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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, Mod Shi here with our weekly Void's Designer! Is Elsword's dress-up your life? Do you pride yourself for your fashion skills and want to get rewarded for them? If you're thinking "yes", then Void's Designer is the contest for you! In this event you will design an outfit using in-game costumes while following the theme set below. At the end of each week, three winners will become Void's next Designer, and will win a great EC prize! Please make sure to read and follow all the rules and procedures listed below. This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes:If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! Winner: 5,000 El Coins each! NOTE: You are unable to join next week if you have won this week. Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. Image(s) must be taken in Void. Make sure the image(s) clearly show the outfit. Gifs are allowed as long as the previous rule is followed. Make sure the image(s) clearly relate to the theme. Please stay original (do not copy somebody else's idea). Descriptions/quotes regarding the drawing is allowed and encouraged. Don't steal images from other sites (such as DeviantArt, Photobucket, etc.). Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Don't edit the screenshot with image manipulation/editing programs (Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, etc.). Cropping is allowed however, as long as the outfit is clearly seen. You are allowed to use Magic Wardrobe, as long as the pieces you use in your entry exist currently in Void. Do not post more than 1 entry at a time. Multiple images are fine, however only your first image will be taken into consideration when judging. Do not enter on multiple accounts or you will be disqualified immediately. Winners are not eligible to participate in the next week's contest (they are eligible again the week after). If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread; it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Deadline: 05/11/19 to 05/18/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry]* [Screenshot(s)]* [Phrase or description] [Item list (written list preferred)]* The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! Weekly Theme: Cartoon Network Cosplay! Suggested by [Caroline]! The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo.. you name it! Everyone remembers and has at least one favorite Cartoon Network show they used to watch as a kid. Which funky character will you choose to dress-up as? For this week's theme, create your best representation of any character from Cartoon Network's shows. - Please provide a reference to the character you chose to design! Keep in mind only Cartoon Network-exclusive shows count. Any other shows which were not produced for/by Cartoon Network do not count. (check out the show's details via Wikipedia to help you with that). Note: One-pieces and full sets are banned! Try not to use pieces from the same set more than once (accessories are an exception). If they're different colours but are from the same set that does NOT count either! Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last week's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. Three winning entries! MimeKnight [Patched] Dul [Dul] RosenBluete [PyokoNami] Honourable Mentions: While there were several other excellent entries, these are the ones that came close to winning but just didn't quite make it. [Stalky] [Eliandria] [superhugs] List of the previous winners: 2018-2019 2016-2017: 2014-2015:
  2. CONTENT COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RECRUITING IF YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN STATE IT IN YOUR INTRODUCTIONS IN DISCORD!! Link Provided: YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER 11sOnly™ 50 Online 98 Members Joined BUMP kinda... OK DUE TO MULTIPLE REQUEST I'LL GIVE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION ON OUR GUILD, WE STILL ARE IN SEEKING OF A GRAPHICS DESIGNER WE ARE WILLING TO PAY IF NECESSARY DEPENDING ON THE NOTION OF THE GRAPHICS DESIGNER, AND THEIR STANDARDS AS FAR GOES. So we are a prospering PvE Guild that love to help our with our fellow guild members and we've been working on this guild for a week or so now going on two. I can give a brief introduction to some of our members (The ones that one to be included into forums) Me of course the GM - I love helping out people generally, I've been doing it for 10 years now lol... I practically take people in need and try to help them prosper as a person, and a guest or member of our guild!!! You can contact me if you have any further questions on the guild~ At my discord Kido#9999 OTHER MEMBERS WILL BE HERE ONCE WE GET A GRAPHICS DESIGNER I SWEAR YOU'LL SEE THE ENTIRE CONTENT OF OUR GUILD!!!!!!!!!! Miscellaneous
  3. Hello everyone! With the recent drama circulating around Designer, there will be no Designer or Photographer events this week either. Instead, the commotion has uncovered a very concerning issue; people are entering Designer without understanding the event itself, and jump to baseless and accusatory conclusions as a result. Therefore, this week, I will attempt to shed light on and alleviate some of the commotions, conspiracies, accusations and whatnot that have been going around. Please remember however that this is centered around Designer. If you want clarifications on Photographer feel free to ask. So, without further ado. 1. The judging of VD. While I, Mod Stay, is the face of VD and the one who constructs the thread every week, I am not the sole member who judges it. The judging is done by a minimum of three staff members every week, to a maximum of all staff members. It varies as some staff members may be busy on the day, may feel that they do not like any of the entries, etc. and therefore not participate. The only staff member who required to vote every week is myself. Each staff member receives a preference vote of three votes. I won't go into detail with this since it's actually very hard to explain, but the gist is that each staff member ends up with six preferences; three winners and three HMs. 2. Who sends EC? Ran. I do not provide or send the EC, that right is reserved for Ran as VD is an Official Event. Please do not ever contact Ran if you have not received EC though. Contact me, and I will remind her. 3. The nature of VD. Void's Designer is based around fashion and creative writing; two major artistic disciplines that are based on opinions. When people say we are biased when we judge; it is partly true. We each have fashion designs/styles that we prefer, and those who happen to match our tastes do win more. It does NOT mean however, that we are gunning for member xyz to win every week. Having to sift through and check 20-40 entries each week, we do not have time to be biased. To begin with, VD was meant to be an event made for fun, with a side of free EC; not the other way around. Aware of the nature of VD, I took it upon myself to counter the subjectivity by adding objective rules that must be abided (such has the mandatory Items List, or pieces that must be used in a particular week). This acted as our 'funnel' that flushes out those who have taken the time to read and understand VD vs. those who have not. The basic nature of VD however, has been, and will remain, a contest based on opinions of what we think look good. Meaning that, if you are looking for free EC rather than having fun, you may have to take a 'copycat' approach and try to imitate the styles of those who win more often. We highly discourage this however, as VD should remain as a fun event. If you cannot enjoy VD without winning, then VD is not the event for you. 4. Can VD be judged by the community? Absolutely, 100%, no. I will not budge on this, so please do not ask again. Though you are not obliged to believe us, currently the staff are judging from entries, not people. If we give the community full judging rights, aka. wins through likes, it would become a popularity contest based on who has the most friends. Besides, we do actually take likes into consideration, just not as strongly as it used to be, as we are aware of the bias it may carry. 5. Why isn't my theme suggestion being used? Three possible reasons; a: We have had this theme, or a similar theme before. Sometimes this is fixable, in which case I will simply alter it (The theme description will then read 'Based on xyz's suggestion' rather than 'Suggested by xyz'. If it simply reads 'This week's theme is', it means I came up with it myself.). b: Your theme is too vague, that there would not be enough variety or; c. Your theme is too complicated, to the point that even the judges do not understand it. It was never mentioned as it was only done recently, but from now on, if your theme cannot be used, I will simply edit your post and strikethrough it. 6. 'VD is biased, the same people always win.' I believe Sera has already explained this. 'Just because it is a subjective contest does not mean that it is a biased one.' 7. Why is this only being revealed now? Simply because: This information does not affect you and your chances of winning. Everything that you need to know for you to win is already written in the thread itself; namely, in the 'Rules' and 'Weekly Theme' sections. We have a [Void Event Discussion Thread] for the purposes of asking these sorts of questions; if you had wanted to know, all you needed to do was ask. So, next time, I implore you to please ask for clarification of the finer details or our reasoning behind our judging before jumping to fear-mongering and circlejerking. Also let this be a warning that future instances of said fear-mongering and circlejerking may be considered as baiting, flaming, defaming, harassment, etc. if done baselessly, which of course carries consequences. As usual, if you have any questions please post them here or on the [Void Event Discussion Thread]. Have a good day, and see you all again for Designer next week! TL;DR: Nope! Please read it all, it is important!
  4. ~Void's Designer/Elrios Photographer Theme Suggestions~ The above image will randomly showcase one of the winners from the previous week of our Events each time you reload this page. These Events include [Void's Artist], [Void's Designer], and [Elrios Photographer] Have you been thinking of a theme Void's weekly Designer/Photographer events could use? If so, you've come to the perfect place. Suggested by [Structure], this thread was created for that sole purpose. There won't be an official prize for this. However; if your theme is chosen, your forum name will be in the event thread. We felt this would be a nice way to allow the community to have some input in contests as well. If you wish to suggest a theme, I ask that you follow the below format: *Contest: (Which of the 3 current contests?) *Theme: (The name of the theme you're suggesting) Description: (Explain your theme in detail if possible) Additional Details: (Anything else about your theme?) If you agree with a suggested theme, give that post a like. This helps prevent quote spam and "+1" posts. TPlease keep off-topic discussion to a minimum as this thread is a submissions thread, if you wish to discuss the events please use [This] thread.