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  1. Professional cod games do ban quite a few of the killstreaks tho... jesus greg be more informed

  3. Tillypuff

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    No one cares, the rules have been stated and you can abide by them or just not participate instead of flooding this thread with needless complaints about things you won't make a difference about anyways. You are literally derailing the thread because top tiers that were decided weren't fair at all against most of the classes that remain were banned too.
  4. Tillypuff

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    Minerva's banned.
  5. Tillypuff

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    Enkindled FL SS? FishFishFish FP S? EightPercent PO ??? You didn't even sign up right, first post explains it pretty clearly... Also Minerva's banned but shit, go off.
  6. Tillypuff

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    her neutral is terrible compared to everyone else, literally her only free neutral skill costs 30mp now. She can negate mb but also remember everything she does feeds too. Additionally if she doesn't win neutral against any "good" ranked character she's losing 50% of her HP before breaking in which case she's back at square one except now you have to deal with everyones pressure with mana while you have none.
  7. Tillypuff

    OoR title is back.

    1 second, not 1 hit meaning it can proc after 7 seconds. Tooltips arent always correct.
  8. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    You realize that the board is a Seller Buyer relationship, if the price is too high, don't buy it. That's literally how things work, if its not worth that much ya'll wouldn't buy it for that much.
  9. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    Except I can debunk this, if we need money 90% of the time we suck it the fuck up and PvE. And anyone doing PvP for fun surely isn't in arena ie; getting no rewards anyways. But here you are, crying that ur 200% pot is 15~25m and the 100% around 5~10m, Like I've already said, if you want the bonus of 100% more exp, you gotta pay for it, if you're into saturating the server with an item you don't need that's on you, but we finally have a market stable commonly available item. If you don't want to pay for these potions PvP for them yourself, if your system doesn't allow that? Suck it up and buy them.
  10. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    PvE Main: Pot's too expensive I don't wanna pay that much PvP Main: Don't buy it then PvE Main: I want it tho
  11. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    I can't take you seriously if you think that you don't need gear (with no ED gain btw) to even stay competitive in PvE, do you need Sacrifice (roughly 1b) to PvE? Nope. Do you need it for PvP? No but you'll likely get trucked for not using it on 90% of the classes in game. If you want the potions do what we have to do for everything else in this game, buy it.
  12. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    So lets saturate them and just give them away? This is actually the first time that PvE-ers want something that is in pvp and they can't get unless they buy from us. We actually have 1 unique market item. Mind you this is exactly what happened with the S+ Stones, we had 1 unique marketable item and ya'll cried you couldn't have it. (PvE Players in general.) I asked for plenty of things, how many were approved? Even if all the items I suggested get in, I got 0 credit for even sparking the conversation about bringing this box back. And having no ED gain is fair? You can run Debrian in (my time Duo) 3~3:30 for 2m. 20 runs per hour, thas 40m You still run out with 15m profit not counting tear drops that may give you upwards of 500m or more. God forbid you have to pay 15m for an exp pot. The whole point of the box was to create a market for PvP-ers, if this is the only sustainable item in PvP's market (as I said most of the good items dropped in value drastically, Miho being more of a novelty item rather than a Merchable one now that Dororo exists.) This is a small price to pay for something you want not that you need. You need ED to progress in this game, whether its repairing or otherwise. You need ED to buy these boxes Out of 100 pulls I made about 450m from the AP burner -25m ED for buying the boxes themselves. This is legitimately the situation PvPers have found themselves in for the past 3 or 4 years, having to be forced to play a mode (after cap) to even be competitive in PvP. To never gain the ED required to PvP via PvP.
  13. Tillypuff

    About Elite Growth Elixirs

    ik im late, like really late. the pots are like 10m (day one prices btw) Mihos dropped by 250m, Wise stones are a dime a dozen in the ed burner, PvP still has limited avenues for revenue in general. If you want the elixirs pvp for them or pay someone else to do it, as a normal market would imply.
  14. Tillypuff

    Your opinions on transparency 2.0

    Because they weren't held accountable and given any real responsibility other than being secretaries. This is actually a concern, if ya'll don't play, why do you work for the server? If you aren't passionate about it, it's actually not worth it as a service to the community, to be here.