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  1. Give players files to recolor and let em do all that slavery work +1
  2. Sariel WIP Reference: IGN: Fucker
  3. After 7 years (and 5 years on Void) of playing Elsword I finally decided to flee. I'm busier irl so I don't have time to play more than one game and I simply lost interest after so long. S/O to my guildmates and salt chamber pals, see you on the other side!
  4. Got a question, why are you guys not using offline/online banners made by contest winners? Banners won long ago even before summer event banner and I didn't see em even once.
  5. You don't have to hire staff right away to let the community have some kind of impact on the game. For example, you could start with using your contests for something good (because right now all nice artworks and ideas just rot in event archive) and let community draw artworks for events, do recolors for future ED burner rotations etc. That would help with "lack of interaction" allegation and give staff members more time for "staff only" duties. Maybe if you'll see that people here can do some good, you'll be more open to let people join staff.
  6. So in short: community doesn't trust staff and staff doesn't trust community, that's why this server will remain a shithole.
  7. Can i use more than 1 element??
  8. Does berauk in bethma SD counts as mini boss?
  9. VA questions: Do i have to use vocaloid song as a reference or can i just draw els and vocaloid characters interacting with each other? And what do you mean by "official" vocaloid song? Not a cover?
  10. Ok wild question about master of graphics: Do i have to use official art/fanart only or can I draw part of of it myself??
  11. +1 There's no reason to necro lock guides. Most people update their guides when new version comes, so that's like once every 3-5 months. Meanwhile necro time is 2 weeks. Overall i think guides section shouldn't be affected by "necro rule" AT ALL. Let's keep the rules simple.
  12. Rena GA in 2012. Back then i didn't know you can resocket your gear and I had sockets full of 'dodge' and shit. Good times.
  13. Choosing husbandos next. Rosso vs Ventus vs Gaia let's gooo At least they're not from 2012.
  14. This^ I said it once but I'll say it again, increase the prizes. You get 8000 EC for a signature where all you have to do is find an art made by someone else and slap some effects on top of it. Meanwhile you get mere 500 EC for an art made fully by yourself. "Our" artists deserve more than that.