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  1. I believe someone might of done this before, but why not try doing class specific tourneys instead. This means we could have the best of their class fighting each other, I think it would be rather more enjoyable then previous tourneys.
  2. I did vote for BM, but I believe it's mostly based off on the aerial priority of the derp dives and how to read them, in the video lilu posted, Dkay got caught a good amount of times by LK's derp dive, and the derp dive with the mp passive feeds lots of mana to LK. I feel that if a BM figured out how to punish the dive successfully, then BM would overall have the advantage at neutral game. Of course then you have the roll passive, but i don't remember if it can be activated from the back, which even if not, BM's z combo hit's behind i believe, but if BM could successfully punish the dive he could rng z combo him in hopes of not procing the roll passive, and just black hole x drop LK to then xzz infinite his back, which i don't think feeds much. I don't know much about BM/raven though so correct me on any of my information if need be.
  3. Honestly don't know what section to put this in, didn't really think it would go under pvp videos, but feel free for any of the forum moderators to move this if need be.
  4. Don't forget about CrA's three different acc: Sealed Bloody Queen, Awakened Bloody Queen, and Advent of the Bloody Queen Edit: nevermind saw the CrA............
  5. Biggest "Oh wow" moment is when I found out you can't dash z loop with elesis anymore. I keep messing up my combos because I'm not use to it. QWQ
  6. Well the problem with this (or at least for me) is that the quest is already complete, so all my characters made before the plus 10 gear update don't have access to the quest because it's already completed for all of them, meaning that my characters can't obtain the plus 10 gear
  7. I'd like to verse your LP with my DiE, I might be able to teach you a few things that can make you better owo
  8. Balance? I thought voidels was a rock-paper-scissors game...
  9. IGN: TimeTeaser Theme (even though there isn't an actual selected one): Fresh Summer Start (Even though it's winter :b)
  10. I think because of time zones, you probably already got the reward from today, so you might have to wait till later today or early tomorrow.
  11. I don't know if someone had already asked about this or if this is mentioned in another thread, but I tried to use the April fools skill clip for voidels and its not showing when I use a special active. I don't need a long explanation of what happened with them, I just want to know if they work or not. Thanks ~
  12. Earlier in the conversation, the other guy had said that I only play Elesis (Which why I do play her, I don't only play her). Then I said how I could show him my GA, however he denied over and over again saying that i'm a liar. That lead to this conversation.
  13. Because the skill looks flashy owo
  14. IGN: RedSorrow Class: GrM Rank: S+ Guild: [ "FeelThisMoment "]