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  1. BaraLover™

    Make Sinister Intent Materials Bank Sharable?

    No, they're materials for the Dimension of Sinister Intent, aka Dimension Master accessories.
  2. BaraLover™

    Job change tickets are useless unless this idea takes effect

    But 15m is pocket change in this stage of Void's life. You can get that much by casually grinding SDs in no time flat or doing a few story quests in Lanox.
  3. BaraLover™

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Well those and Aero Strafe's and Wind Blast's casting speed increases/i-frames. But anyway rip 1/17 patch though. This is why I think it would be better to wait before a balance patch is 100% complete until releasing a big update, but I digress. I suppose Rena got it easy this time unlike 2.4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. BaraLover™

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Ye but they were added back in 1/17 balance patch.
  5. BaraLover™

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    So I was goofing around in Free Training on DyB, I used Ace in the Hole and I still got hit by mushroom while it was up. It's suppose to have i-frames throughout the whole skill so did something happen to it???
  6. BaraLover™

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    DyB mains in 2.5 be like
  7. BaraLover™

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

  8. BaraLover™

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    2 words: Adrian's Palace...... On a side note, I don't think there's anyone I really despise/hate in PvE. I do get a bit...miffed?...when someone clears stages before I can get to the enemy, but that's just mostly me wanting to contribute to a dungeon. If I don't contribute I feel bad about myself (oof self-deprecation is a negative quality of mine) and I feel like I'm not pulling my own weight. That's why you'll mostly see me putting up megas about helping people cap in SDs (unfortunately not today because trash SD rotation is trash). You may see this as greedy, but it helps both the carry-ee to get to 99; as well as, makes me feel good because I feel like I made an actual difference. In hindsight that may just seem silly but it's just how I am in a way, and the amount of praise and thanks I get for helping people makes me smile some. A small S/O to all the people I helped get to 99 over the past week. This also feels like it's offtopic and I think I just went off on a tangent. Really you could probably just ignore those two paragraphs and skip to the next one. Just so it seems like I'm contributing, Adrian's Palace is my worst nightmare. A debuff that's very annoying Glares at Sleep debuff and not to mention, something I already have, each enemy is like fighting a miniature Drabaki. The scaling on this dungeon in guild expeditions is so weird that it's the only one I legitimately pray I dont have to suffer through by myself because dead guild is dead (except a few people but they dont do Expeditions that much).
  9. BaraLover™

    Most fun dungeon?

    Touche......more like Void's so stale atm!!!! 2.5 when? -Books it before warning point-
  10. BaraLover™

    Most fun dungeon?

    I mean I've farmed PtH (only 20% done because I'm lazy and waiting until next 2x Title event again which wont be for a while probably) and I still like it :^(
  11. BaraLover™

    Most fun dungeon?

    I'm with these two. It's fun beating up a lot of mobs in a straight map. Of course it helps when DyB is one of the linear clearing queens~ Edit: OOF I forgot to mention Theetis and Armaros since they said 11-3 too!
  12. BaraLover™

    If you can Remove a skill and replace it.

    I'd replace Trapping Arrow - Fungus for its other counterpart Trapping Arrow - Buster....I miss the old Trapping Arrow :cccc
  13. BaraLover™

    Hello World

    Yeah that's kinda normal at the moment. Void's usually pretty....inactive??? in between events/big updates so expect yourself to solo a lot of dungeons.
  14. BaraLover™

    Hello World

    Welcome to Void! Good luck raiding! Wish I could myself but my laptop's a toaster, and not one of those fancy 4-toast toasters either~
  15. BaraLover™

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    +1, I personally can't do it because toaster laptop though I might attempt to in the near future ( @Marisia waiting for your DyB only raid!!!!11!!). However it's a nice sit motion and I don't see anything wrong with it from an outside point of view.