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About Me

“ If all the people break, and all the world breaks, and everyone and everything goes mad, then I can be normal, just like everyone else, right? ” - Pandora Hearts


Ay ay - It's me, Mika ♪

I'm just a 21 y/o girl who main Ara - Shakti in particular - since her first release ~

I started playing Elsword in 2010 - yeah I'm this old - don't ask me how it's possible to still be here, I don't know myself

I joined Void 1 month after the creation of the server, in July 2014, and I've never quitted it since

You'll see me most of the time in Elder CH.2, just looking at the board, doing my Wardrobe - or then spamming SD -- Elria & waiting for Drabaki

If you see me selling things on board there's a high chance that the price contains a 666 here and there, because, you know - satan



★ Mikastiel - Main - Shakti

★ Labyel - Sub-main - Radiant Soul



☆ Do I play other games ? - Yes

I do play Overwatch where I mostly play Symmetra/Mei/D.va & Mercy

On the non MMO side, I'm a big lover of Tales of games, Danganronpa & Zelda 

On the mobile side, I mainly play Bungou Stray Dogs (JP/EN) - Starlight REVUE - soon SINoALICE


☆ Do I watch anime ? Read manga ? - YeS YES

I'm a HUGE lover of Pandora Hearts & Vanitas no Carte (bless Jun Mochizuki)

I love so many of them but I guess my favs must be Bleach, Naruto (so sad both of them became fucked up, but hey they were important to me when I was a child), Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, Durarara & Kuroshitsuji


☆ Do I read other things than manga ? - Yes ! FANFICS ! 


☆ Do I do other things than that ? - Yup !

I do some GFX ~ Signature, banner, wallpaper, or just for my pleasure, anything really

You can find my shop here