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      In the arms of an angel

  2. DiaCrusher

    If you can Remove a skill and replace it.

    I'd remove and replace it with.Also would swap for because reasons.And would bring back LP's dust anatomy if it would be possible.
  3. DiaCrusher

    Void - Coming Events & Content

    No eta memes aside, there's the problem: you can tease something, people will be waiting for it, but in the end you might not be able to get it to work or get it out in time, probably one of the main reasons they don't do that,C:C tried that and kind of failed.(I hope mentioning C:C here isn't counting as advertising, just providing an example)
  4. DiaCrusher

    Why most of the community love to hate rose?

    Said that million times and will say again, design, voice, gameplay, i hate every fucking thing about this bitch including the fact that she even exists.Sadly, she won't ever be removed, but hey, can still make rose players's life miserable.
  5. DiaCrusher

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Fuck add dungeon, fuck rng, fuck "new" queue.
  6. DiaCrusher

    About Laby quest story in Void later

    And this is why KoG na is garbage.
  7. DiaCrusher

    Opinions on the Event

    I only crafted +10 and the shard drop rate wasn't bad, i think it was a good event but wasn't interested in other exchanges/crafts.
  8. DiaCrusher

    how do you cope with todays arena

    I just don't play it since season 5, it's shit, only practice is still somewhat fun, if i'll ever play it it'd be to destroy roses.Also, any class would be shit with shitty gear.Add the class balance to this mode relying on gear and op titles and you'll realize in just how much of a garbage state it is right now.
  9. Even some consumables would be great, let +9 for armor aside, another free +10 would just get people even more spoiled tbh.But you know what would be the best gift?All rose mains banned kek.
  10. IGN:DiaEdgy Name or nickname:People usually call me Dia Gender:Male Time zone:GMT+3 Age:21 About yourself:I'm a weird edgelord-wannabe.
  11. DiaCrusher

    Which server you were before comming in void ?

    I'm sure i'll quit by the day i'll start learning KR, well, same to you.
  12. DiaCrusher

    Which server you were before comming in void ?

    Infinite stamina and all that shit, also jp voices, moved from kr in 2014, and with jp voices gone and all the QoL updates on officials the only two things still holding me there is all my progress being here and me not understanding korean(yet).
  13. DiaCrusher

    My Final Farewell

    Another veteran and spam thread regular leaves oof, well, good luck irl and in whatever you'll be playing.
  14. DiaCrusher

    [11/16/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Good for you people with active guilds.
  15. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN Welcome to voidels&its forums.