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  1. I have a few raincoat cat pets in my bank lol
  2. LucyKicks


    Welcome c: ! This is a nice and fun server~ If you need any guide just PM me I will answer asap!
  3. LucyKicks

    Rena hater

    My first Main love all her classes but my least favorite is Twillight, I like Anemos and Daybreaker more because they have more innocent looking concepts and I like their skills more, I dont like throwing traps much. Also her model is nice for outfits (the ideal look for a woman qq I wish I had her curves but im in between Aisha and Eve)
  4. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    Yasss of course, I am just not at home right now and I have lots of characters my Main is Yunaari add me on her for now :)
  5. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    I would suggest you doing Main quests if you want to understand each dungeon, but after your first character i would suggest just doing random dungeons around your lvl to lvl up faster, its ur choice though but there is currently an event for farming chocolates that you can exchange for good stuff such as a +9 scroll, so because of the event just lvl ur current character on the same lvl dungeons but Then ur next character do the Main quests, Also i suggest u to see the beginner guide there are free stuff at the item mall such as the void buff and class change that you can get , there is Also class guides but feel free to ask me :)
  6. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    The class chage in the game is free the meme basically says that, no need to do the annoying quests :3 so class changing is easy here
  7. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    My main is Seiliah, Majesty, I dont use forums sadly qq, and we onces are gay af dont forget to stream yes or yes <333 (when its out)
  8. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    I play on DN sea since europe suck and I am from Sweden x3, and yass I am such a huge fangirl for Twice like these goddesses can step on me LOL
  9. LucyKicks

    Hi! :D

    i still play DN! btw welcome and hi Momo <3 my bias is Jihyo best leader <33333
  10. LucyKicks

    Goodbye all

    Take Care I hope everything gets better for you and good luck with Work and other stuff, bye bye.
  11. LucyKicks

    Bye for now!

    Bye and take care~ Also how do ppl put these gifs qq I want one too
  12. LucyKicks

    lol bye or whatever

    Its still not right to sink to the level of others if someone is rude you simply ignore them and their behaviour only IGN necrssary you answer them by Making them shut up about what they Said this is still a goodbye thread not for argumenting
  13. LucyKicks

    lol bye or whatever

    Horrible comments here Idk why its not necessesary to comment if there is Nothing good to say Idk anyone here, but Well Bye, I Wish you luck in whatever you do next! ps: I hope the future Will contain better people than this.. even game communities are corrupt, wasnt it enough that the whole worlds politics was corrupt.. oh i got to deep sorry..
  14. LucyKicks

    Which class(es) do you main (2018)

    Anemos, Code Esencia and Oz <3
  15. LucyKicks

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    I hope you do Well in what you choose to do next! Thanks for the giveaway I would like to have the Ara dororo suit since i missed that event and didn’t get anything from there other than what I bought and I find that blue costume cute and its my favorite out of all the colors! IGN: OppaiOnee