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  1. Neptune

    Most fun dungeon?

    solace's fortress and halted sun's memory
  2. this rule is bad not because it's strict it's bad because a large amount of the population wouldn't even know it exists as it's not really a common rule in the first place
  3. unironically this but i'll probably level them all asap anyway
  4. bc she had an initial hate spike and people bandwagon on it to this day i guarantee you some people don't even know why they hate her
  5. Neptune

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    "luciel/rose/ain excluded" this update in a nutshell
  6. Neptune

    Opinions on the Event

    again, nobody is gonna complain about that, if somebody prefers having 1 guaranteed drop per run they will use this, if they prefer mashing f8 to retry they can do that, the option doesn't really take away from anyone as far as i can tell?
  7. this was possible back in the day by removing the character's voice files before getting into the game, i don't think you can do that anymore though
  8. Neptune

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    apink giving 1 shard would be neat, so you get at least 1 shard guaranteed, i really don't think someone would complain about having to go out and complete the quest lol
  9. Neptune

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    add dungeon seems the exact same to me
  10. Neptune

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    is my rng just awful those shard drops sound amazing and mine were consistently 0-1 pre-update getting 1-2 every run would be so great
  11. it's a lot of runs still, more than what you'll need for the shards most likely, you probably -can- get the money like that, but high chance you'll be pretty much broke after i'm pretty much the opposite, while both could use some tuning, my issue is giving 500 mil ed for a +10 when you probably can enhance your wep to +10 for less money
  12. you'd be surprised by the amount of people that see the amount of work required and go "lol nah" then proceed to do this not saying everyone does it but the drops are the least of my concern, doing well so far, it's just the ed required that needs a bit of tweak the way i see it
  13. people need to wait and see the drop rate and what happens with the price next week before rioting already or maybe i'm just dumb to not go hulk on the forums yet, dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯