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Found 1 result

  1. In light of recent events that I believe don't need to be mentioned here and now, I would like to propose the implementation of a new staff/community role: CR a.k.a. Community Representative People with this role would offer to represent the playerbase in general and be voted into the position by players to become a bridge between Staff and players. Their tasks would mainly consist of going through the worries, complaints and suggestions of the playerbase, reach the most agreeable solution based on all the input, and communicate it to Staff members in an orderly way. They would have no actual moderation rights either on forums or ingame, but would instead merely do what the role name states: represent us players and the general opinions and concerns regarding certain issues. For example: Let's say a particular, very well-known player is banned from the game based on something that doesn't contradict any of the specified, written rules established for the community to follow. This is followed by uproar from players, both for and against the Staff's position, which merely creates chaos on the forums and ends up with massive amounts of locked threads. In such a situation, it would be the CR's role to assess general feelings about the issue from the playerbase, find out which way most opinions are swayed and mediate between Staff and members pacifically, in an attempt to reach the most agreeable measures to be taken by the Staff based on this input. The Staff would not be bound to do what players at large want, of course, as ultimately what happens in the server should be their call to make. But this would make things easier to manage for both sides in my opinion. If one of the elected CRs takes notice of controversy brewing within the community, it would be their role to create a semi-official thread collecting all player input on this (possibly including polls for certain cases) so that the staff has a clear, definitive way to be in touch with what players hope/want for the server. Continuing with the example given in the above paragraph, the presence of a CR would imply a single thread would be made to discuss the events. The CR would manage the thread, keep it from derailing (requesting that a Mod intervene if necessary) and ultimately identify the root of the issue from players' point of view, in this case whether the players are correct to be upset about the events or if they are merely creating unnecessary drama merely because the player implied in the situation was well-known. In extreme cases, it could even lead to a review of certain rules and how they are enforced, the creation of new rules (that would take effect only after their publishing, without retroactive effects on players) or the retirement / changing of current rules always with the betterment of the community in mind. I know implementing such a role would not completely get rid of the influx of threads about the same subject that are bound to happen in "scandal" situations. My intent is that these representatives could manage an open discussion on a single organized semi-official thread so that players can still voice their opinions where in other situations they would be unable to because threads made by others or by themselves without full compliance with the rules would get locked, leaving community members without an outlet because the threads made are not compliant with forum regulations. Here's what I think the qualifications for this role should be: Active ingame and on the forums Familiar with VoidEls's rules for the game and for forums Volunteered for the position, elected by players in an official poll once volunteering period ended Skilled at balancing different opinions in an unbiased manner Trusted by BOTH Staff and playerbase (has never been banned on either forums or game, or these bans have been lifted after justified appeal, has no history of severe and/or intentional rulebreaking) Willing to convey opinions manifested to them regardless of their own take on things This suggestion is open to suggestions! To everyone who reads this thread, please give your input. If you think something should be added, removed or changed from this original post, please let me and everyone else interested in the creation of this role know. If you are against it, I'd also like to know why you think this is useless or harmful for the community. Here comes the edits train: There could be some kind of reward for the people playing this role, as suggested originally by Lalatte and implied by Tillypuff when comparing this to the old GS role. Edited the "trust" requirement bullet point to be a bit more specific on what I meant with it, considering how vague it was