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  1. @[Astral|Zephyr] thx for your help my friend,that's waht i looking for,one more ,thanks a lot *claps him *
  2. Ok,i don't know where's atm the UPDATED guide for the SD sets for every char and class,so,anyone knows where is it ? And if u have the link for the tread leave it in a post pls ...
  3. ikr ... *pick a gun a reload to kill himself* okno ,now all is going well,thx for ur tips u r awesome guys
  4. mmmmm,i see...gonna keep in mind that for the future of my guild,thx for all the tips guys,u r awesome :3
  5. So,i have some problems with my guild and they rencetly told me i don nothing,when i did all for them,idk what should i do,i make events,giveaways,mini-games and nothing,they didn't notice what i'm doing for they and they just leave my guild ... So,anyone here knows "How to be a good Guild Master" ?
  6. mmmm,looks like that,but it can be helpful if that's items are sold by naeun
  7. So,i didn't see a lot of "[VoidEls]PlayBunny Coin" and "[VoidEls]Kumiho's Spirit" just today and looks like no one's gonna sell it,so,why don't add it to the Sell tier in Naeun ?idk how much it can be but i think 10mil/10kk can be affordable for all,in total after crafting the cube it can be like 45mil.i know everyone need it and looks like it's hard to get,so,Pls Void,it's a great idea or no ?
  8. So,the last year we have a similar Event but atm i can remember it name,But,why don't we have a silimar event like that wich new features ? This event gives u a cube who can be named as "Summer Cube" obtaniable via Mail box,A timer going to run for it (1 cube per char.) The cube contains the following items: -School Rumble Full set (7 Days) -Coexistence Full set (7 Days) -Bingsu Dessert x15 -CoBo Frost weap. cube (30 Days) -Cool Elios Bay Tittle (Permanent) In addition of this the Apink Quest gives you the following Items: -[VoidEls] Adventurer Ticket -Summer gift Cube and the following selecteable rewards: -[VoidEls] BeachBall -Ressurection Stone Cube (x10) -[VoidEls]Summer Coin The Summer gift cube contains the following items: -Els Free time Set Pieces (For All char's avalible at the moment). -School Rumble Set Pieces (For All char's avalible at the moment). -Random Refined Eldrit Cube -Blue Bull x10 -Recovery Potions x10 -Recovery Potions Cube(x20) -Skill Clip Gamble Cube -Elemental Jewellery Cube (All Elemental Jewellerys avalible) You can exchange the Beach Balls for the following items at Naeun: Birth Crystal (Miho/Frozen woodeng knight/Ancient Hellfire phoru/Kumiho/Sun Wukong) (You need for this 5 BeachBalls) And for the Summer Coins u can craft the following items spending some money(At Naeun too): -School Rumble Set Full (10mil/10kk ED and 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -Coexistence full set cube (15mil/15kk ED & 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -CoBo Frost Cube (15mil/15kk ED & 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -Naver Phoru (20mil/20kk ED and 10 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) -Summon Stone Fire Dragon(25mil/25KK ED and 15 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) -Summon Stone Dark Dragon(same) -Summon Stone Ice Dragon(same) -+8 Scroll (35mil/35kk ED and 20 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) That's all what i think and it's the best for this Event,and can be a great way to burn some ED .If u want some changes in something or add something just write it,all ideas are acepted~
  9. No in the log-in screen but i can't cuz when i try to run void it tells me " Kom file load failed" :c
  10. oh lol,thx for the info my friend :3
  11. Does any1 like me is having problems to open it ? .-. LF>Help
  12. Same here .... *get's crarzy* *destroy everything's in his house* ...
  13. i got this problema too ... *facepalm*