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Found 103 results

  1. Hello everyone, It has become of my knowledge the voidels private server official rules have changed, and that's probably for the best, many changes have come through, and one those caught my eye. On the 'Hacking and Botting' session of the new rules, you can see the following: Any form of malicious hacking/botting designed to give you an unfair advantage over others is strictly prohibited and will lead to a permanent ban on all of your accounts. This includes, but is not limited to: Removal of skill cooldowns Infinite HP/MP Modifying hitboxes Modifications of title stats Spawning enemies or allies illegitimately Using keyboard/mouse macros Use of third-party programs that directly modify the game's core files However, purely cosmetic modifications to the game are allowed, such as: Changing the color of skills Changing the color of costumes Modifying the voice files Modifying the music files Yes, you can be sure to even check the official forum post here: By those means, it is possible to assume the void team finally lost their paranoia of the modding community, and might now allow modding once more! Now you can finally have Accelerator as Add again (Get lost weebs)! And if those aren't already good news, I've been recently scrolling through Kurisutaru's website, and I've came through the following commentaries from both a few members of his website and Kurisutaru himself: Now that the Voidels team themselves hinted with the policy update and Kurisutaru's willingness of working together with them to add their patcher on his voice changer, what's there to stop this from happening? (tbh gonna add a poll to show you guys's opinion about this) Comment below your thoughts and why it should/shouldn't become a thing. Edit1: In case someone asks, here's Kurisutaru's site Edit2: Added a poll
  2. I wanted to say that since 3rd jobs aren't really close to come in this server we should atleast get some entertaining events to make us enjoy our time and not keep waiting for 3rd jobs it is getting kind of boring, i know this is a hard thing but i just hope that we get some entertaining stuff to do while we wait for the big event and i think this will make the questions about 3rd jobs a little less in my opinion since everyone is going to be farming the new event stuff and enjoying it! Thanks. @Xera @Structure @Lure @Poppy @VoidEls
  3. Ran and Staff, well you could make a discord to be able to give us the news, maintenance and warnings! It would be really cool. And we could also communicate with several other players and interact, as well as we could increase our Market.
  4. Is it possible that you could change the In-Game Font like in the Korean Elsword in the next update?
  5. ~Erhemm~ As we all know, at the moment there is an "ED scare" going around. For example ppl fear the "ED wipe" but, as many forums I have read through, I can be assured that it will not happen. Since this is a private server, maybe Void can crack down on who can enter and who cannot. Its just a theory though. I mean you cannot go on to the KR server without a KR SSN, JP without an JP IP address. I have 0 idea about the Chinese and other servers. But maybe Void can do something special too, to avoid all of this hostility. And I think it would be easier for the staff to identify the "wrong do'er" and remove them. I just... dunno. Just a theory. Have any ideas? Love to hear it!
  6. I was wondering if the VoidEls Staff could give away some free IB's but put it this way: - Offer an IB as SR, Arch Priest, DKDs ... idk for 15 days - Gift Ice Burners # 1 Per Character as Compensation or Costume Suits What do you think?
  7. The New Dungeon Apparition is for 2.2 ? you know ?
  8. Am I the only one that thinks this or no? Past couple of months there haven't really been anything. And I mean content wise. I'm a little new to VoidEls so does this server focus on cosmetics more then realeasing content for people to do? Like dungeons or raids, etc.
  9. -- Warning: Discretion is advised--- Many complain because the Void has been in maintenance for about 17 hours, but what they do not understand is that they delay in fixing the errors of the game, there are not many and few, according to what I read because there will be nothing new, "It is Easy to make a game, it is difficult to program", says a saying. Hehe... I'm not someone to criticize and I'm not doing it but you do not know how they work and I do not know how either. Say this... but I just wanted to make you think and patiently take this maintenance, I'm just leaving this message and slowly moving away as others say. Postscript: I already said this is just so they take into account what they do. By: xFoxsky
  10. did Gpatcher work for 1.8?,soo many problem found on gpatcher i miss jp voices,I sacrificed 20% of my life just to hear (Rose) played with (JP) voices and what i get ?! Korean ~! I was a little concerned about the update in 1.8 (but I'm not against it) and what I got (very much of a problem) if you have an opinion and the answer to my problem above please help me
  11. hoy de tarde me encontre a una eve Empress en PvP y me agarron al sorpresa de que estaba grabando unas cuantas partidas ganadas de PvP y me encuentro con esta EvE lv 54 Que Me mata con una Skill de 200 MP y Me Mata como si nada , es algo inposible porque yo soy Lv 80 y ese es el maximo que permite el juego , me gustaria que banearan a esta eve y me dieran algo de El-Coins , muchas gracias :3 Aqui el Video!:
  12. GM Ran? This is when the 1.8 comes out because I 'm looking forward to be playing 85 or Rose the new character ?
  13. Hello, I want to know when the fate of the 1.8 STATEMENT Thanks in advance !!
  14. Hello dear Voidlings! so I wanted to ask you some Question regarding the new Stats of MP Gain when hit/when ur hitting;Maximazation and Spec A &B. so my following Q's are: - whats the limit of MP Gain per hit on your/when you hit someone (so how much MP per hit can I get max. with these Stats?) - soo... Maximazation makes that you deal higher damage with ur Weapon due to its being now from lowattack ranger to higher... I still don't know exactly how it works or what the purpose is... an answer would be helpful c: - and last but not least: Spec. A and B; so basically they give a new "Extra" for your Character like less MP Costs for Skills or what?LF> a list for all chars :< Why am I asking this? Because I think a Bunch of People wanna know these Questions too and I'M really curious too :I thankies ~ sincerely, Squishy :3
  15. So i've been gone for upwards of 2 months due to computer issues. but am happy to finally be able to return to void because i'll be honest THE BOREDOM WAS REAL. anyway i'm sure in the 2 months ive been gone things have changed greatly. (or maybe not idk) but i look forward to playing with everyone vets and newcomers alike once more. -Love Ted (Kuzedere)
  16. i can't download the voidels client..........can someone help me!!
  17. Void Elsword's 2016 Festival of Coalescence! Week 1: Once Per Character Timer For the Harmony Festival Avatar Set (30 Days) (If we can get the recolor version that would be great) The timer should last for the first week so there is ample amount of time to get the set in the mail. The timer should be like a 15 minute timer. Or one minute. Havent decided yet. Also, Per suggestion of the community, The Harmony Festival Buff and Title should be given to all players for the duration of the event. If someone can find the stats of the title and the buff, that would be great. Event Quests: Quest Name Requirements Rewards Festival! Lets Dungeon!(Repeatable) Complete One Dungeon run suitable to your level! (0/1) Festival Token x1; Summer Gamble Cube x1 Festival! Lets Spar!(Repeatable) Win three matches in pvp! (0/3) Festival Token x1; 1000 AP Festival! All out War! (Repeatable) Participate in Ereda! (0/1) Festival Token x1; Ereda Participation Medals x5; 750 AP Festival! Venture to the Other World! (Daily) Complete one run of Henir Challenge Mode (0/1) Festival Token x3; Time-Space Challenger Coin x1; Time Space Atom x30 As you can see, the event quests give you these handy little coins, but what can you use them for? Through Naeun, There will be crafting rewards and exchanging rewards. Exchange: 1 Festival Coin > (Random) El Tree Fruit x5, Vitality Potion, Complete Recovery Potion, Blue Bull Potion 5 Festival Coins > (Select) Profession EXP Medal 50% (1 Day)*, x5 Recovery Potions, x2 Compressed Darkness Coupons 15 Festival Coins > (All) Secret Dungeon Exchange Coin x2 20 Festival Coins > (All) Perkisas Horns x 5, Luriel's Memory Wipe Ticket 30 Festival Coins > (Random) Special Refined Magic Stone (A) 35 Festival Coins > (Select) Ice Burner #(X)* x2, Fossil Reader x2, Magic Stone of the Wise x2 50 Festival Coins > (All) Cobo Fluorite Exchange Coupon x3 150 Festival Coins > (Select) Qipao (Red) Cube, Qipao (Vers. Black) Cube, Butterfly Dream Cube (Skill Cut-In Included), Playboy Bunny Cube (Red or Black, including Skill Cut-in) Crafting: Perm Harmony Festival Weapon Piece = 20 Festival Coins + 8Mil ED Perm Harmony Festival Top/Bottom Pieces = 10 Festival Coins + 4Mil ED Perm Harmony Festival Glove/Shoes Pieces= 5 Festival Coins + 2Mil ED April Fools Skill Cut in Cube Character Specific = 25 Festival Coins + 5mil ED April Fools GenderBend Cube (Character Specific) = 60 Festival Coins + 25mil ED. (Both the Weapon and One Piece Included) Summer Gamble Cube Contents: (Can and Will be Edited) El Harmony Festival Pie added to Alchemists for 1000 ED. Phoru's Apples Cost Less AP or None at All for the duration of the Event? 100% Mana Potions for sale at Alchemists for 2000 ED? Harmony Festival's Spirit of Growth! During the event period, I would like a title grinding event. For Instance, runs towards end-game titles will count twice. Titles can include, but are not limited to: Oath Of Ruin Reaper Dancing Flame Weapon Cold Stare Passion Pay *For the Profession EXP Medal, if its possible to adjust the coding of the 20% EXP medal and change it to give a greater boost, that would be amazing. Another idea is to keep it as a regular 20%, and then make a system wide boost to the exp gain of professions.
  18. Soooo.. I am wondering, can we start our own artist contest? Of course, I, and some of my friends, have rules and regulations. We also have the money to give away to people in the competition/contest. But, do one of us need to be a game sage in order to even start this contest?
  19. hello! im new to voidels void.. and im currently awaiting my download to finish.. hope to enjoy this game i also draw owo.. this art work is orignal and by me.
  20. Hello hello! I've been playing Elsword for a while, but I finally managed to let myself by convinced to try out Void Elsword. I do hope we all get along~ Let's all enjoy the game, okay? How to introduction though. But yes, you guys can call me Bard, and my favorite character to play is Chung, and as for the class? Iron Paladin. Sorry for sounding a bit over the place, I'm not that good at these kind of things aha.
  21. Sooooo these are questions that I've had since I first ever touched Elsword. Is there a way to efficiently make an SD set? How should one efficiently place stats on each piece of armor? What sort of equipment is recommended before tackling Secret Dungeons and Henir? What sort of Set compliment my Characters? What are good ways of stockpiling specific potions and such? Do I have all of these answers? NO! BUT YOU MIGHT~ So for those who don't really know what to do or really how to really get their bearings before hitting End Game status, drop off a few tips for Everyone! Because everyone one was a scrub once, except Sleya stays Scrub!
  22. I'm just gonna post it here. A need to literally talk about the renewal. I know there as been already threads for it. But That's just my personal opinion that I need to just throw at people, happy or not about it. Also I'm a PvP player, I don't have stuff to say concerninf the PvE because it's just killing AI so yeah. Fun overload. Renewal were suposed to rebalanced the game as we know it became stupidely crazy after Ara release, because yes Ara was the beginning of the end in my opinion. Op char with no real need of self improvement to be able to do stuff in a fighting game? For me it's not a fighting game. A fighting game is when you pick a character in particular (Overpowered compared to other or not), train, again, again and again to master every little tiny aspect of is mechanics. YOu can pick any fighting game, you can't go blind in and like being able to do "stuff" if you don't know how your character works. Let's take an example of a fighting game I love, Fate, Unlimited Code. Arena fighting game based on Fate Stay Night. An actual fighting game, a good one to be honnest, were you need to practice because shit like that : You won't do those combo unless you learned the character. It's the kind of things you'll never see on Elsword. Either because people are playing an op char that just destroy you in no time, because the gear of your opponent is just way more powerful than yours and you can't do shit about it and ofc let's not forget our Friend RoF (Ring of Fury) to compensate the lack of skill of some people. Yes the lack of skill in catching someone without using a time buff. In a fighting game. Yes. It's stupid. Am I start to bash some characters because, holy god renewal. Holy god... Lu/Ciel, both of the class are just. Meh. that's not even playing at this point. I don't know. One catch it's 100% victory if the player doesn't suck. So yes I won't go on with them. Add, same for him, LP did got nerfed I can tell even without playing him but it's still not enough. Add, like Lu/Ciel doesn't need a Skill Revamp but a complete Revamp, on everything, spells, combo, Dynamo System. That's what they actually need. Eve, CN became the new cancer in my opinion. I'm going to get insult for that one, but safe unlimited aerial combo with ground presence that cannot be punished because the combo came out so fast you just have the time to dodge it until it hits you because you already are cornered by the wall of the Arena. The core. Like, I would be fine if it was only activating on 100 mana spells or highter but seriously a 10 hits shit that keep you look for legit 4 seconds cause you got hit by those fucking clones. Yes 4 seconds. Isn't that just retarded? Ofc it is. So there will be the comment "Just quit already", "Elsword wasn't suposed to be a fighting game first, it was only PvE", "Why don't you play one of those broken character instead of complaining". Yeah. If you are reading this and ready to write that, I got you, no need to post, I'm serious. This isn't a thread to start drama, cry about things that'll never be fixed (because we ain't KoG ya know!) but just to make people realize that if the community was trying to make the game a better place things could work more easily. But how? Well, instead of counting on RoF to do the job for you, quit it. If people were using the spar gear, the PvP would be less cancerous and let people who doesn't suck at this game have a chance in a fight. I'm saying that because, I could tell, not since the renewal ofc, but players who were playing over powered char (Aka Add, Lu Ciel) are just total dick with other people. Like, we got it, no need to bash us because we lost against you. No if the community really wanted to make the game better, we could have done so a long ago, Void can create specials set, we already saw it with the LvL Cube that gives you free +10 gear to lvl up your char, why don't we limit the dungeon gear for dungeon only and only have the spar gear for pvp. That's something that could be done. Instead of saying this game is trash, why don't we try to have actual solution to make the game less horrible? Because that's a decision by the community for the community. That's just my opinion. What do you guys think about that, would you be ready to drop your gear in PvP to go with the spar gear instead, to make the game less horrible? Let me know.
  23. [Monster] ☺Welcome to the [Monster] Guild page ☻Lvl 15 Guild ☻PvP Guild Skills ☺However, Monster is different from a generic PvP Guild. ☺Our main focus is to create a friend/family type environment were all feel welcomed! ☺YouTube Channel link: ☺ There are rules and etc. to the guild that will be discussed below. Description: (To get a feel of what the guild is about(you don't have to read this ^.^)) [Monster] was created on Dec 31, 2015. We are a NA(but we accept all) PvP oriented guild (guild skill wise), however the overall focus of the guild isn't to have the best PvPers. Its to have the best family/community. We want all our players to feel welcomed and part of a little community with our guild. Sure solo players are always welcomed, but we do encourage getting to know each other and playing each other. We want our members to grow to be the best as a whole instead of focusing on an individual. We strive to talk to all our members, play with all our members, and help our members to the best of our ability. I (LuvMe) try my best to do so, then again im just one person. We have a friendly, experienced group of Admins as well as recognized veterans within the ElsVoid community. We have a few top ranked players (would include me if void ever updated their pvp board ranks </3) and are always willing to help out newer friends learn to play their character (not so much as carry, but to teach them to be able to hold their own [we still do 2vs2 2 much fun,unless against like +11 </3 xD]). We have experienced PVE'ers as well (though our guild skills arn't directed towards this field) and few who are always willing to help lvl lower lvl chars! [Monster] was a very popular and recognized guild within the ElsVoid community in early to mid 2015 in tell some misunderstandings led to a temporary hiatus. Now that it is the guilds 1 year anniversary, we are reopening and attempting to reach a well-known and respected guild stature yet again >:D; hopefully even greater then before! Come join our family and hope you enjoy your stay! Guild Skills: Guild Staff ☺: LuvMe ~ Guild Master Character: Ara Class: Sakura Devanam Rank: S++ Focus/Description: PvP (daBestSD k ~*^*~ xD) Synethesia(Verity) ~ Admin Character: Rena Class: Wind Sneaker Rank: S++ Focus/Description : PvP (great trainer/teacher <3) Kokonoel ~ Admin Character:Ara Class: Sakura Devanam Rank:S++ Focus/Description :PVE (Guild slut ) Yukione ~Admin Character: Eve Class:Code Battle Seraph Rank:A Focus/Description :PVE (our idol/fatso <3) 7thTrigger ~ Admin Character: Add Class; Lutanic Psyher Rank: S (hes S++ in skill trust me) Focus/Description: PvP (Dat rich Add) Elincya ~ Admin Character: Eve Class; Code Empress Rank: S++ Focus/Description: PvP (Rich Girl) Aionex ~ Admin Character:Eve Class: Code Battle Seraph Rank:N/A Focus/Description :PVE(Just your average sexy Eve) SkyAiko~ Admin Character:Ara Class; Yama Raja Rank:S++ Focus/Description:N/A(nice person ^.^ xD) DynamoFrenzy~ Admin Character:Add Class; Lutanic Psyker Rank:S++ Focus/DescriptionPvP(DaBestLP) ExcessPower~ Admin Character:Elesis Class; Crimson Avenger Rank:S++ Focus/Description:PvP(Bae) Cyntesia~ Admin Character:Eve Class; Code Battle Seraph Rank:S+ Focus/Description:Chilling(Another rich Eve >:) (These admins are temporary atm. I have known these guys forever and they are helping with the reform, however these positions are not perm. Perm positions will be decided in the near future). Rules: Be nice,respectful,and friendly! (We aim to be a respected/ nice guild :D) Only 1 main and 1 alt max aloud in guild (to leave more space for more people) Lvl 70+. starting from Jan 10 2016 we will only take lvl 70+chars (if your char is already in guild and below lvl70 you are fine to stay as well as if your making a new char) 10 day absence (without notifying GM) will be kicked from guild (to keep guild active, but you can always rejoin just msg me or admin). Level 80+ are ranked Veteran, level 70-79 will be ranked Elite, Anything below 70 are ranked Members. (We encourage level growth and activity. Also at level 80 you should be familiar enough with the game to be a veteran.) Language:English. Anyone from anywhere is aloud in but the primary language in guild chat is English. If you wish to talk to another peer in the guild with a different language please do so through pm/ whisper so the majority of the guild doesn't get confused in all the ruckus. Admins will be decided by votes of GM and other admins (as well as input from the guild overall). Keep drama out of guild chat. Deal with it in pms or if it is an issue to the guild and/or its reputation pm me and il attempt to reach a final verdict. Try not too spam to many megas at once(like maybe 1 every 30min is fine unless you are selling something) It overall just doesn't look good and is annoying.(but if you do mega feel free to s/o our guild name :D(as long as it isn't spam)) Have fun and be active! GM can make up rules (if i forgot to write them down here) whenever ~*^*~ xD. Don't worry i will be as fair as possible Apply: You can apply on the forum through comments or PM's. However the best way to contact us is through whispering/PMing(in game) me, the guilds admins, or finding one of our recruiting spar rooms! LvL 70+ May join and mainly just be able to follow the rules and your aloud in :D. (I (LuvMe) am not the best at checking forums so definitely would recommend the other options xD!) We have a skype group too! Once in guild msg me about it and i will try to add you! If you have any questions just comment below and I will try my best to answer them ^.^! YouTube Channel: We [Monster] have recently made our own YouTube channel! We are LF> more people to make videos for us (of good pvping like 1v1,2v2, as well as raid boss runs and etc (anything thats impressive!). Come pvp with us, make videos for/with us, and have fun! Link: Sidenote: We [Monster] are also looking for ally guilds( such as pve or hybrids and etc so we can send any people who really need such skills to the right place). PM me if your guild would like to ally with us and we can work things out :D! Have a great day ~*^*~
  24. So for the 3rd time i got my 3 Adds up to S+, which is quite difficult considering i only have crap gear and +7 weapons. Logged on and lo and behold my scores have reset again. I just...can't with this. Maybe i'll get the weapon next phase cause this is impossible! Top rank is still there but everything under 50 seems to be at 0's now. Is this like common and i'm just late on bitching about this?!