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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings everyone! My journey on this server has its roots from the V 1.2 The Void is Back, June 2014... By that time I had been playing on NA for 1-2 years. After I switched to Void, as a user having its way via very little real cash, it appeared to be amazing experience to have so much privileges without any charges; therefore, I proceeded on playing on Void server. Nevertheless, after more than a year or so, it became too mundane for the fact that I was grinding for nothing but Reaper title, followed by decreasing number of in-game friends and disbanding of my guild. Afterwards, I got extremely busy with the academic stuff, so I had to quit. With the increase of the level cap to 80 (?), which was 70 back then, due to having limited spare time I couldn't adapt to the new meta with my outdated equipment. Now I have a lot of time to play for at least a month. I won't be able to say "I'm back and kicking", but at least I want to cap my main character. In doing so, seeing a lot of stuff has changed, I might need an assistance and guidance. Please do not hesitate to reply and contact me via in-game. Character Name: Timeheart Level: 92 Thanks!
  2. So, does anyone wanna help me out by telling me whats changed in the past year or so pertaining to the characters and overall state of the game (meta)? Also drop your IGN's if you're willing to party up, thinking about making new characters here soon.
  3. Haiii~ :3 So like, some of you may know me, or seen me around, or all that cancerous fun But some of you may not remember me or thought I fell off the face of the Earth I didn't o3o I have been away in a Job Training Program to rebuild my life from what Elsword had destroyed (even though it's entirely my fault) and I will be returning in late February Nice and brand new with some monies to sell some cashies :3 And I really mean brand new. As in.... I'm no longer an Ara @-@ Yes, yes, I know. "ahmahgahdafterplayingarafor2andahalfyearsshesquitting" I'm an Elesis now. Wuff me ♥
  4. So im back from the dead. its been about 6 months and i am completely lost . any and all help with everything like transcendence and el resonance would help because i have NO idea whats happening anymore. but besides that im happy be back hope i can jump back into things fairly easily
  5. So i've been gone for upwards of 2 months due to computer issues. but am happy to finally be able to return to void because i'll be honest THE BOREDOM WAS REAL. anyway i'm sure in the 2 months ive been gone things have changed greatly. (or maybe not idk) but i look forward to playing with everyone vets and newcomers alike once more. -Love Ted (Kuzedere)