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  1. EM --> CBS --> YR --> BH --> NW --> MM/Dom (still maining this smug fish garbage)
  2. The rest of the elite forces are all banksharable so why aren't these 3 the same? (and no, saying that eroding aura/greedy is too op isn't an excuse as head hunter is equally or more OP than that)
  3. +1 cuz it's not fun seeing guides getting spammed with 6969 bumps cuz they can't get theirs pinned.
  4. cp isn't even an issue for raids lmao. u don't need a HH unless you're intending to do dps. most people just play as buff slaves or 0%s with 250-300k cp to clear raid. every raid comprises of 2-3 dps aka the +11s, a BL and cet and the rest as buff slaves or 0%s.
  5. They're usually crafts for events. Otherwise it's rng from Champion chests.
  6. 800% exp and 100% random misson chance and double title count thanks.
  7. I did ask about it and yata said they'll update it in the next event that gives out those cubes again.
  8. weird flex but ok. when over 50% of the phys pt are mag classes lmao. poor apsara isnt even considered an option for physical pts.
  9. This essentially feels like the tourneys KR's been doing all along but 10 times worse lmao.
  10. Imagine +11 perfect FoJs and mark of infernos roaming around. Fun times.
  11. :down: :ozsweird: :down:
  12. see you in 2 weeks.