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Found 1 result

  1. [Acuity] was made on September 30th, 2018. Our goal is to not only build a community, but to sustain it together with everyone. We don't intend to make this a huge guild; a small, active community is all we really want. Our GM role is purely representative. Both ingame and on our Discord server, Staff and the GM have equal rights in decision making. There is no difference in authority between GM and staff, with the exception of editing this guild thread~ But that's not all there is to it! [Acuity] strives to shape itself after its members' wishes - from guild skills to who gets to be in staff, the decision lies within our members rather than staff alone. Together, we can achieve a guild where nobody has to feel left out or like their opinion is meaningless. We know that many people have great ideas despite not being good at managing a server - that does not mean your ideas have to go to waste! Your role cannot define you here - but you can define your role! Why [Acuity] and not another guild? tl;dr: - Steady leveling - Buffs are either permanent or can be activated on request - PvE Skills (Perm. Gnosis) - Free El Tears + helpful Consumables - Carries & game advice on pretty much everything - Actually for everyone, not just strong/famous people - Free Oxygen Updates: "Hi there! I'm Lina, creator of [Acuity] and this thread. I'm currently the one holding the Guild Master role on my IGN 'Heartsie', previously 'Archangel'. I share my responsibilities with everyone in staff, but most notably my hubby Cloud, as we share the same timezone. I do my best to be nice to everyone, though even I have no tolerance for people that don't behave. I'm into a lot of aspects of the game (I do both PvP and PvE, and even some Ereda at times), but am here for the community more than anything else. I firmly believe in any problem being able to be solved as long as people talk it out, so feel free to approach me about anything you like!" "Hey there, my IGN's Xhed but you may call me Cloud. I'm a chill and casual video game player, but always ready to help someone that needs it. I'm a veteran Elsword player, so if you have any questions about the game you can always ask me and I'll be more than glad to help. I mostly play PvE but I also spar with guildies and friends on occasion. My ideal for this guild is equality; I treat everyone the same. I like honesty and loyalty - I don't do well with liars or those that use others for their own benefit. I'm currently what passes for a Chung/Raven main but I also play a handful of other characters to keep myself interested in the game." Wassup Void Peeps, I'm MiraiAkari! I LOVE Music, am a big gamer, Anime nerd and call myself the most fashioned Rena player in Void Elsword. I'm a loving and caring person that likes to help motivate other players to do their best on this game, and i always help players as much as possible even outside of our guild. I believe that hard work gives more satisfaction and happiness than pure money~ I PvE only, and don't tolerate childish and mean behaviour - so everyone be kind to each other; no hate all love! I don't bite so feel free to talk to me, I'm a dork once you get to know me better~ Hey i'm Ken! No not Kappa, that's Ken. I'm THAT Ken. The IGN 'White' Ken. As any of my friends would tell you - especially in this guild - I apparently have a good amount of charisma to be a joy to hang out with. I'm brilliant in PvP if I do say so myself and a decent asset in PvE! Simple rule of thumb really, treat each other the way you want to be treated. Don't twist it, as no one accepts negative behaviour. Then we'll get along! Join our Discord to apply, for a list of our rules, current members, information and more! Guests allowed! Want to apply, but don't use Discord? Fill out this form and you're good to go! IGN/Class: Age/Gender: Previous Guild (if any): About you: