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  1. Ara as a fresh Ice Tea IGN : Mikastiel Items Used : Reference :
  2. Wha- Am blind I only saw it now - AND JHGDJAD AM RUNNER UP ?? THANKS Ress because I love the theme
  3. *Title-later-wryyyy* IGN : Mikastiel Online/Offline : WIPS : MOG Banners : WIPS : Signature : WIPS : Credits : Official Artworks Better bootiful post later gehegfzafkjb; Wheel used :
  4. Please, use the search function before posting There's litterally a thread about that on the first page, here ~
  5. Thanky both of you ~ Now I just need to have some RNG with the tears Which I never have
  6. Thanks again Fey-kun ~ I find it better to take 2 skills with 2 Destru of each so should I go Flower + Thorns ?
  7. If I got some in double that I don't use I'll sell them to you for a normal price ! <3 Tho I don't even know which skills I should aim for...
  8. Good luck sweety ! Main reason why I bought every thing and have a full page of unique destru tears since December LOL
  9. Wait for the wedding we can only get the pink version ? Where's the blue one, will we get it too ? Or am I just blind Also it says "Pink" but on the screen it's defititely the Blue version I don't get it
  10. Can't wait to marry my baby Ara with the Ain of my bestfriend
  11. IBs rota are always the first Friday of the month > So next week I see, thanks Fey-kun !
  12. Thanks you ! I'll see myself for the situationals then, saw some youtubers using Spinning Thorns tho
  13. Talking about mods Can someone give me some advice for Nisha mods ? ( PVE ) Not really sure which to take
  14. One a the thing I'm more happy about is... NISHA HAIR BOTH OF THEM AND HER BOOSTER ACCES FUCKING YES
  15. @VoidEls It got pushed by others comment so I'm gonna re-post it again ~ THANK YOU But I have 2 questions For the new Pet system, so we all start at 0 points for our pets ? Or do we get back some of the points we had with the older system ? For the new wedding, is there a delay after a Divorce ? Like, we can't marry again for 1 week or something like that ?