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  1. Everyone is so disappointed and I don’t see why. Eovd is a very good set even though we’ve had it before it gives accessibility to a good ib set for new players or starting a new char. Plus void has said before that multiple recolors are still broken from that update a few years ago and some may not even be able to come back. also as for everything in wise being based around laby, that’s what’s going to happen it’s happened for every char. It doesn’t mean that the set you want will never rerotate. All I can say is there’s 3 major holidays comeing up and usually for atleast Halloween and christmas we get some kind of good event so let the team rest a bit lol.
  2. Rather people gave out there info or not would you not feel better knowing your account is more secure? +1
  3. Probably not going to happen. The goal it to bring the economy prices down so increases in the trade limit wouldn’t make sense. But I can understand in the time being because of scams.
  4. Lol wtf is happening in this post I should get some popcorn +1 i would love to see this in the near future rather it’s the *next* or the *next next*
  5. I don’t understand our rates are already increased do you want everything just handed to you lol. I understand some people have spent 10b+ trying to get a +11 that’s what rgn is its not 100%. Maybe I can see this as an event for an anniversary or Christmas but no longer than a few days. Plus everyone is acting like you need a +11 to play when a +10 will do you just fine.
  6. Honestly I like method we have now It keeps people burning void burners.
  7. +1 it’s a guide with updated info they can’t expect you to bump it everyday but now your going to have to redo the whole thing that’s not fair.
  8. sorry to see you go its always said to see voids community getting smaller :c as for the iteam i would eather like rm heady lu because shes cute and i may wana start her. or sr wings if heady ois gone forgot my ign lol IGN:Twerkz i can provide hanger ovisouly ^^
  9. Im not that kind of person i just stay to myself and get the dongeon done as fast as possible
  10. -1 maybe later on but there called limited for a reason and if they rerotate threw them again now. In a year someone will ask the same thing. Limited iteam mall accesorys iteams and mounts are like a reward for long time player. There will be more for newer players to come across.
  11. i already edited my post. sorry about that
  12. IGN:LOLTits Iteam:5/5 mr rose Reason:just simply because i tried to buy it today and d/c'ed when i came back it was gone qwq and it was a good price idk if this counts or if i need to pick literly one iteam if so i pick ep wings and wep rose cuz there pritty