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  1. It's just luck, but if you just want fast runs, stupid advice but it works, cap an etw and gear her and drop weapon with her for your main, you'll still need a shitton of shards though.
  2. Might've not talked much and i wasn't in the guild for a long time but it was good while it lasted, that and your videos are fun to watch, know that what you did is appreciated and you'll be missed.Good luck with whatever you'll be doing next.
  3. We might've not even talked much but it's still kind of sad to see another veteran player leaving, good luck with restaurant or whatever you'll be doing in the future.
  4. IGN:DiaDestroyer Main/Alt:Main Languages:EN Why do you wish to join us?:I like helping people in my free time and this guild seems like the one i'm looking for. About me:Is this necessary?I'm just a boring weeb and a nolifer.
  5. Don't really care about the event, like the update, i didn't even know you can craft pet food at naeun lmao
  6. Stop it, get some help.
  7. Used to, back in season 1(?) 2 and 3 days, tried to get SSS while it was actually hard and didn't rely on gear/titles that much.Nowadays?I only tryhard against roses, i never take spar rooms seriously tho, they're either to chill, to fuck around or to test things/practice combos/whatever, or a friendly 1v1.
  8. So cant get HR 27-29 from glave anymore?Rip
  9. If memory serves me right, there is such a system, and it works just fine, you get dc if you stand in village for 25(?) minutes and game detects no imputs from you.Still, -1 from me, it's annoying to relog and i dont even remember when all channels were full last time.
  10. Nothing feels as good as kicking underleveled rose at sd boss
  11. Gonna pick Apple regardless, because reasons.
  12. I would revamp rune master entirely, because his current kit and state is awful in my opinion. And would delete every rose class, including base.
  13. Okay, and even if we did such event?What's the point?The 0.1% will remain 0.1% with +50%, the gauge increases chance but not by much, and it's already easy getting it here with heroic equipment.
  14. 1.Ed burners(chests you can buy from naeun), or board, transformation tool is good due to the stats it gives, dunno about pillar of light. 2.If memory serves me right trans secret code and chaos element are equipment sets, not costumes, i might be wrong tho. 3.The easiest are lanox (ignia's for free 1k each attack and the flame weapon title) titles and reaper(god of carnage), then you can farm eliranode city dungeon for its titles, if you have a lot of ed you can buy race go title or try to get sacrifice(which i don't know how to get,probably ed burners). Welcome to void, enjoy your stay here.