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  1. Elite Growth Elixirs (they're not Battle Elixir!) are usually worth around 20m/30m each one, so (at least to me) it doesn't really feel that unbalanced While I suppose that you'll usually roll the (100%) one, that is the worst one, it'd still not be that much of a loss. It's mainly for late-game players that wants to farm ERP EXP, to make this system useful for both advanced players and beginners. Given the fact that the're 0 EC cost exchanges, it kinda sounds ok to me to be an 80x exchange. On the other hand, Lv.8 are worth 30m too (even though I can't really think of a reason to buy a Lv.8 Amulet at all) so I'll just scrap the exchange. Thanks again for your help! Let's make this game better
  2. Thanks for your support! 1. Yeah at this point I suppose that it'd be better to completely change or remove this exchange. I kinda like the idea to make a Lv.9 SDs amulet only since it already exists and it goes well with all the SDs theme. But to be honest I really would never advice a new player to invest money and time in SDs equipments. They're just not worth it. Probably, the best way to keep it fair while also not overtaking Heroic Lv.9 crafting, It could be a crafting system with El Rewards, the new coins and a crafting fee for a Lv.9 Armor only amulet (always untradeable). The introduction of a crafting system in this suggestion would make things more complicated as if it wasn't enough already, and I prefer to avoid it... So we could probably just not put an amulet exchange at all, and it'd still be a good system 2. We already have a ticket crafting from Naeun similar to this, it's 60x naeun tickets + 10m for pets and mounts. I wouldn't give away good pets for an "easy" system like this one (let's keep them for future events! we had Miho/Hoya/Merihem in the last christmas event) I also noticed that Laby doesn't currently have an Harmony set, hopefully they'll give her one soon
  3. Altre foto delle 4:05 bonus fotomontaggio delle 4:11
  4. Still here bumpin' since new Magic Amulet Lv.9 crafting system doesn't add that much of a reason to farm SDs
  5. SDs materials taking half of the inventory space 45 minutes for a dungeon run Old character models with giant feet and head Henir cards taking half of the inventory space Expensive SD keys taking half of the inventory space A single useful stat (critical) Having to buy your character armor equip that is always the most expensive one among all characters Really painful choice between aesthetics and stats Rubber-made dungeon textures Having to be AFK at the marketplace to sell things Having to manually check every single market stand to buy things Incomplete characters that have to choose between two fundamental skills from the skilltree Extremely ugly interface Half an hour for a 4 ppl party AFKing in Henir Useless titles Bad Pet System Jokes aside, Altera's resting zone was my favourite but I suppose Dicey Sky Road will do. You can still enjoy some old BGMs exchanging .ogg music files names and I'm 100% positive that it's completely safe and legal to do so, they're all still there, from Ruben's field to Eltrion's battle theme. But just in case let me know if it's not ok to do it- A lot of removed skills were really cool and balanced and it's kinda sad that they're gone.. Same for raid bosses and raid bosses weaps, I think that we need to have more possibilities in choices about equipments. Expecially now. 4D is gone.. Goodbye my friend, you did your best
  6. uppete ancora che adesso è estate e siam tutti più attivi e felici soprattutto alle 4 di notte mezz'ora per una foto decente che sonno
  7. I suppose we could even toss in a Lv.9 Magic Amulet since there's no way to farm them now that Henir changed
  8. We still hopin' tho Could add Elria's Blessing (7 Days) (ERP points +5 for 7 days) since I don't recall a way to obtain it and it's bankshareable - so farmable from other chars
  9. uppete uppe uppe abbiam pure un evento in corso attualmente