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  1. its crazy how much laby carries bad players sometimes i wonder how some of the people on this server even manage to log on the game
  2. i dont think i've seen a class that more braindead than cent or fucking blue boy in general ignoring laby
  3. Mastermind/BH for clearing i like LP cuz his burst damage OP MM is probably best choice
  4. It's pretty much this game.super boring endgame (pretty much every korean mmo tbh) and pay2win
  5. congratz, i played with you a few times lol
  6. Seoul

    CBS or CN?

    cbs all the way
  7. DC: funner than all the roses combined, his pistol is so strong MM: basicly can clear the whole dungeon by himself and is pretty good at bossing too. since u use cbs u might like him ( i know i did ^^) LP: EVEN BETTER at bossing imo TT: he is good at bossing and clearing somewhat but he is too slow for me
  8. You can make battle elixir at nauen and sell for 2.5m on board do story quest at sander - end they give good ED also 100 hero coin can make 1 mount which u can sell for ED on board
  9. Hi i have a few Items i want to put on the board (2 raincoats) but it wont let me so i guessing i need to use a seal problem is i dont know which one to use or where to buy it without ec. sorry i never played official server so