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  1. Nah to be fair they fucked the sage rate, they increased the price and the most valuable thing is more or less an enigma. It's not a good pvp box, should've just kept it gone if ya'll were gonna bring it back the exact way it left, Irrelevant.
  2. I'll stalk you on discord until you actually die and occasionally send you new music >:3c
  3. I dont think its a bad idea, I don't think it should have a 6 (exclusive) person EC price based on how much one team cashed in a game however. If something like this is going to happen, (not a fair chance for every player to participate) there should be some sort of consolation price that is attached for every participant and it should have lesser prizes to begin with. have a 100 USD (equivalent) + prizepool is absurd since this is essentially pay walling a portion of the community, ie; people who don't log on every day or only come back for tournies/events.
  4. who the hell knows why zenith got removed. And a new tier list probably isnt coming due to lack of interest thanks to no consistency in tournies are stimulation for the pvp community in the past year or so.
  5. can we actually unpin all topics relating to zenith (power rankings) and this topic since you removed the server that was primarily used to discuss it and you know damn well 90% of zenith isnt swapping to official to discuss this. We had around 7~10 channels to discuss things and its now just one channel
  6. You singlehandedly created an environment that is impossible to be ready for without cashing an atrocious amount of money. This is coming from someone who is already Arena ready, already +11 already full socketed and disc'd. You also claimed that it was readily available info, where was it announced/pinned? If you weren't apart of the discussions as they were happening you miss out on a lot. Many reasonable people were against this change to the tourneys rules, idrc if the rules change personally, but dont call it a tourney cuz it's not indicative of skill whatsoever. Not only have you trashed the hard work and ideas of the people you inherited this tournament platform from (and comp by extension) you've also opted to NOT take criticism by not making a thread like this to begin with. This will be a shit show just like every tourney that hasn't happened since Uni and Vic stopped streaming.
  7. @Lilu how many times are u going to let inaste into ur guild
  8. +1. Unsure why there is no response to this, this would be very very easy to comment on from a staff perspective zzz.
  9. I mean stealing info would require db access, CSS doesn't deal with databasing so.... body { background-color: #454545; } h1 { color: white; text-align: center; } p { color: white; font-family: verdana; font-size: 20px; } Very literally this is how hard changing the background color/default text color.
  10. big dick energy tbh --- Dealing with matters as they come is one thing but you really can't expect that much when their superiors have also partaken in similar activities that weren't actually provoked. ie; RL picture thread, Ran reverse searched an image directly linked to this guy's Instagram and called them a liar. Person then went on to their instagram account and made a post saying "I'm real #voidelsword" or something similar, thats happened (not technically this exact scenario, but linking to users personal accounts, Julia zambada and the rainbow dildo comes to mind). This is the kind of stuff I'm not in support of - idrc if staff expose people for the other users safety.
  11. Gamesage comments see: My reply on earlier pages. They just weren't held accountable. I have one in mind that did things but other than that they were in large a waste of a staff slot, they weren't utilized to their fullest. If the staff couldn't trust their gamesages with temp bans or real "powers" what makes you think the staff will trust some randy scrandy with the role of "community rep"
  12. update: I spent 2 hours in queue last night and got 3 real matches. If the staff isnt going to make pvping worth it, no one will be compelled to do it.
  13. This is pretty commonplace, I mean sometimes is obvious when they aren't trying to hide, other times they may want to actually start over and its legit not possible because of actions like this, although to be fair structure isnt the only staff that has done this. It's one thing to call someone out if they are acting up, this was entirely unprovoked. EDIT: No I remember this guy, this was more than likely for the better. There are better examples of unnecessary staff interactions though, like when jinx got hit with the "Account hopping won't save you" like 18 times in one day.