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  1. gimme my monkey rng back that you unknowingly sacrificed for these threads
  2. 2dk wtf since when did you like laby welcome back btw
  3. ben

    ur pfps always catch my eye cuz they are top tier girls 

    ayanami is :ok_hand:

  4. i wonder if void staff are gonna have nightmares from the distorted 3rd jobs like that fucked up metamorphy ot: my wife apsara is here do i go back to her or do i stick to my smol daughter and big son
  5. Helo i nice man look for pretty girl for make pregnancy i come college America university school girl at school say rajpreethudinghu make vegana panty moist if u like rajpreethudinghu I own gas station free wifi come chat me if u r sexy girl NO BLACK!!!!!

  6. I used to main Ara SD for a long time. Until I eventually got bored of her and went around hopping characters. Then i went to DL and had it not for my previous interest in Ciel when they were released into void, I wouldn't have touched them. Slowly, my interest made a turn from Ciel into Lu. Lu is just... adorable, I like her but I only wish she didn't have the spoiled and bratty aspect to her personality, I wish she was more like Fumizuki or Zuihou even, but I'm enduring her bad traits because her good traits overweight the bad ones, plus she's fun to dress up. I still like Ciel lots but not as much as I like Lu. However, recently I finally got bored of DL and switched over to NB and I'm enjoying them again, though I hope I don't have to resort to DD because I don't like how they ended up, most of the things I liked about Lu and Ciel were just thrown out the window for edgy insanity.jpeg although Altar of Evil Lu is beautiful, her insanity is what turns me off and prevents me from playing them for long, I don't know why but I just don't like how they ended up because they just seem like they're suffering, especially Ciel. I want to have fun when I know they're having fun, not have fun while they suffer from insanity or any sort of thing, I guess it's just me who feels this way cause I tend to overthink about how the characters feel.
  7. the first thing that caught my attention was VoidCM's beautiful signature and profile picture tbh
  8. i just imagined myself going on void and saying in the megas "eve is overrated" and fleeing to another character

  9. Errrgh, that moment when you make a typo and never realized it until like 500 years later.


    Me as Ying: No shut up.

  11. if there's anything a fist fighter needs, it's them asking "are you okay?" as they punch their opponents.

  12. 8ahd1Fd.gif

    More dapper than your IB Combos and IM mixups.

    there I said it, fight me.

  13. 1wKpRYf.gif

    Heyyy, it's me in an alternate universe where the genders have become switched.

    There's always that possibility, you know.

  14. It's that time of the day again, time to see what I can do with these sprites.