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  1. #1 - Its not like people are gonna stop buying EC cause ice burners drop from dungeon with a low chance (also seems like the alternative is getting ignored lol), its a probability of getting an IB every 5+~ minutes (depending on what dungeon you add it to) and on top of that probability of getting something good from IBs, you might as well spend 2 hours getting 1 ib and get nothing out of it. #2 Thought so, then again everyone is voting for "no" just cause its impossible not cause they dont want it. . . meh- #3 I dont really see any tecnical dificulty with it, they made pvp quests with diferent items in the past. and then again alternative is being ignored doesnt NECESARILY have to be an ed burner, can be any kind of gacha with good items.
  2. #1 - So since there's like 3 people that play void, and the ICs were removed how about Ice Burners dropping at the end of Elrianode/Other dungeons? with a 5~20% chance. I think this will help lower the prices of the rotation IBs and also indirectly revive the party system for those dungeons. Alternatively instead of Ice Burners it can also be some sort of gacha (Free ED Burner? aka costs 0). #2 - (NOT SURE IF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE) In KR most of the people have a +11-13 in PvP, which makes being "tanky" OK for that server, but in here people usually have +9/10 and an increasing but still low number of +11s. That being said, there are some people that are almost unkillable running arround with 700-800k hp. It gets worse with Curse of Chaos/Sacrifice, and Future content and also if they have a high enhance weapon (which they do) and all you can do is just hit them till they have enough mana to kill you without you being able to do anything about it. So the sugestion here would be to implement an HP cap? 500k even with HP buffs (inb4 everyone votes for no cause everyone plays Ain now rip) sounds fair but probably wont happen. #3 - PvP & Ereda quests! .And it would be nice if they added a separate 2v2 quest with increased rewards. The rewards could be the same thing from #1 Ice burner ideally or a free ED burner instead & salts / ereda medals If you vote for no i would like a reasoning on why is it a bad idea in the comments please
  3. Shadow step, Needles cutting, Guard?, Anything that can be mashable while you're getting hit that includes skills that dont come out on your screen but does on your opponent
  4. This is really good but, you have to take in consideration the ammount of people that cash in KR outnumbers by a lot the people that cash in void
  5. Fantasy


    You should start going arena with a +8 random que, i'll believe you 3v3 is fun and fighting strong opponents is fun after that. I strongly believe you cant say its fun when you're part of the cancer yourself lol That'sjustmyopiniondontmindme
  6. RIP APOLLYON RIP INFERNAL WAVE & METEOR CALL RIP HELLSTONE RIP FANTASY IMPROMPTU 1 (iframes) - 2 (ignore defense) RIP PRE RENEWAL CN / CeM RIP OLD GA WITH MELEE RANGE ARROWS & HUMMING WIND Tbh nowdays i just spam whatever i can but my conciousness prevents me from playing like a TOTAL douchebag, just partially. I still have the habits of skipping items and trying to launch or do risky stuff even if i drop the combo, tbh superarmor, double resources and mp over 350 were a mistake
  7. 1.)Do you think this rollback along with the ED coin and ED ticket wipe was a good move concerning the damage caused from the hacking last night? If not, explain why! -Its good but for the wrong reasons, that reason being that it was an urgent measure to counter what happened recently, which is in part their flaw for not having a working hackshield 2.)Do you think these hackers felt justified in any way for doing what they did? Explainuuuu! -Pretty sure they just wanted to fok up the server 3.)If you were placed into the shoes of a GM, how would you have responded to this? -Probably the same as what they're doing right now but fixing the ticket abuse instead of completely deleting it, OR remove ALL the ed not just the tickets, since some people lose, and some dont with the current decision they took 4.)Do you think this change has crippled the growth of Void? If so, what do you think can be done to remedy this? -The server is just going back a few days its not the end of the world, I myself lost like 1k+ Energy shards + my first void weapon, along with some other stuff, rip my efforts but I understand it was a necesity, answer me this: DO YOU THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER TO KEEP PLAYING IN THAT MESSED UP SERVER FROM YESTERDAY?
  8. For those who didnt know someone hacked ed everyone is selling stuff for 700m rip void So the question is, would you consider a server reroll (going back to the server state from a few days ago) and/or ED wipe?
  9. Kinda off topic but could I ask where do you see all these "white hp" and "green hp" stats?
  10. Its not the que system, is the players that dont want to arena due to the ranking system/arena premade parties with low ranks abuse/hacks/overgear Look at the players around you, they're mostly b-s or a lot of them rankless, its just that people dont play anymore
  11. Surprised noone mentioned the lack of Spec B which is super good for rena, try lowering the mp gain and get some Spec B as well. You dont need that much hp if you actually know how to play specially with that ammount of red damage, tho it would be good to have more hp if you like to 2v2
  12. Do you preffer getting beaten by a C rank +11 and lose 40% or by an S rank +11 and lose nothing
  13. Just a way to try to make arena more lively, It would be a quest that gives you a reward but only if you're rank x (A-S or higher, the higher the rank the better the rewards you get) since people nowdays like to derank down to E-C, and its irritating to not be able to go up the ranks beucase of how ranking up works now, hell I heard about some people winning several times and not getting a single % while losing once and losing 20%, do you see my point here? It would be nice If there was some kind of motivation to be high rank or to pvp at all, since nowdays you get the same people over and over due to lack of people playing. It could also be something like an exchange item that you need a certain rank for certain item, e-b/a ranks not getting anything at all. Discuss is this okay? is it bad? flaws?
  14. Oh that's nice to know, wish I knew someone overgeared tho . . .
  15. Is anyone doing decent to shadow service? how much would it cost? or maybe some party that would like to get it Since i see lots of people running arround with it (prettysureitshackthocough), it cant be that hard right? Tried a couple of times and read all the small info I could find on solace and how to fight him but cant seem to get it. Anyone up?