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  1. 4. I need dark gaze and GoE for my DBr 7. 800% exp = more erp whoring 6. Comes hand in hand with 7. 5. Profit + I can finish my void weapons for my alts.
  2. i dont rly care about either of them so i just picked ignia to get voting rights for the rewards. im pretty indifferent to any of them.
  3. Double title count and EXP +800% + random mission 100% or riot.
  4. make Dom's and Mtm's base skills patk and MN and PO's base skills matk thx. delete extreme chaser and replace it with a better skill. give MPx an increase dmg to bosses buff on his passive thanks. increase supersonic's and mod CQ's cast speed thx.
  5. when MPx is considered a "popular" class yet hardly any of them even does raids compared to the other 2 adds.
  6. The fact that kog likes to screw up pve balances for the sake of pvp.
  7. updated thread. if you post isnt liked it either means its alr in the list or its laby related shit.
  8. legit 90% of the 1/17 balance patch isnt even in 2.5.... the only ones that are in are dyb's trait changes, tw buffs and perfect storm heal buff.
  9. up the flame mark count immensely (at least 1000+) 200 flame marks is really easy to make so long as you just raid on 1 main and drag a huge bunch of 0%s (which pretty much aggravates the whole flame mark whoring issue even further, making the raid system even more unhealthy than it alr is).
  10. Pls rerotate VAKr.... I really want the hair...
  11. much better than NA, but still filled with lots of problems of its own that makes it bad.