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  1. Ok gonna go with a yes on this mostly cause it benefits void in a few ways 1. it makes people have more a choice on which type of IB they want and makes the market a bit more....viable i guess (as to say ppl will pay more to get burners to either burn or use the burners to change the costume which means void will get a crap ton more cash from getting burners sold tho to balance might need to increase the amount use to change or not gonna much further there) 2. it benefits the player as they can have the old versions or the new recolors and make the old ones come back and be more open to the public instead of hidden (this is from my own nightmare of trying to get the full ID as ppl refused to sell the pieces and it happened with DHY as well when i was going for that so it would make it easier and each month the recolor can have what it was originally as well if possible) thats about all i can think of as i still think this is a grand idea and such
  2. hello everyone....yeah i know this intro is a bit late considering i more just went straight into the void after i figured the rules and rates and such but i guess now since ive got alittle time ill introduce myself. hello im i usually go by in most online games. I started playing void....around close to a week or so ago at most, a random person on NA server had told me about this server and i figured id give it a try and see, well week later im at cap on my elesis (Sheena3 btw if anybody sees me wandering around) im in a very good guild with nice ppl and ive started bringing some friends to the void as well (one started but will be iffy till she gets her own computer and such and the other will probly only play on weekends due to being in college). so yeah...i hope i see some of the ppl here on the forums in game and hope we can have a small chat or such, other than that...thank you for reading this text wall and i hope to see some of u within the void.