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  1. I just realized this event lasts for 20 days. 20 days to get 999 shards and 500m?? And I'm not even mentioning other craftable things. You can already cross out like 2-3 days of grinding cuz it's "christmas time". Wth Void?
  2. It sure is a newbie-friendly event yeee
  3. viruscode

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Elesis as Akuma 悪魔 (Japanese Fire Demon/Devil) "It's getting too hot in here..." Items used: IGN: Rosafire
  4. viruscode

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    I like the idea overall but that "Event the final scroll fragment" quest is an overkill. Who will be mostly interested in +10 scroll? +9 players ofc. Can you imagine a +9 player doing 12-7 15 times on normal? I can't. Maybe with a carry, but who will take a +9 player for 12-7...
  5. viruscode

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    How is spending days collecting necessary materials "lazy" to you? You pay with your time, not with ED. Idk if you imagine +10 quest as piss easy mission but it definitely shouldn't be. It should be time consuming (with some ED tax to burn ED). Yes, +10 is better than +9 but it's not 2012 anymore, +10 isn't the best luxury, it's necessary now. And giving P2W players better ways to obtain it shouldn't be a sin because rn "the best way" to get +10 is through RNG and unfotunately, you can't "work" for your RNG.
  6. viruscode

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    Craftable doesn't mean easy.
  7. viruscode

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    +1 When +10 is worth 60 times more than +9 then there's clearly something wrong (+9 is like 50m, +10 is 3b) Let ppl work for it (even if it would be only during events), especially new players who can't "just buy it", not for 3b. +10 is not an option anymore, it's a must for endgame dungeons.
  8. viruscode

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Yes, this ^ You get 5000 EC for dressing up a character but only 500 EC for designing and drawing a sticker? Just because they're small doesn't mean they require no effort. I don't expect 5k EC but 500 is a funny amount and you could see this in the amount of participants last time.
  9. viruscode

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Can i choose everyone? Buster bros tho, theyre precious btw is stylin stickers officially dead or?
  10. viruscode

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Since i visited the wrong side of pixiv
  11. viruscode

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

  12. viruscode

    Official GFX Contest(?)

    I like the idea, but I'm not sure about "using fanarts people make, just credit them" part. A lot of artists don't agree to use their artworks (especially if others can make profit out of their work). It may be troublesome to ask for permission and even more troublesome for the staff to check if this permission is legit. I mean, there's no fanarts in NA contest for a reason. I'd stick only to official art, screenshots taken by yourself and art made by yourself.
  13. viruscode

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Eyyy same
  14. viruscode

    How do you choose your class/character?

    Playstyle and skills. I like summoners it doesn't matter what they summon: mechas, drones, slaves, everything works for me + micromanagement.