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  1. Kurisu Shiruba

    What Laby Path Will You Choose To Level First

    Eternity Winner since day one. A guide on how to turn a generic, bland moeblob into a likeable powerhouse, kind of what happens when a dubstep song gets translated into Eurobeat.
  2. Kurisu Shiruba

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    I'd definitely put you on my staff if I ever had the chance of leading a project such as Elsword. I know it must be a bit hard to implement, but the ideas for random bonuses are always a plus to keep players motivated.
  3. Kurisu Shiruba

    Make the old, The New

    > In a private server everything is possible In a game with spaghetti code and bad game design everywhere, plastered with pay2win, with a private server where people with an IQ of 10 believe that changing the language of the dubs will cause a massive immigration of hackers to the point of GMs making sensationalist anti-mod campaigns, I doubt so. C'mon, we STILL need a way to make the +10 amulets be craftable - I'm sure that's way more relevant and useful than hoarding toys from a time when Elsword had people with brains working on the game. Interesting as is, I'd rather have efficient ways to make my grind be worthy the investment. And undergeared characters need some attractions to ride, or else the park closes because only the whales can enjoy.
  4. Kurisu Shiruba

    Bring back Hero's Assemble buff to F8 solo

    Fucking morons. Why would they create such a system - drop rate proportional to damage? KoG being KoG as usual, if Elsword wasn't a Korean Anime game, players would rip the company to shreds and that would be fixed minutes after it was released. The RNG increase is obviously a scheme to grab more money from the players. I don't know what kind of drops that sped up your gear creep, but KoG desperately needs their ponzi scheme flowing without issues.
  5. Kurisu Shiruba

    Voice Modding: Possible in the near future?

    The argument that modding is a potential magnet for bad behavior (such as trainers or tampering with the files to get things like infinite MP or reaper effects on Ann's Gift) is valid until a certain point. The point of which is all of the responsibility for the players to report rulebreakers and responsibility for the mods/admins to physically remove them, so to speak. In other words, even with the RISK of something bad happening, the only way people can prevent it from happening is to be vigilant. If that argument of potential hackers was ENTIRELY true, then Inaste wouldn't be banned and causing ancient coins to be unsellable because following the logic, without voicemods, you can't cheat. Plus, people who play other games with mods and agree with the ban are hypocrites. Remember that games like Black Desert and Dungeon Fighter allow mods in their OFFICIAL servers. And they're online games like this. Not to mention that a lot of good stuff on the internet came from modding. In DFO, for example, you have a lot of UI and Jap voice mods at DFO nexus and Neople endorses such changes. However, if you get caught cheating, you're fucked. And seeing how much DFO players are always active in order to help Neople on doing what Nexon never could, it's assured that YOU WILL SCREW YOURSELF UP if you do. I wish for this thing to be a reality in the foreseeable future as well, people need to understand that blocking things won't keep the cheating assholes away, just because you purged a dozen of undesirables as unexpected consequence, doesn't mean it's going to be the best solution. If you don't like mods, fine, I respect that. I just get pissed off when people start trying to justify this decision with fallacies and half-truths, moreso in a situation where other places offer this liberty to enjoy seeing cosmetic changes for the sake of personal enjoyment, and rigorous punishment for the smartasses who wanna gameshark.
  6. Kurisu Shiruba

    Bring back Hero's Assemble buff to F8 solo

    If void can undo KoG's bullshit, great. I just hope that, if this can't be done, the dev team has some LEGITIMATE reason to do so (Such as technical issues or programming limitations), because I don't want to see good stuff being wasted with stupid arguments (Such as denial of SD rotations outside events because "we said so and that's it" or the fearmongering anti-voicemod campaign).
  7. Kurisu Shiruba

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    See, this is why I always say that the kick system and the PVE meta needs to die. But then the fanboys would rage because they don't understand that said things are flawed and unfitting for a game like this. Whoever is responsible for the current metagame doesn't know a thing about maths, or game design in general.
  8. Kurisu Shiruba

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    Hahaha void is dying hahahha void is going downhill hahahahahaha lolololol Shut the officials down today and enjoy the crowds overloading and frying the servers tomorrow with the flux of immigrants. Look at how crowded the grand chase private servers are, even though KoG mercilessly butchered the game after backstabbing their playerbase. Seriously, threads like that are a fucking joke.
  9. Kurisu Shiruba

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    Another one of those threads? Seriously, void survived a lot of shit.
  10. Kurisu Shiruba

    Would you buy an account without an email?

    No. I prefer playing by the rules and having my efforts and dedication pay off rather than taking shortcuts and risking to be lifted off the game or getting scammed. If you really want to have things the easy way, don't complain when you get screwed.
  11. Kurisu Shiruba

    Why most of the community love to hate rose?

    Rose isn't a demanding character in terms of skill and gear to play, maybe that can explain why she isn't that much praised.
  12. Kurisu Shiruba

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    Anyone who disses the current spamming skill metagame has an IQ bigger than Stephen Hawking's and deserves a medal. My personal grip against this game isn't the community - I've never had issues with players nor vendettas or anything. It's all about how Elsword suffers from BAD GAME DESIGN SYNDROME. Seriously. What's the point of having special actives being that much strong? And having that ridiculously long range? The game is a BEAT'EM UP for fucks sake. Sure there are exceptions, but most of the time, special actives are nothing more but "I win" buttons. Bossing skills? For what? For having the damage denied in the second frame of said skill hitting the boss and having the fucker enter in a health restoring animation that CANNOT BE SKIPPED? Queues. Oh, yeah. When I am in need of carry, those "wonderful" things are as empty as ever. When I just want to rip through Sander SD to chill, I ALWAYS have to put up with waiting lists of 3 or 4 people with oneshotters racing to see who can obliterate shit faster for the sake of seeing who has the biggest (NSFW snip). PSA: If you ever wanna showcase how overpowered you are, help people to get Elrianode gears or farm for ERP in Debrian Lab, instead of clogging the slots for Arabian Assault act 2, please. Has anyone seen the demonstration videos when you create a new character? Have you seen how much Black Massacre showcases a BADASS COMBO SEQUENCE while other videos just show a modded skill with a big AoE? Thanks to everyone (NSFW snip) to all of the overpowered Elsword youtubers and their gear-creeping (Elsword Zero is the exception because he KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THAT SHIT WITHOUT HIS WALLET, he's already better than 90% of the PvE playerbase by simply doing that, including myself) destroying new content as soon as they arrive in KR with their special actives and then using a recovery potion, we have the dumbest meta in any MMO ever. People can start bitching over Soul Worker and Closers, but at least they require some brainpower to play, as opposed to our "best solution for anime MMOs". Mobs can burst and knock you down if they're stuck in infinite combos. You must FORCE YOURSELF TO KNOCKDOWN STATE in case someone pins you in an infinite combo. Enjoy manabreaking every five seconds in Hamel SD's final room before the boss, you're going to need it. Bosses have invincibility phases, some of them can RECOVER HEALTH despite Elsword being a beat'em up MMO and bosses having like, 36 bars of energy at worst and 70 at best. Joaquin is the worst offender, because his shield is unbreakable, even though the danger message outright demands you to keep attacking him with whatever you have at your disposal. I could forgive this being patched in the first few days it came and having a treshold to break that thing, but it's 2019 and KoG hasn't even bothered thinking in ways to make it work like it should. Okay, who was the genius who thought that PvE enemies having ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE was a good idea? Hell already have a special room reserved for that person. I didn't recall spending hundreds of SD runs and millions in ED to have that stupid fucking shadow linker show a "resist" above its head. The game client shuts down if the connection hiccups for a second. Lunia had you sent back to the login screen, and why KoG can't do that is a mystery.
  13. Kurisu Shiruba

    Why most of the community love to hate rose?

    If KoG ever, EVER wanted to make justice to Dungeon Fighter, we'd be able to traverse to Ghent and kick some Kartels' asses while ripping the Nasods that Hijacked Trombe Power Plant instead of just putting their generic sexy blond girl in the game. Or maybe they could put her in a game of which her playstyle would be more valued, like Fighter's Club.
  14. Kurisu Shiruba

    Most fun dungeon?

    Sander SD is the best, not because of rewards, but because there's no bullshit gimmicks or bosses that restore HP. It's a lesson in good game design in a game that's a lesson for bad game design.
  15. Kurisu Shiruba

    Does void feel less "Private" than Global servers?

    Not being able to craft a magic amulet of level 10 with grind is pretty stupid, indeed. > "so you complain you don't grind a lot" That alone has to be the dumbest rhetoric I've seen in any KMMO playerbase ever. When getting into something is a matter of LOTTERY and not time investment, the feeling of "finally I got whatever I want" is gone and that's where the game starts to suck ass. I agree with ya, chap, nobody's asking for free stuff, we both want to see our hard work getting paid off and not just being blackmailed into something that's no longer a whale's luxury. > solution : -> allow us to craft +10 in reasonable fee  THIS. VERY MUCH THIS. C'mon Void, make it happen already.