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  1. -1 - It'll be too much work for the staff when they already have enough with patch, updates and events (yes I say events because everyone have to admit that recently we're getting more events like in the past) - Also like Lylan said, events will then become less "special", it'll be very boring after a moment and way too easy to farm for multiple things (like Pepsi-man for example, + then there will be an impact on the economy. I'm not greedy or whatever, but there will be an impact on that, good or bad) Not OT but why the hell trashtalk on a thread like that when you don't even vote nor tell your opinion, you just make a fool of yourself
  2. You're gonna smoke weed now? How could you be such an idiot? You might as well take the word "weed," and change that second "e" to an "a,"because since you're gonna act so stupid, you might as well spell like it too.

    And since you wanna just throw your life away, you might as well put an "r" in that word too. Because now that you wanna smoke, you're Weard. You're not like us other developed individuals.

    And since you wanna act so stupid, you might as well put a "t" in there too.

    Congratulations, my friend. You wanted to smoke weed and now, you're a Wetard.

    1. Mikastiel


      [insert smoke weed everyday sound]

      the hell is this tho, hey I'm not a Wetard I don't even smoke


      this is... pure randomness *badum tss*

  3. Grand Cavern Boss IGN : Mikastiel Ref : Items Used :
  4. Even tho it says that, you can dismantle I've tested it, I've dismantle a top and it worked - also when you dismantle something that is in your MW, the look of the item stay stored into it too bad I just wanted to get rid of that top in my MW
  5. Aaah so sad I wanted to use the Ara animation - oh well thank you I'll see what I'll use then !
  6. Hi hi I have a question about the VA ! So I saw that we have to draw els char in their promo outfit but - Does the promo "animation" count ?
  7. This idiotic looking person reflected in the mirror is who ? IGN : Mikastiel Current WIP : Ref song : Wip :
  8. Street star v1 for Laby but not the v2... I'm crying I wanted to open my cube Oh well at least now I can get those glasses without paying 400m lmao
  9. IGN : Mikastiel Song : Lyrics : Description : This is quite a new song, but it happened to be released when I wasn't really in a good shape and it kept me relaxing. I've a tendency to think too much about the past, what I should have done at that time, what should I have said at that time. I got lost in my inner self because of that, starting to regret things, and I couldn't remove those thoughts even tho I didn't want to hear them. Then I heard this song, and " Brain brain go away " was exactly what happened. It helped me escape my inner prison, just relaxing to the song imagining that my brain was shutting down. I think most of us can relate to the lyrics, stuck in our minds, debating with ourselves until we start thinking " stay quiet, brain ". Now whenever I start to think too much about things that I don't want to, I go listen to this song and focus on the lyrics and rythm and just let everything go away.
  10. I don't know where in the world you saw "Permanent" Like said above, it was said since the beginning of the event
  11. Wait, on the Sages we get there's "removed after the event" Does that mean after the 26 they are gone ?
  12. It's online, now people can cry in mega Gotta go on another game I don't want to see baby in the morning
  13. Heroic gear is enough to clear Add dungeon so it might be : - HR. Level too low - Bad sockets - Title You should just show your gear on a thread for advices tbh Also you don't have to try hard to get a decent elria gear - You can buy good cheap tear on the board (just buy Purple if you really just want to at least clear Add Dungeon) & Use the Gear pack reward to put your elri on +9 - Then later when you have a decent gear & ED just change your purple tear into better tears
  14. In before we see 666 mega when the game is online about people crying and pissed of about the buff while we actually got 4 buffs I'm not happy too about the 100% missions missing but there's no point in complaining, it's not gonna change, the staff will not add a miracle 5 buff because the community isn't happy
  15. Then you should change your gear or ask for gear advices on the forum... Use the pack rewards to help you upgrade your gear and you'll clear it - but that's not OT