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  1. Confident

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    I think the accessories + weapon don't have to be bankshareable never, for the rest +1
  2. Confident

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Is the 9/20 balance in this patch? Cause heavy trait revamp came with this balance in the KR server
  3. Confident

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    What about the cube we drop in 12-7 and the new raid accs?
  4. Confident

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Will the new raid cube and accs bankshareable?
  5. HI you just now S>Ereda Service ?

    1. Confident


      Already sold, srry :c

  6. Confident

    What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Will the IB's come in cube as on official servers?
  7. As title says, i have tried with 400 fluorite and nothing e.e