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  1. the special enhancement cant be used. only the protected
  2. since voidels said they wont implement the whole raid. they at least take suggestion for implementing the accesories.
  3. @VoidEls could u add them to neun/aranka? as for the material, how about from henir/sdg quest + their drop?
  4. sorry. so there's no break from +10 to 11 right?
  5. eltrion mk2

    make new suggestion for crafting eltrion acc, since this wont be coming here
  6. does using this has chance to downgrade or breaking?
  7. lol. well too bad for those who dont want it to be banksharable :v
  8. hoo. well it'll be interesting to see what the outcome is why dont u make poll to see if majority of void want them sharable or not?
  9. sorry im not really good in english. does that mean void planing to make them shareable?
  10. does @VoidEls have anything to say to this? if u dont have any intention on making void weapon bank shareable i'll just dismantle the other void i have for extra shard.
  11. well what do u expect, all ppl r keep asking to huried with new content update even tho it's not 100% working this is what u get for asking "Half Baked" stuff. so just wait for next maintenance
  12. not really. im just impressed by those smart hacker who continue to exist to this very day but i couldnt care less by those obvious hacker. in fact i enjoy seeing those obvious dumbass getting banned (like that rank 1 DL in previous perkisas board)
  13. then just keep calm. enjoy ur game even if what u say's is true that pve hacker cant be banned easily, it's not like they do anything harm to u right? it's common in every game where there's a hacker/cheater. if u want a game with no cheater, go make ur own game
  14. u mad bro cuz many ppl is stronger than u? :v chill dude. it's just a game