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  1. i want a re vote reeeeeee that add x2 is tilting me
  2. +1 I say do it, I am still not able to finish my set i am missing my wep for elesis
  3. Ebah


    I would like to join if possible, CrA Ebah forgot lvl I been out for a long time now.
  4. Than fight him with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
  5. Shutting down when, but for reals tho is inaste at least getting ip ban?
  6. void doesn't love us rip everyone.
  7. Welcome to void, hope you enjoy the salt.
  8. it just feels better already working for something that you do have and not wait for it to drop.
  9. The dung does not get affected by any drop rate effect, was made that way.
  10. Ebah


    Name(s): not hereIGN(s): Ebah,TzErza,TzangetsuClass(es) & Character(s): CrA,BH,GrMAge (optional): ??Country & Timezone: US, UTC-07:00Why you want to become part of our guild: I want to meet new people I can become friends with.Discord: Ebah#9451About: I will say more about myself later on.
  11. why do you have to be rude?
  12. my bad lol He is just saying he is not at his full potential which is true the stronger you are the faster you finish and if it's henir people are competitive cause of time which is fun imo.