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  1. i don't mind helping you through some stuff if you need it at some point i really don't think that's the case, i've played through many servers with very low gear and never got kicked so far, it's probably just bad luck, plus to get kicked you need more than 1 person to agree to kicking someone, so you probably ran into a premade or something
  2. dunno, i carry people all the time, sometimes i que to carry people in dumb stuff like SDs when bored, as others said, hate the player not the character if you need a specific thing to clear i can help you through it if you PM me also laby ain't outclearing a geared sariel, the OP is probably new if he's asking his guild what class clears the fastest
  3. void princess was my very first character in 2011 rune slayer was my first serious try at learning a character though
  4. ignia is the only decent npc from those 3 though
  5. i think that's rare if you're invested in the game, i play KR but i still main void
  6. Neptune


    nisha these nuts
  7. solace's fortress and halted sun's memory
  8. this rule is bad not because it's strict it's bad because a large amount of the population wouldn't even know it exists as it's not really a common rule in the first place
  9. unironically this but i'll probably level them all asap anyway
  10. bc she had an initial hate spike and people bandwagon on it to this day i guarantee you some people don't even know why they hate her
  11. "luciel/rose/ain excluded" this update in a nutshell
  12. again, nobody is gonna complain about that, if somebody prefers having 1 guaranteed drop per run they will use this, if they prefer mashing f8 to retry they can do that, the option doesn't really take away from anyone as far as i can tell?