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  1. When I'll probably be MIA for a little while...

    Stupid laptop ALWAYS has a problem during Winter and it's driving me up the walls. Hopefully it'll be solved by simply buying a new recharger but no promises...maybe. Spent like an hour or two wondering why my laptop wasn't turning on. Laptop charger wasn't working but then it worked and turned it on only to find out it still had 96% charge left. So idk if it's a charger issue or an internal issue.

    Edit: Nevermind seems to be a charger issue I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THIS LAPTOP! I literally couldn't turn it on til it was plugged in, and logically that'd make me think that it could only function with the charger in but it works without the charger in and now I'm just confused....killmenowplease

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    2. Magnowser


      It sucks that anything with battery has this kind of problem, sometimes they break out of the blue or soem shit like that

    3. BaraLover™


      Yeah, especially when my family's known to have the worst luck when it comes to things breaking and other stuff like that. It gets tiresome after a while.

    4. Magnowser


      Alot of people suffer that too so atleast you can relax for abit that  you are not the only one that is suffering this crap tbh.