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  1. I think it's far more than mere MP gain. I dislike the huge damage gap there is between skills and command inputs - they make the gameplay stale and stiff because there are no motivation to improve yourself other than increase DPS. In other words, "git gud" means "powergame and pray for having undergeared randoms in your party when you queue". Not only that, look at how it can cause problems to other players in terms of too much junk on screen - Rose being loathed for being an FPS killer should ring you a bell on that. When one-shotters disrupt the balance of the game to the point of players being sent back to town at certain points because they can't keep up with the damage, then there's something VERY wrong with the system. Kicking underpowered players isn't JUST the kick mechanic being broken or buggy. Competitive DPS is a fun thing to have when you're doing raids, after all you're not only cooperating with a crowd, you're also trying to show off how much you contribute in ripping apart that Megazord/Colossal Titan/Apostle Luke, but other than that, it's a hassle. KoG focus way too much in DPS, but forget that this game, as an action platformer, would benefit more with the extra playstyle flexibility that would be actually useful to both leveling up or gearing up players if they killed the potspam oneshotting meta. Kurtzpel has a more strategical approach to battle, to fit with the sandbox movement and the soulsborne stamina mechanics, and it shows how interesting it is.
  2. This game would be a lot better if potspam meta was totally useless outside raids.
  3. I think I'll wrap up a thread explaining why the instakills are breaking this game apart, and people won't notice how it hurts, until it shuts down due to deserted servers later today. Stay tuned! Protip: It has to do with the concept of "skill gap".
  4. Remember when you had missions like "Use 3 resurrection stones"? Even though KoG had, in a miracle, removed that shit, the nintendo hard secret missions are a pain in the ass, indeed. Still, +11 Purple dildo or Anor Londo weapon+Hidrocity full tears rip the orbis creatures and... wait. Are you talking about Bowser's Castle (Ranox SD), the room with the unskippable cutscene that was removed in a rare lapse of good game design and common sense?
  5. What makes the entirety of Kick System bad isn't just the randomized behavior, but the fact it's also tied to HOW MUCH DAMAGE YOU CAN DEAL DURING THE RUN. Everything in Elsword is tied to damage; Maximize input, field clearing, how fast you can kill bosses, et cetera. Damage rules it all. There's no way you can trust in a thing like this when you're in the process of getting yourself to the cap and people who has the access to the big leagues simply monopolize the damage distribution between the players during a run. Okay, people DO lag. A LOT, sometimes. But then again, you can NEVER underestimate the perversity of electronic devices and how internet connections are totally unpredictable. That's one of the few exceptions that justify having this because they can drag other people with them, Elsword being a peer-to-peer game and such. Other than that, KoG's solution, as usual, is just let it be until people get fed up and leave.
  6. Still, according to the post farming trolls, the kick system is "fine atm" and it's there to make you "git gud".
  7. Hahahahahaha, oh wow! Even in Summoner's Rift the game lets leechers go unpunished while letting the pot chugging cheese meta rip the underleveled foes to shreds! It's official, man, I swear, everyone working on KoG definitely HATE Elsword and want to see it burn to the ground.
  8. As is expected. Sometimes I'm just glad Herowarz and Fighter's Club were put down for good, I'm sure these two masterpieces would be totally ravaged by the devs neglecting it to death. But then again they'll release a new costume and a few shitty, overpriced dance emotes, nobody cares about what's broken if you can dance in town. I swear I've never seen a playerbase so permissive and gullible as Elsword's fandom. Now you know why Zero/Amazon ditched Elsword outside a few PVP matches no one gives a fuck about, and provides content far more interesting content by praising Chi Aruel or making Maple Story let's plays. If people kept spamming porn in KoG games/Gameforge communities, just like the old DFO players did with Nexon (Neople picked the ball because they KNOW that DFO is what made them the powerhouse they are and they don't wanna piss their playerbase AGAIN), KoG would haul ass to make Elsword the God Emperor of its kind. Instead, what do you have is a comatose patient who survives thanks to K-Pop collabs, sunk cost fallacy and ow the edge splattered all the place. Such quality here, guys. Definitely the best MMO company so far. Path of Exile? Warframe? League of Legends? Nothing compares to watch someone press a button and then a giant rolling ice wheel of doom kills everything in a second, then the game sends you back to town because YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO OUTDAMAGE THE ICE WHEEL OF DOOM! Or you can be a lazy asshole that does nothing on the entire stage even though you are BATMAN PREPARED to the point of making Rosso beg for mercy by simply staring at him, yet people have to CARRY YOU ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It's all right though, in the next updates, you'll be able to do the Fortnite dance while Tunak Tunak Tun plays on the background and your characters will get shitty Nostalgia Critic costumes in the cash shop! You'll also be able to pay for more overpriced fluorites to prevent your +11 weapon from breaking. Remember, KoG's just that good, and if you disagree, then "why are you playing it?"
  9. PSA: People telling others to "git gud" should be ignored. It's just derailment and post farming that adds nothing to the discussion. It's ironic seeing these types of things, because while you have companies like Riot or Neople, known for fixing critical stuff in MINUTES AFTER IT'S BEING REPORTED BY THE PLAYERS (One particular example is F.slayers being so OP in Dungeon Fighter that they triggered false alarms - it took them LESS THAN A FUCKING HOUR TO SHUT DOWN THE SERVERS, TWEAK SOME CODE AND MAKE EVERYTHING WORK JUST AS FINE), you have KoG, who can spend years without bringing a CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM WHILE KEEPING THE ANTI-LEECHER SYSTEM BROKEN. Best solution for anime games, people. And everything's fine, right? After all, KoG's just THAT GOOD.
  10. I don't have much examples of Kicking system being dysfunctional because I barely do groups. When I do, I always go for Scrap Brain Zone to get some of the Hidrocity Zone weekly and dailies - I always buy my tears from the market. Kick system is broken because it feels like a lottery. The balance of this game is non existent too, and it only rubs salt in the wound. You're powerless because the current metagame endorses fast clearing for bigger profit margins and you don't have access to the epic tools. In the other hand, you're stupidly overpowered because the current metagame endorses fast clearing for bigger profit margins and not only you have access to the epic tools, you can solo through Anor Londo stages and tell Rosso to shove his edgelord energy attacks where the sun doesn't shine. Have you noticed what's exactly the problem here? You are at the mercy of carriers if you can't even access Anor Londo. But at the same time, you can also get a Sparta Kick if the game so desires. Meanwhile, KoG is busy trying to get the characters to dress as boy/girlband members. It's not only the kick system that sucks. It's a combination of ZERO FORESIGHT, lack of long-term planning, businessmen giving nonsensical orders and enslaved workers venting their frustrations into the game.
  11. Kick system always made me skeptical from day one. The fact that this had top priority over Magic Wardrobe - to the point of it being quickly implemented in all servers while MW took 4 years to leave Gangnam Style-land also raised a lot of red flags for me. I am skeptical of everything that KoG does, unless they can genuinely surprise me like they did with Eternity Winner. KS was never meant to work in the current situation of the game. (Offtopic: the "bully the optimus" is fucking bullshit. Shoutouts to @CrowRising , and the insight on this entire anti-rose ordeal, which is a good read) I don't understand why the fuck does maxed, geared players start kicking out undergeared ones. There's no balance in this game and PVE meta ensures no balance will ever come, because exploring all possibilities outside of a Psychic Artillery destroying a boss in a nano-second apparently is a sin. I end up daydreaming about the things I'd do to rescue this game from the bottom of the gamemeca ranks well, making it soar up to the tiers of a DFO, Overwatch or LoL out of due respect to the one thing that helped me to overcome the broken heart that I had when Neople Launcher started acting weird and not even the tech support could do anything to fix it. In one side, you have stressed out, unmotivated developers, in the other, you have executive meddling ruining the game from all sides.
  12. I don't buy accounts because I value the time invested. What's the point of being overpowered with ease, if you know you can't get support in case anything goes wrong?
  13. I can keep saying this ad aeternum until KoG realizes this: YOU CANNOT BRING BALANCE TO THIS GAME WITHOUT DESTROYING BOTH THE PVE META AND REWORKING THE KICK SYSTEM. Destroying the PVE Meta means command inputs should be relevant and skills should not be cinematic overkills anymore. The status quo created with this was one of the reasons for why Grand Chase plumetted after season 4 - La Geas was so ridiculously overpowered that not even nerfing freeze tempest and giving all characters a cooldown mechanic could make the game less broken. Look at Closers and Dungeon Fighter Online's gameplay and how the command inputs flow very well with the skills. You have the hypers, you have the portraits appearing and the cinematic overkills, but they're HYPER MOVES. They're not MANDATORY for clearing stages faster. No character in Elsword has the same pleasant feel of a Vagabond chaining a Comet Rush to an Explosive Sword, then using suction to a command input chain and launch the enemy again with a Z button press. Or how Bai Winchester can fly on the battlefield in the same way Donguri makes Dante and Nero fly over the ground in his DMC videos. And in regards to the kick system, it cannot coexist with the game as is. It reads damage dealt instead of player's inputs. It fails to do its duty, because YOU CAN'T OUTDAMAGE SOMEONE WHO HAS A +11 ANOR LONDO RAID WEAPON OR A PEPSIMAN PURPLE DILDO WITH ALL THE DISKS READY. The kick system has only one purpose: TROLLING. TL;DR buffs and nerfs are useless because people press a single button to kill everything on screen - by this point they have already beefed up their gear and items to make up for the stat shuffling, kick system is abused by mean-spirited jackasses and trolls and KoG will only do something to fix Elsword in case Kurtzpel fails.
  14. I love how the game just keeps giving me reasons to hate the current PVE meta. Ironically, people think that the meta isn't broken, as "buffing some classes and nerfing others" will bring balance to this game, even though you just need a modded frost barrage + memorize to rush in Pepsiman's BDSM studio in less than a minute, a modded fox fire + hundred specter parade secret art to rip through bosses while command inputs are nothing more but a novelty nobody cares about. This wouldn't be much of a trouble if I didn't have to risk getting sent off dungeon for not being able to outdamage a Psychic Artillery, an Eschaton or a Giant ice wheel of doom. >You can be forcibly removed from the dungeon if you don't want to play Thanks, KoG, but right now I'm struggling to get my fair share of damage dealt when SOMEONE JUST PRESS SHIFT AND A LASER BEAM FILLS THE SCREEN AND VAPORIZES EVERYTHING IN A SECOND. How about getting this wonky mess to work instead of just adding power creeps and characters that will be forgotten once they're no longer OP enough to breeze without expensive gear?
  15. Whenever I visit your profile, I'm interested in only one thing:

    THE SOURCE OF YOUR AVATAR PICTURES. Thank you very much.