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  1. I mean stealing info would require db access, CSS doesn't deal with databasing so.... body { background-color: #454545; } h1 { color: white; text-align: center; } p { color: white; font-family: verdana; font-size: 20px; } Very literally this is how hard changing the background color/default text color.
  2. big dick energy tbh --- Dealing with matters as they come is one thing but you really can't expect that much when their superiors have also partaken in similar activities that weren't actually provoked. ie; RL picture thread, Ran reverse searched an image directly linked to this guy's Instagram and called them a liar. Person then went on to their instagram account and made a post saying "I'm real #voidelsword" or something similar, thats happened (not technically this exact scenario, but linking to users personal accounts, Julia zambada and the rainbow dildo comes to mind). This is the kind of stuff I'm not in support of - idrc if staff expose people for the other users safety.
  3. Gamesage comments see: My reply on earlier pages. They just weren't held accountable. I have one in mind that did things but other than that they were in large a waste of a staff slot, they weren't utilized to their fullest. If the staff couldn't trust their gamesages with temp bans or real "powers" what makes you think the staff will trust some randy scrandy with the role of "community rep"
  4. update: I spent 2 hours in queue last night and got 3 real matches. If the staff isnt going to make pvping worth it, no one will be compelled to do it.
  5. This is pretty commonplace, I mean sometimes is obvious when they aren't trying to hide, other times they may want to actually start over and its legit not possible because of actions like this, although to be fair structure isnt the only staff that has done this. It's one thing to call someone out if they are acting up, this was entirely unprovoked. EDIT: No I remember this guy, this was more than likely for the better. There are better examples of unnecessary staff interactions though, like when jinx got hit with the "Account hopping won't save you" like 18 times in one day.
  6. The server itself goes through major periods of content drought and recycled events with a new npc, but largely the same rewards. Void is going downhill in terms of quality of events, speed of updates, player to staff interaction, and consistency. If these needs (to managing a community) were met, people would be less likely to leave. During a 6 month period and having lack luster events isn't enough to stimulate human beings.
  7. I don't agree with the unprofessionalism that is exhibited on a regular enough basis that people can't count it on their hands, and its never isolated, like when Ran posted pictures of juliazambada and had a whole ass rainbow dildo on the forums. Defamation isn't as touchy as it might seem to be, if there is a definition they would like to put forth it should be, if it's fine to post "facts" with proof (or the statement "We/I have proof of this user doing this" even if they won't share it) it should be fine for us too. If anything the staff should be leading by example, act toxic and shit post a lot, guess what kind of community is going to come of it. Especially with a younger audience, they learn from example - most barely understand half the shit they spew on the regular anyways, just regurgitate the info the person they like most is saying.
  8. they are, most of the monthlies are per account. And thats literally the same shit i said ages ago. the box came back exactly the same with 2 new rewards and a higher cost lmao so it got legitimately worse from its first creation. The reward pool needs to be bigger, the fluff items need to be toned down, because I swear to fucking god if I get another green shard from that box I'm suing.
  9. its back in the box. I vaguely remember me making a big deal about the box multiple times but you said it was good I agree the box is shit. Either buff the rewards to reflect the cost or decrease the cost to reflect the current terribad reward pool. I think maybe this might be excessive (first part), maybe a weekly quest thats account bound for 50 for 50, or a daily tied to the flames to give like 3 sages a day. I'm still voting for Uni's old salt suggestion to see the light. The current exchanges aren't great... They never really have been, as of right now Salt's value is less than 1m per salt, if it takes upwards of 20ish minutes to get 1 salt on some days, the rewards need to reflect the time you're being asked to put in for the secondary resource. Definitely possible, problem being void always gimps their pvp "buffs" and then nerfs it 3 weeks later, see pvp box Or reduce the salt cost of the purple boxes put red/blue at the current salt cost. 750 kills (it is 75 salt right?) for 5 uniques is frankly a waste of time.
  10. I mean discord mods to some extent had a similar role, getting along with everyone, having a direct and active line to staff made it easy to relay ideas. However if being a DM is time consuming and a volunteer job as in we don't get paid. This is a great idea in theory but this was the responsibilities of a game sage. Note: Gamesages actually could only ban users on the forums and lock threads. ingame they had no power, this would be literally the same if not excessively similar of a role to play. You can't have staff with no real accountability that requires constant watching or monitoring of their actions, it's a loss of efficiency.
  11. If anything it'd be nice for the staff to explain the reasoning behind why some seemingly arbitrary rules are there. Like I've asked like 400 times, what is the definition that the staff wants to use about defamation, and why on multiple occasions was it okay for ran to ass blast someone publicly but subtle references can get you a WP.
  12. This was literally what GS's were, realize the position is gone. (Aside from the community vote) Unfortunately when you have incrowds scattered across the forums it will never end in a fair vote, especially when 14 year olds are electing you.
  13. Professional cod games do ban quite a few of the killstreaks tho... jesus greg be more informed