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  1. void only alive for about 1 - 3 week (maybe 1 - 2 month if lucky) whenever big update arive, after that the server is pretty much empty since ppl only want to taste new content. so if u come back u'll be playing solo since waiting for party is waste of time (not many ppl queue)
  2. i thought there was free leveling service there, is it already dead ?
  3. ok i'll try 1 of those, thx
  4. since void connection is kinda shit now, what's the best vpn to help login problem
  5. nope, b4 this xmas MT, the connection is stable for me oh well, cant expect anything from cheap game anyway R>Lock
  6. so all this time the stable connection was bcause there's less ppl playing void n not cuz of void have good connection from the start?
  7. why is void server getting kinda laggy now?
  8. lol i thought ready start in F8 was for recording :v. thx for reminder R>Lock
  9. cant seem to capture video :v
  10. @VoidEls
  11. what happen if i just keep it until eltrion release? will the horn still available for craft or not? @VoidEls
  12. just chill, if u really 100% said for sure ur friend didnt hack then he wont get banned, GM will not just banned ppl blindly right? so no need to to get all upset if u dont have proof GM probabbly just check in log like he did back then when there's ED bug n he banned those 1000++ account (even tho we dont know who did it)
  13. why dont just give those to GS/GM, n let them be the judge GM is not stupid to blindly banning ppl right?
  14. oh, i thought the staff just having hard time, since usually they always remove the hacker in about a day or two since phase 1 n two but now it already been 2 week
  15. although some hacker has been taken care of, new one always pops out with score like 500k or more in one day, considering the higher authority doesnt have much hand to take care all of them, why dont they just put the score limit back? even if there's hacker the only score they can get is like 199k each day, n wont be able to instantly steal those who already work hard on getting Star rank or could it be cuz of KoG coding that void staff cant put the limit back?