from naeun), or board, transformation tool is good due to the stats it gives, dunno about pillar of light. 2.If memory serves me right trans secret code and chaos element are equipment sets, not costumes, i might be wrong tho. 3.The easiest are lanox (ignia's for free 1k each attack and the flame weapon title) titles and reaper(god of carnage), then you can farm eliranode city dungeon for its titles, if you have a lot of ed you can buy race go title or try to get sacrifice(which i don't know how to get,probably ed burners). Welcome to void, enjoy your stay here.
  8. 1-Nothing prevents them from queuing up again, i only kick roses and those that afk frequently(dont tell me you dont hate it when you cleared part of the dungeon and there's that one guy standing afk behind barrier before he dies from loss of hp to then come back 2 minutes later), on the opposite, i'm helping people to level for free from time to time, used to do it more back in the day due to leveling being faster and cap being lower. 2-I will be a dick to whoever i want, especially rose players, i don't need any right to do that, i hate rose and disrespect rose players and that will not change, deal with it.
  9. I only said that they can kick if they want to, not that they NEED to kick low levels, i personally don't give a shit as long as the dungeon is cleared though.
  10. It's fine as is, nobody is OBLIGED to help you, they can kick you if they choose to do so.Banning people for kicking low-level leechers are a stupid idea.If anything you can blame KOG for the shitty queue system.
  11. F

    1. Dreck


      In the arms of an angel

  12. I'd remove and replace it with.Also would swap for because reasons.And would bring back LP's dust anatomy if it would be possible.
  13. No eta memes aside, there's the problem: you can tease something, people will be waiting for it, but in the end you might not be able to get it to work or get it out in time, probably one of the main reasons they don't do that,C:C tried that and kind of failed.(I hope mentioning C:C here isn't counting as advertising, just providing an example)