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  1. Nice, now I can actually stop being lazy
  2. +1 tbh, these drop rates are abysmal
  3. If it's not too much, can I have one of the heroes of speed rings (I think that's what it's called rip) It's just better than one of the current rings I have right now, so that's really it, you don't have to if someone else needs it more IGN : Bandori And it's weird, I thought you were someone else, until I noticed you were the same person who bought my EOvD, now I feel kinda bad that you're quitting now, but I wish you luck and happiness outside of the game in whatever you do!!
  4. +1 to this please, there's nothing worth getting from the salts, so I just have them laying around
  5. It was originally bank shareable in the 1st place, idk why it's not now, it's not like it'll break the economy if it's untradeable, and if a low level char has more then 1 So +1 from me
  6. :^(, fite me rn, it's senran/usagitsukino btw sofiteme
  7. urpussiesingameright edit : nvm,imsoblind,iseethetemiatthebottom comeback, fightmeis2g:^(
  8. Blanc Blank OWO *steals all her yuri fanfics and hides*

  9. uhh icantry IGN : UsagiTsukino, Asura with +9
  10. Yeah, i'm trying to log back on and all it says is "Establishing Connection To Server.." And then after like 5 minutes it'll just close Elsword
  11. cum play Town of Salem with me ppl :^)