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  1. Awwww thanks, Mari'll be taking up the guide if it ever gets locked (GuidesexemptedfromNecrorulewhen???). I'm glad people liked it, and at least found it helpful in understanding her. Thanks! I really appreciated those wedges so much. Especially when wedges were so expensive. Regardless I will certainly be on the forums at times, just to see how things are going. Thank you thank you. No I don't play it but It's like a bara lovers wet dream and everything is so HOTLIKEIMSWEATINGOVERHERE. But yeah see ya too! @Milesfuzz @Tilly :eyes: x 100
  2. Thanks a bunch Lylan (orshouldIsaySinnia>w>...ImprettysurethatwasyourpreviousForumname), hope you keep being cheerful like always! I'll be here sometimes, but thank you regardless! May the bara dream live on u///w///u Ohgodplzno it's already started why! Love you too Tilly, we'll still talk on discord when I'm on if you'd like. Glad you liked the name, it's mine and no one can steal it :^( (Too late someone stole the IGN a while ago and I'm kinda sad). Thank you though, I'll promise to bara it up everyday! Awwww don't worry we'll still be friends, who else is gonna badger @LordEclipse with you on Discord :^(. I'll leave the guide to you and Lord's care, make the DyB dreams a reality! Shame that we had to meet so late in my Elsword life but it was fun regardless and I wont forget it <3 Stares at the 3 Stupid DyB mains no weapon run of Debrian's/Vani Whale which actually wasn't as painful as we thought it was going to be because thank god DyB is good in PvE .
  3. So hello everyone, I never actually created an introduction topic at all since I've been on this server, and I've been here since late October/early November 2014. I kinda just dived right in without introducing myself to anyone! So if you hadn't known I'm BaraLover™ and I hope y'all are having fun farming seashells for all the event items you want! As you can see from my name I'm an absolute die-hard fan of bara. I randomly found it one day while browsing yaoi sites and I've been in love with it ever since. Never really liked Yaoi/Bishies so I found my calling in this. Pretty weird to call bara a calling I know but it's the truth, those muscles MMMMMM- getting off track lord help me. Some of you may have known me as BaraGoddess but before that I used to be NaimiYuhi (A weird name I know but it kinda got stuck on me from NA but finally had the gall to change it). I've switch mains faster than a speeding car changes lanes when escaping from cops, started Void as a MM because I wanted to try him on NA but got banned before I could, then Base Elesis, then CrA, then back to GA, so on and so forth. I'm hoping some people see me as a nice person, I tried my hardest not to make myself seem hostile because that's not how I am unless provoked. Now for the actual farwell, it's...been a long time coming I suppose. Every update I've played for a shorter and shorter amount of time. My attention is no longer held for the same amount of time on here than it used to a couple years back. In fact I haven't played Void in a little over a few months due to laptop being a total ass as well as my growing lack of interest. It was a great time though, I met a wonderful guild my first few months here and I had stayed with them ever since. Even with the constant disbandings I still remained loyal, it felt like betrayal if someone asked me to join their guild, I could never find the heart to do it. I also met wonderful people on the forums who were really nice to me. There hasn't been one person I've extremely disliked while being here and I love you all for it. Continue chasing your Elsword dreams; whether it's finally getting that Type-Void weapon you're trying to get (Good lord my first Void weapon took forever), getting your weapon to +10/+11, farming the dream gear on your main, or just plain having fun with whatever you're doing. Thanks for being such a great community, and I wish you all good luck! Edit: Because I'm master edit, yes I know those are some chunky-ass paragraphs but DEALWITHIT Edit2: I probably might log onto the forums from time to time so don't start parading around just yet :^( (Very sparingly though, I wont be active daily or maybe even weekly)
  4. Yo what's the haps everybody, been away for a while cuz laptop's a bitch but just wanted to peek in and say Hello. Saw new event and saw the 300 Seashell +10 Amulets and thought, wonder if I could farm 4 of them without losing my shit. Hope you've all been well!

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    2. ughh


      my grind has been mindnumbing, but its worth it lol

    3. Sinnia


      Sometime I shall grind all 4 this week xD...

    4. BaraLover™


      @TakerofSin I kinda just quit lawl I'm not enjoying Elsword like I used to so no use trying to dredge up the drive to farm 1200 Seashells. Ripperoni my +11 DyB, finally got +11 and now I don't feel like playing anymore

      @Wolfgang I'm sure it has, good luck getting your +10s!

      @Lylan I wish you good luck in getting them!

  5. I was sertain you were making a joke, I was just goin along with it. Thanks now I made a mattress pun and it's all because of you >:^(
  6. "I'm neutral but my opinion mattress" r u ok? OT: I've always wondered why they didn't implement it the moment the officials got it. The only downside I can see is that the less expensive characters will have to probably pay more to get the sets that they want since the cube prices are going to be dependent on the IB's stats + other characters prices. But I don't think that's much of a downside when there's plenty of upsides to this implementation. +1 regardless, I've been secretly advocating for this to happen since it was a thing in KR.
  7. Lotus because she's cute and her special command is pretty damn adorable...that and her attack is deceptively powerful. If there was a Scar pet or any bara human pet then I'd be all over that one~
  8. Still surprised this hasn't actually been accepted yet. It's a serious issue for guide creators and it's extremely off-putting to have something you created with your own dedicated time and knowledge suddenly become moot.
  9. I mean I got my DyB funded by doing Drabaki runs and getting pretty expensive tears. I've only invested $20 in the past year or two and that was to help fund my Black Mesa, which may have been an extra ~800m but the rest of the ED came from selling things I didn't need or had lying around. Going from +9 to +11 was from Fluorites I bought off the board with spare change I had in my inventory along with the free El Hammers from Xmas Mail. The only time I could've ever seen myself as a "Pay2Win" scrub was when I cashed $100 prior to AS/CrA/DiE release so I could fund my future CrA. But now my ED is usually from selling Tears/Selling Event stuff. It's not hard, just requires patience to get the shit you want and not complain 24/7...
  10. What's the haps everybody, laptop's being a boob so I've been MIA for a bit but just decided to come on and see what's going on~

    As for me I've been stressed the fuck out. All of it's family stress. Can't go into details but it's like I'm waiting for the tension to snap and the house turn into World War III. I'm not a fan of fighting, I hate confrontations even more, and I don't like it most when it's family that's fighting. So right now I'm stuck in the middle ground between two sides and I'm just lost. Mother confides into me about problems around the house but I can only handle so much in such a short amount of time and it's not helping me.

    I'd go outside and do things for my self if the place we lived at wasn't such a big....dump...yeah dump is as lightly as I'll put it (trust me I have another word for it but Lulz). Nothing to do here, it's so damn depressing, the people here are bat shit crazy and finally everyone here is bat shit drunk so the roads are a mess ALL the time....especially during weekends. 

    Sorry to dump all that into a load of text but I needed to vent my frustrations out. Hope I didn't annoy any of you, I'd still like to hear how you all are doing! 


    1. Sinnia


      Dont worry about it, its good to vent and let things out when you need to! I wish you luck though on feeling a bit better <3

    2. Zouro


      Feel better soon fam! Don't let it get to you :frostmaiden_Present:

  11. So long! I didn't know you personally but nevertheless I wish you the best in your future activities!