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  1. This essentially feels like the tourneys KR's been doing all along but 10 times worse lmao.
  2. Imagine +11 perfect FoJs and mark of infernos roaming around. Fun times.
  3. :down: :ozsweird: :down:
  4. see you in 2 weeks.
  5. +1 to the last one. I'd like blazing crystals to be obtained via alternative methods. It's effing gay to even try and find people with high bars to raid with your pt so that they can drop a weapon for you to get a crystal.
  6. At least make the idol choices a bit more balanced in the future. It's pretty dang obvious who would win given the amount of attention given by the community. Some people would've chosen the other 2 if it's not for the sake of voting rights. Also, playable characters as choices is a nono from me. The popularity difference between characters are even bigger than between the 3 idols. (imagine pitching elboy or ciel against add or ain... or rena against eve or laby... would be a giant landslide all over)
  7. Lullaby should be due in 2.5. Am betting on EO to milk off laby players even more.
  8. another thing to consider is: when 2.6 comes with henir revamp, henir will no longer be a child's play where someone with starter gear can cheese through easily. Are you sure a 15 day craft for a +9 is reasonable given the minimum requirements to even clear normal mode for revamped henir is usually a +10 weapon and 4/4 +9 for most classes (with some exceptions like eternity bullshit needing less gear and some poor bossing classes needing more gear)? You're literally grinding for something that's essentially a downgrade for what you need to even get it. And revamped henir is solo mode for both normal and challenge, there's no one to carry you, nor will there be a queue buff to boost your dmg. And you'll be facing bosses that require a +10 to defeat in their actual respective dungeons. (cough agate cough) Heck, I think 2 weeks of normal mode grinding isn't even worth for a +10 + ed funding needed. just a two cents for the staff to think about regarding the prospective outlook for this server.
  9. when people say +9s are super easy to get then why are they still 100m on the board lmao. if it's that easy wouldn't the price be much lower lmao. also for a completely f2p player without any lucksack rng (yes, this includes brute forcing your way through town blacksmiths) if you were to grind +9s completely off pve from scratch you'd take 10 weeks to get a 4/4 +9 and a +9 weapon. that's equivalent to the amount of time needed to upgrade an elite HH to unique HH from 2.6 henir lol. also mod books are completely rng based outside events and they usually cost 80-90m outside events. certain classes, depending on whether you pve, pvp or both need a few mod books beside the one freebie from quest. would also be good for some people to try out alternatives to see which version of the skill fits them best.
  10. Jesus fuck +1 this omg. i feel like guides should be an exception to this rule given the amount of effort needed to write and veto the guide every update we get. I was intended to update my ded BL guide this summer once my finals are over but now its locked and i have to rewrite it :keklmao: Also, it would help if the staff could provide us with some details about how certain guides get pinned immediately while others keep getting the "not enough positive feedback from community" thing even when I've been seeing 2-3 pages of positive feedback from the community. It gets pretty annoying when guide writers keep asking staff for a pin to their guides after getting enough positive reviews but they still say it's not enough when I've seen some guides that hardly get as much positive reviews getting instantly pinned. I'd like a criteria as to what needs to be met in order for a guide to be pinned. Constantly bumping guide threads kinda makes the guide itself pretty messy imo because a guide thread is meant to discuss information and playstyles for the particular class, not having 80% of the thread polluted with bumps.
  11. gotta like how 1 guy single-handedly locked down over half of the guides that hasn't been bumped within the past two weeks. OT: no opinion towards it.
  12. -1. even with the boost ignia would still win either ways. this just shows that the void staff alr acknowledged that ignia would win by a landslide and there's no way the other 2 teams can catch up. its just a tiny consolation for the other 2 teams to let them know that they aren't too far behind. sorta gives those who chose the other 2 teams a bit false hope, yea?