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  1. I feel like it's most likely because my pc is literal garbage, but everytime someone joins field, my fps drops abysmally low... Also why the fuck do hackers join fields??? It's almost like they want to be banned. I just wanted to level in fields as a change of pace. Back to SDs, I guess?
  2. +1. Claw should be 11 tickets like before. I think the ticket amount for the Pet Toy may be too much, it was 35 Relic Fragments back then, which was fairly easy to get since it only took like 4 Eye-Catching Jewellery Box (1.6m ED) or 1 Ancient Jewellery Box + 1 Robust Steel Chest (850k ED). I'm not sure what the exact amount of tickets for the Pet Toy should be, but somewhere around 20~30 tickets or if that's too low, 40~50 tickets.
  3. This is the post where Ran said recolors might get rotated in the ED burner in the future. So there's a possibility, but it's not confirmed that it will happen since she said "might."
  4. -1, the temporary pets are good enough for new characters. You should actually be able to earn enough ED and some extra from using the temporary pet to buy a perm fetch aura from someone by the time you reach level 99. If 7 days isn't enough time to earn enough ED for a perm fetch aura, you can get a phoru with a 15-day temporary fetch aura from the first dungeon quest in Elder and additionally, you can get a 15-day fetch aura from finishing the final quest in Altera's quest line. That's literally 37 days to farm enough ED for a perm fetch aura, it's not that hard. Not to mention you can also do Hamel~Atlas quests for ED too.
  5. Here. Also just an fyi, you can go here: to view IBs.
  6. I think only some did, either that or I got really unlucky and none of my characters got them, or my memory is extremely fogged of which characters I did the quest on? I never did the entire Ruben storyline on some of my characters, I instead skipped Ruben entirely by only doing the field quest and 1-1's quest, never completing them until after I did every Ruben dungeon so they had 1-2's quest. Plus some of my characters had their quest resets from back when it was v1.5 or v1.6 (I think v1.5 though because it was when Ranox/Lanox came out iirc?) and I had only done the first field quest and totally ditched Ruben after I got my cubes so those had 1-1's quest. Then I had my characters which were post-quest reset that completed Ruben quest up until 1-3 and they still had their 1-3 quest after v2.0. TL;DR - All my characters had the same quest they had before v2.0 and it didn't seem like they even reset for me. It probably only reset for some people, and I was probably one of the unlucky few lol. Who knows maybe they did reset and happened to end up still being on the same quest I was on before v2.0 even happened.
  7. If you haven't done Ruben's story quest for Forest Ruins, you can get it on older characters. If you did do the quest, you can't get it. The best way to check is see if Ruben has a glowing Q on Tree of El or Forest Ruins in the dungeon selection. If either of them do, then you can get the new cube. If you don't see any glowing Q on either of the dungeons, check your quest menu and see if you did any of the chapter 1 quest, if none of them are completed go to Ruben and start the questline, if they are completed, you can't get the cube on that character at all.
  8. Question about Void's Artist. Are you allowed to reference poses? For example drawing the NPC in a similar pose to their pose from their in-game model or artwork.
  9. I found the info of the hero rankings here, if you scroll down to additional info, all it says is to solo challenge mode. It doesn't say anything about doing the solo run with solo buff/match buff, so I'm not entirely sure on that.
  10. Actually the Hero section of the rankings are people who solo challenge mode.
  11. Super excited for all this update includes, but I have a couple of questions regarding Account Bank becoming free, what if you bought Account Bank before v1.8? Are we going to get refunded now that it's free?
  12. Pretty sure these are the ones. :0