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  1. Mikastiel

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Ara as Laby's pink guardian angel IGN : Mikastiel " Welcome here Laby ! I'll be protecting you from now on so let's be friends ! ~ " More Screens : Items used :
  2. Mikastiel

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    y e s Just Y E S Thanks void - When the event was released my first thought was "With everything I want in craft and exchange how can I fudgin get 999 shards " but now it's okai I don't see the problem with the prices for amulets, I mean it's christmas. You know, last year they gived a free +10 per account so...
  3. Oh, wait. " Padded Hedgehog Coat & Hedgehog Earmuffs Cube " @Yatagarasu So in this cube when we open it we get a cube for coat and a cube for earmuffs ? If so, are the earmuffs all char or char locked ? qq
  4. If only this little cute helmet was an accessory and not with the coat, it's cute imagine it with miho ears :(
  5. LOL But omg I wish I could play on KR qq @Structure This. It's just so beautiful ~~~
  6. Thank youuuuu Ehehehe come here my little babe Ara
  7. The breadlord top must be Character colored isn't it ? Does someones have a picture of them ? can't find one
  8. I'm glad there's still not the ED burner rotation because I'm broke since Black Mesa but it's sad we don't have something like, idk a new recolor special winter :(
  9. Lots of people complain about the core craft thing... Tbh the only thing I want is both of this cute snow fox set for my dearly Ara
  10. Guess it's time to go back in SD with my friends and spam the Retry button Shards and ERP here we are
  11. Mikastiel

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @XyrielleTheSirius Hey ~ Just want to tell you that if I'm not wrong it's better to have a written list of the items you used ~ And also, I'm no sure for this one but I think your screen is count as an edit screen " Don't edit the screenshot with image manipulation/editing programs (Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, etc.). Cropping is allowed however, as long as the outfit is clearly seen. " Like I said, not sure for that so @Xera @Structure can one of you answer ~ ?
  12. Mikastiel

    I am actually back

    Welcome back to you even tho I don't know you ~ but by acting like that you'll not get anything free other than a warning point Plus the "mod was retarded" I think it was Ran herself so congratz, and you're provoking them right now
  13. Mikastiel

    Official GFX Contest(?)

    +1 because I love doing siggy and other things related to that, and a lot of people on the forum do that too. But what I want to add is that the price must be higher than what you wrote, I know it's just an example and we aren't the one that sets the price but here is why I think that way : If you compare to other contest, things like VD have a reward of 5k EC, and this contest is only a dress-up game. Something like siggy, banners etc ask more work than just dressing, even more if it's a wallpaper. I do GFX since almost 8 years and I can assure you that sometimes I can spend 2 hours on something that is only 600*600 for example. So in summary : • Higher the price • Keep the thing you wrote about 1st place = higher EC, then 2nd, 3rd • Maybe add Honorable mention ? • Prices must depends on the size of the work - Wallpaper size will ask more work than a siggy size • Only use official artwork, screenshots like said above for the same reasons PS : I think some people mistakes GFX with actual drawing, like the void artist contest. It's not the same, GFX is more like montages of pictures and other ressources that already exist and we use them to create a picture hope my english isn't too poop
  14. Mikastiel

    Another set named Winter Casual..add it to game?

    +1 'cause I found it last week when doing my VD entry too and I definitely need this red bottom to do some fashion ~ And was it ever released ? Not sure about that. Anyway I think it'll be add soon, it's a "winter" set after all so maybe it'll be on the next Treasure chest, or a christmas event or whatever The " if it's there you can probably get it lol " is totally stupid because more than once in the past I've saw a lot of sets in the MW that aren't out yet, even now, like the "Charming maid". So yeah, +1, give me this damn cute skirt.
  15. Mikastiel

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Don't take it bad but yes, you understood it wrong, it's clearly stated on the theme ~ Hope you have the time to change your entry plus the "dress up as a music blahblah" was already done in the past " Dress up as a 2D idol from any manga, anime, or game. (e.g. Love Live!, UtaPri, etc.)Please provide a reference of the 2D idol you have chosen to cosplay! "