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  1. Sorry for quote Tamtam, but people are blind since they only read the first post
  2. Why do people think by asking to change the font you are asking to use the old font again " Change Font " Read people. +1 because I know how annoying it is - not the old one but another one where the i and l are clearly different
  3. Congratz to the winnerz ! Title later as always - IGN : Mikastiel Wallpaper : WIPs : Credits : Art by CommanderNight (yesyes I found it weird but after searching for a long hour it's really from them and was posted only on this merch' site, the rest being just repost on others site) - Render by UmioKimura GFX Banners : WIPs : Credits :
  4. Please, use the search function before posting There's litterally a thread about that on the first page, here ~
  5. My best friend who play Ain will be super happy then eheh Thankchu thankchu ! Yeah I know chronicle is a freaking good thing but like I said, I can't afford it for now, nor the CL... I'm trying to finish my ST Combo for Laby so you can already see my despair for the weapon LMAO I know raid acces are hard to get, and I don't raid at all so it's a no no for me
  6. Aaah thank you for taking the time to reply everything Gesuwuu ~ Problem is, if I use DM then I'll have to also buy a chronicle for the weap acces... I'm dying I don't have money at all I can't afford all of that... Guess I'll just stay with 3/4 ST, 3/3 Elri and 2p Wolf for now for the acces If they soon fix the 4p effect then I prefer to wait before buying other things that may end up in a waste of money...
  7. Aaah thank you so much ! But first you said I should keep the 4/4 and after said that I should go CL/Wolf, so which one should I go ? Guess I'll have also to find CL acces in case, never bough the CL because I find it ugly on Ara... More money to spend and I have absolutely nothing and no one buy my shit I'm crying But then the 5/5 ST is still better than Attire+4/5 LoW even if I don't have the 4p combo ST ? Sowy I keep asking questions uwuwu Edit : I tried different setup, and I apparently do more damages when like this : Format Attire hair + 4/5 LoW - 3/4 ST & 2p Lonely Wolf with 3/3 Elrianode, Agate and Transfo Tool Do you think this setup is a good idea or I'm just imagining things ? I even end up at 198.5 crit. damage with that ew
  8. Ooh I see - Yeah I know the 4p is broken but then is it really useless to use the 4p ? If they fix it (will they ?) then it'll be better to go Full full ST I suppose then ? Also here, now I'm on my pc so I screened my stats with the full ST Note : I didn't saged the 5/5 for now so my stats aren't exactly correct, and in the end, I'm close to 190% c.d So then by seeing this, if later the 4p effect is fixed, should I just stay like that ? Of should I for example remove ST earrings to use my Elrianode, and buy CL Conductor + Eclipse ? Let me know if you find a good mashup with ST Gesuwu lowkey LF +11 lmao
  9. Thankchuu ! Well when I'm using the EO I'm at 719k and with my ST I end at 701k so I guess I should keep ST then ? I don't remember how many crit damage I have with/without EO but I'm pretty sure I'm not at 190% either way, I'll have to check that when I can go on my pc. Also don't worry I already have my full ST Ara, good luck for your weapon I know you're trying to find it desperately
  10. Indeed and prices are getting higher and higher, no way I'll pay 2b+ for a weap I prefer rot with EO than that Thanks for everything
  11. Yes thanks ~ I already have everything be it LoW, EO, full ST and Attire, it's just that I wasn't sure if my deduction was correct when I tried the combo ST. I did saw the difference in damage but since I was losing CP I was concerned Not sure if I should sell my EO on Laby for the ST combo tho, price are so freaking OP
  12. Thancku Lylan I was afraid to sell my EO and regret it later
  13. Hi hi, I hope it's in the right section >w< With the ST now here I'm kinda confuse now so I'de like some advices, I'm a Shakti and Radiant Soul player and I'd like to know what are the best set/combo to do for PVE Until now on my Ara I was using Formal Attire + 4/5 LoW with combo EOvD I tried using ST combo : I do more damages, but lost about 20k CP Should I stay with Attire+LoW+Combo ST ? Should I go full ST but will lose a lots of CP ? Or just stay Attire+LoW+EOvD ? Same for Radiant, pretty sure 5/5 ST is better than my 5/5 CL but should I change my EO combo for ST combo ? Same question for Sariel, Bluhen and Rena/Rose in general Please help my friend and I thankchu
  14. Thanky both of you ~ Now I just need to have some RNG with the tears Which I never have
  15. Thanks again Fey-kun ~ I find it better to take 2 skills with 2 Destru of each so should I go Flower + Thorns ?
  16. If I got some in double that I don't use I'll sell them to you for a normal price ! <3 Tho I don't even know which skills I should aim for...
  17. Good luck sweety ! Main reason why I bought every thing and have a full page of unique destru tears since December LOL
  18. Wait for the wedding we can only get the pink version ? Where's the blue one, will we get it too ? Or am I just blind Also it says "Pink" but on the screen it's defititely the Blue version I don't get it
  19. Can't wait to marry my baby Ara with the Ain of my bestfriend
  20. IBs rota are always the first Friday of the month > So next week I see, thanks Fey-kun !
  21. Thanks you ! I'll see myself for the situationals then, saw some youtubers using Spinning Thorns tho
  22. Talking about mods Can someone give me some advice for Nisha mods ? ( PVE ) Not really sure which to take
  23. One a the thing I'm more happy about is... NISHA HAIR BOTH OF THEM AND HER BOOSTER ACCES FUCKING YES