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  1. So long! I didn't know you personally but nevertheless I wish you the best in your future activities!
  2. I feel like guides should be pinned by default, then judged over time whether it should be kept at that status. +1 from me anyway, I don't want to worry about losing my DyB guide that I worked on.
  3. Pretty sure Structure said they wouldn't do it because it's not their work but the work of the people who recolored it. Most, if not all, of the winners who got their recolors implemented are gone and it's mainly just an issue of not wanting to touch their work without their consent. At least that's what I read when someone asked it before a while back. It'd be nice for sure but that'd mean having to fix some recolors stats by adding the additional set bonuses to the final bonus on recolors.
  4. Hello Grand Archer main here~ Not surprisingly GA was my first character and has been my permanent main since (Gungnir was so neat looking and it was so fun!) started NA in 2013 right as Weapon Taker was going to be released. Got banned and moved to Void and made a GA here...and voila here I am.
  5. IGN: BaraGoddess Team: Karis @LordEclipse I see u, u ain't hidin' from me
  6. +1 El Resonance Scrolls are in there, I don't see why Hangers can't be in there either.
  7. Cosmetics are always a +1 from me. More customization for players is always great in my book.
  8. Join Ignia, we have Flame Tea and Flame Grass Salad...
  9. ^This here, add in Double Title count too pl0x. The last server buff can be whatever.
  10. My post was more towards the people that automatically make assumptions on something when all it takes is a little reading to find the answer. The main problem with this event is people thinking it's a PvP event when in reality it's both. Also depending on PvP you can get cubes in PvE faster than PvP since wait time is a thing. I can certainly clear 11-2 faster than queuing in PvP, which still needs to take in account the amount of time for a match to start. If you want fast cubes then I'm certain if you ask on the discord someone's bound to help you out.
  11. Of course not, reading the whole update thread is so 2017. Now we just partially read it and complain about how something is something when it's clearly stated in the thread otherwise.
  12. >Females only >No bara men This is so sexist omg... OT: I guess Ignia...I don't really like the other two that much and Ignia is okay.
  13. Phoenix Strike gets changed to Physical for AN and TW in 2.6 (Couldn't happen in 2.5 because they couldn't get it in time). Aero Tornado I agree though.
  14. Freezing Arrow, Wind Wall, Crazy Shot, and Wind Blast have useful mods or at least can be used. The other 3.....are a different story altogether. Anyway I'm no Anemos expert but this is kinda what I'd want done, feel free to disagree with me: -Give Nature's Force (Active) a 30% increase to MP gain on kick commands/actives/skills for PvE only. She needs better MP management, it's seriously trash tier and she chugs the most pots among the Rena classes. -Flexible Movement's Attack Speed increase increased in PvE, can be kept the same in PvP. Increase HP recovery after fatal hit to 3 or 4% in PvE, leave it as 0.8% in PvP. -Faster Dive Kick Bombing. It's way too slow right now to use in normal dungeons. You can argue that it has [Mod] DKB but the amount of time it takes to finish the skill somehow increased from Pre-Renewals to Renewals. And for the love of good, increase Rena's base attack speed/movement speed. You can't just take away the Attack Speed part of NF and not compensate her base speed to match it.