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  1. Fl in 1s is a chore... I work so much harder than when I play literally anyone else... :(
  2. im logging on sallys account and kicking u.
  3. byebye yuhi ill still harrass u in discord from time to time and Im sure I will find more obscure absurdist names for you o/
  4. I recall, a lot of the staff hired from that particular wave were less than stellar, unfortunate because you guys continually get shafted and ends up fucking the staff team doing the best work they can do. I'm more or less always overtly critical of the staff team and what not but often there is no clarity given to anything I say, but it's usually the same gripes. So thanks for that, this is the first time a lot of this shit was brought to light, too bad it had to come around this way. While i'm at it, the staff fuck up... A lot, but I've seen more THE STAFF IS HOMOPHOBIC THE STAFF IS INTOLERANT. I worked directly under Lilu for nearly 3 years, being an admin of his guild and a moderator for the Discord. Has he said questionable things in that time? Sure, we all have. Was it malicious, probably not seeing as we were fairly good friends for a majority of that time. It doesn't mean I appreciated it, and we butt heads plenty of times over many things over the years. Another point: I've seen many ask for evidence from staff, but won't provide evidence themselves - it's a little hypocritical. What happened during that easter event where there was a song with the word Ass, Pussy & Weed? someone made a topic because it offended them and it got removed that next stab maint. It's real easy to focus on all the bad that the staff do, and I still have my own reservations with specific staff members but that's neither here nor there at this point. A lot of the time atleast the highest echelon are attempting to help - Like I said before, it's not anyone else's fault for a small team and lots of work, if you need help you have to take a leap of faith or conditions will never improve. As shown earlier it's very easy and clear to see why they'd be apprehensive, one user continually got banned and unbanned because a GS did not like them, another was rumored to not handle the raid hacker list despite a lot of the members directly doing the groundwork, another claimed to have shared his account, another leaked info. Notice none of them are around. Regardless, I've never been completely happy with what the staff push out, but I've also invested much more into this account than I'm willing to put into another server starting over. I'm convinced they are trying their best, their best is just limited. Thing's are inconsistent because reporting is inconsistent - People are sometimes discouraged to even report because most of us will get hit with the inconclusive evidence or some other obscure reason as to why the evidence isn't enough. Generally what isn't conclusive and how to further prove what you're showing is against the rules. Why lock threads if they is potentially more evidence that could be posted, or was obtained between post 1 and staff reply? I've seen threads get tagged with [Unresolved] etc, it would be much more user friendly than reposting all the evidence 42 times across 42 threads OR just not having the drive. Anyways I'm p much done here, there's a lot of shit that goes around in circles without any evidence, and no one will believe eachother anyways.
  5. Sarcasm is rooted in tone... which you literally can not type. @VoidCM Would the longer process of privately hiring members of the community to deal with specific parts of the responsibilities, ie; Rulebreaker reports, appeals etc. be beneficial even if short lived? Even though Jeff, Luzira, Misael, even Lusa were all shortlived Game sages was the workload lighter after they learned the basics up until they quit/became inactive - I didn't list all of the staff because frankly I can't remember them all. I know there were definitely people who had a near visceral passion in assisting this server, myself being one of them, but the hiring phases were mostly kept to a small selection of 4~7 people at most split between game sages/forum moderators. Some of the decisions of who got hired more suspicious/odd more than others but I guess that's a topic for another day.
  6. this has nothing to do with kog at all... this is solely focused on voids staff decisions and criticisms and objectivity towards it.
  7. the game is an mmo, ur meant to play with your friends. "stopping the pre-made shit" is literally against the whole point of the MMO. Abusing it is one thing, however all rules are subject to simply not being followed due to staff interpretation. I have provided videos, screenshots, etc for various people - for it to be considered (inconclusive) - The fact that rulebreakers threads get locked at first staff reply instead of a more ticket based system is also problematic - becuase you end up wasting your time to make a new thread with more evidence, are unsure what part was inconclusive etc. You get hit with a copy paste real quick, might as well use bots to reply to 90% of the tickets at this point. Further more, someone mentioned inaste was gone - You're wrong. Inaste is back and allowed because they "haven't broken rules in months" They did the mass account phishing in December 2018 - March 2019. Jumped discord accounts (twice) and are allowed back on all void platforms. This is the part of the rule enforcement that is inconsistent, you got people getting perma'd with discord evidence and jokes in the megas (which can be understandable at times) and you have a real fucking hacker roaming around for funsies. You got people buying childrens nudes who are still playing, but you don't have consistency. While I understand staff are human, if it's still a struggle to go thru appeals perhaps you guys need more help dealing with them. For a server of what was the claim, 30k accounts or something akin to that absurdly high number, having a staff team of less than 10 is asking to be back logged. Being human isn't an excuse for hindering the quality of your work when it's literally no one else's fault.
  8. this needs to be their best event yet, we've had no anniversary even for the whole 5 years, the quality of events has steadily declined and we've been playing the same 3 iterations of events with p much the same rewards for around 3 years now. Can we please up the ante.
  9. Nah to be fair they fucked the sage rate, they increased the price and the most valuable thing is more or less an enigma. It's not a good pvp box, should've just kept it gone if ya'll were gonna bring it back the exact way it left, Irrelevant.
  10. I'll stalk you on discord until you actually die and occasionally send you new music >:3c
  11. I dont think its a bad idea, I don't think it should have a 6 (exclusive) person EC price based on how much one team cashed in a game however. If something like this is going to happen, (not a fair chance for every player to participate) there should be some sort of consolation price that is attached for every participant and it should have lesser prizes to begin with. have a 100 USD (equivalent) + prizepool is absurd since this is essentially pay walling a portion of the community, ie; people who don't log on every day or only come back for tournies/events.
  12. who the hell knows why zenith got removed. And a new tier list probably isnt coming due to lack of interest thanks to no consistency in tournies are stimulation for the pvp community in the past year or so.
  13. can we actually unpin all topics relating to zenith (power rankings) and this topic since you removed the server that was primarily used to discuss it and you know damn well 90% of zenith isnt swapping to official to discuss this. We had around 7~10 channels to discuss things and its now just one channel
  14. You singlehandedly created an environment that is impossible to be ready for without cashing an atrocious amount of money. This is coming from someone who is already Arena ready, already +11 already full socketed and disc'd. You also claimed that it was readily available info, where was it announced/pinned? If you weren't apart of the discussions as they were happening you miss out on a lot. Many reasonable people were against this change to the tourneys rules, idrc if the rules change personally, but dont call it a tourney cuz it's not indicative of skill whatsoever. Not only have you trashed the hard work and ideas of the people you inherited this tournament platform from (and comp by extension) you've also opted to NOT take criticism by not making a thread like this to begin with. This will be a shit show just like every tourney that hasn't happened since Uni and Vic stopped streaming.
  15. +1. Unsure why there is no response to this, this would be very very easy to comment on from a staff perspective zzz.