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  1. More wardrobe stuff is always nice. Can't see why anyone would -1 this...other than to, y'know....troll.
  2. Tbh this isn't even bad, bad was the first week of Ran's Void Cafe event. This is coming from someone who's been pretty good about getting Frost shards this event. That event was so bad I literally burnt myself out and stopped playing Void until 2.4 came out. Cuz it was funny getting 0 consecutive drops over and over again, literally took me a whole day to farm enough materials for 1 Selfie pose. Then they mega buffed drop rates. They also buffed Varnimir drop rates on the Halloween event too so... I'm certain if you guys constructively complain about the drop rates, odds are they might buff them. As Yata said very early in this thread, Crafting fees/Material Requirements and Drop rates can be reduced/increased respectively if enough of the community deems it fitting to do so. And judging by this whole thread so far I wouldn't doubt they'd increase the drop rates everywhere to manageable levels. They already confirmed that the 999 Frost shard crafts are getting a reduction, we'll just have to wait and see what the changes will be.
  3. BaraLover™

    Suggestions for the current event

    To be fair though Yata did say that crafting costs/drop rates can change if enough people are upset about it. But ye, god has answered everyone's prayers~
  4. BaraLover™

    Suggestions for the current event

    +1 to all I guess. I haven't had terrible drop RNG and I'm almost a fifth of the way there after 2 hours of farming Add's but I can understand people not having the time to farm enough over the course of the event due to it being the busiest time of the year.
  5. One change I'd like to see is reducing the ED cost of the Pet Candies to 2m like with the Cafe event. I can understand why it wouldn't since the Cafe candies needed Sugar/Coffee/Vanilla but Idk maybe I'm just nitpicky. Another being reducing the material cost of +11 Armor/+10/HH to a third maybe idk, I feel like 500 is still too....grindy but it could be 500 if 333 is too low a number.
  6. +1, I personally wouldn't buy it because my enhancement RNG is bad but It'd be helpful to a majority of the playerbase so yeah why not
  7. BaraLover™

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Can KoG stop giving DyB super armor frames. I hate standing next to Drabaki only for him to transition to a different area and die because "rofl xd multi-hits" and lose my ranks. Give DyB's Ace in the Hole its I-frames back for PvE >:(. Oh and Drabaki needs to stop spamming the potion debuff, it's very rude...
  8. BaraLover™

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Rena's system has gotten a buff however the most important part, the infinite NF orbs on 3rd bead, hasn't been implemented here yet sadly. It'll be here in 2.5 and DyB/TW will have access to 30% Crit damage for 90+ seconds
  9. BaraLover™

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Though I did give my input on what to buff on Daybreaker, giving Gungnir a better trait than Enhanced, a more realistic buff that I'd want is better I-Frames on Daybreaker. Her i-frame game is pitiful and I'd think a good idea would be to give Ace in the Hole i-frames in PvE but keep it as Super Armor frames in PvP so it's not too bad. Just my two cents on it though.
  10. BaraLover™

    This Hurts ;-;

    You could've bank shared it but I guess you just want the achievement. Anyway good luck with your achievement!
  11. BaraLover™

    Add dung drop x2 for this Christmas?

    Pretty sure the last/only time we got x2 Void drop was with the Summer Fiesta event.
  12. BaraLover™

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Ah, I mainly speak from a PvE view point. Don't really play PvP at all at this point.
  13. BaraLover™

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    I kinda disagree with this statement; she wasn't that OP. Her system was pretty garbage until KoG finally took notice, from Rena players I imagine, and overhauled it to actually be usable. Not to mention she's now clunky and slow and requires socketing more speeds to compensate the loss of natural speed that NF gave her. Out of the 3 however Daybreaker took the biggest hit. A ~70% decrease in damage to Gungnir, a skill that was designed for bossing, is totally unwarranted and unnecessary. Sure it makes Gungnir more consistent but it didn't need to be consistent when she had other tools for smaller enemies (i.e Aero Tornado/Aero Strafe). I know I'm coming off as a salty DyB main but it's just dumb that KoG does that and doesn't compensate it by, for example, removing Enhanced and giving it a better trait (Heavy/Useful come to mind). I apologize if you take offense to this I dont mean to be rude to you, just putting my opinion in; though it probably holds no weight considering my bias towards DyB. Just so I don't derail the thread entirely, I'd buff Gungnir to have a better trait than what it has now. Enhanced is an awful trait for DyB when she should be stacking high amounts of crit anyways with her main debuff, Stigma.
  14. BaraLover™

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Hot...record pl0x OT: Been amassing ED the past 24 hours, am now at 340m...and I want the whole set....I hope Xmas event has stuff that I can merch, I'd really like to get full Black Mesa qq
  15. BaraLover™

    Increase Farm Crop and Food Stacks

    Getting food items from a crop isn't a stack, its 20/24/26/30 of one crop. A stack would be, currently, 300 of one food item. What Pariah wants is to increase the stack amount to 999 for convenience purposes, as in not cluttering up the guild bank.