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Found 23 results

  1. [Acuity] was made on September 30th, 2018. Our goal is to not only build a community, but to sustain it together with everyone. We don't intend to make this a huge guild; a small, active community is all we really want. Our GM role is purely representative. Both ingame and on our Discord server, Staff and the GM have equal rights in decision making. There is no difference in authority between GM and staff, with the exception of editing this guild thread~ But that's not all there is to it! [Acuity] strives to shape itself after its members' wishes - from guild skills to who gets to be in staff, the decision lies within our members rather than staff alone. Together, we can achieve a guild where nobody has to feel left out or like their opinion is meaningless. We know that many people have great ideas despite not being good at managing a server - that does not mean your ideas have to go to waste! Your role cannot define you here - but you can define your role! Why [Acuity] and not another guild? tl;dr: - Steady leveling - Buffs are either permanent or can be activated on request - PvE Skills (Perm. Gnosis) - Free El Tears + helpful Consumables - Carries & game advice on pretty much everything - Actually for everyone, not just strong/famous people - Free Oxygen Updates: "Hi there! I'm Lina, creator of [Acuity] and this thread. I'm currently the one holding the Guild Master role on my IGN 'Heartsie', previously 'Archangel'. I share my responsibilities with everyone in staff, but most notably my hubby Cloud, as we share the same timezone. I do my best to be nice to everyone, though even I have no tolerance for people that don't behave. I'm into a lot of aspects of the game (I do both PvP and PvE, and even some Ereda at times), but am here for the community more than anything else. I firmly believe in any problem being able to be solved as long as people talk it out, so feel free to approach me about anything you like!" "Hey there, my IGN's Xhed but you may call me Cloud. I'm a chill and casual video game player, but always ready to help someone that needs it. I'm a veteran Elsword player, so if you have any questions about the game you can always ask me and I'll be more than glad to help. I mostly play PvE but I also spar with guildies and friends on occasion. My ideal for this guild is equality; I treat everyone the same. I like honesty and loyalty - I don't do well with liars or those that use others for their own benefit. I'm currently what passes for a Chung/Raven main but I also play a handful of other characters to keep myself interested in the game." Wassup Void Peeps, I'm MiraiAkari! I LOVE Music, am a big gamer, Anime nerd and call myself the most fashioned Rena player in Void Elsword. I'm a loving and caring person that likes to help motivate other players to do their best on this game, and i always help players as much as possible even outside of our guild. I believe that hard work gives more satisfaction and happiness than pure money~ I PvE only, and don't tolerate childish and mean behaviour - so everyone be kind to each other; no hate all love! I don't bite so feel free to talk to me, I'm a dork once you get to know me better~ Hey i'm Ken! No not Kappa, that's Ken. I'm THAT Ken. The IGN 'White' Ken. As any of my friends would tell you - especially in this guild - I apparently have a good amount of charisma to be a joy to hang out with. I'm brilliant in PvP if I do say so myself and a decent asset in PvE! Simple rule of thumb really, treat each other the way you want to be treated. Don't twist it, as no one accepts negative behaviour. Then we'll get along! Join our Discord to apply, for a list of our rules, current members, information and more! Guests allowed! Want to apply, but don't use Discord? Fill out this form and you're good to go! IGN/Class: Age/Gender: Previous Guild (if any): About you:
  2. Welcome to the Guild Thread of Hangover. We are focused on PvE as well as on PvP so we can be classified as a "Hybrid" Guild. We are open to meet people and make new friends who would like to join our community with the goal of having a lot of fun and enjoying the game as much as we do. If you need any help just feel free to ask us, we are glad to help out and hope to see you soon! Guild Master ~ HaremRitter Created on ~ 2016/07/25 Current Level ~ 20 Current Members ~ 239/250 Hangout ~ Guildbase Join our Discord now! • First and foremost: Respect each other! • Follow the Official Rules of Void Elsword. We do not support any kind of hacking and scamming! • Behave appropriately and don't insult anyone. Even if meant in a joking manner. • We are a Guild that means we want to involve all players so the chat activity plays an important role and serves as basis for a promotion. If a person is not interested in the guild chat then that the wrong Guild for you. • If you need have questions or need help feel free to ask in the Discord or Guildchat but consider that we're an guild and not a support group we can't help people all the time. So if nobody has time for Dungeons or PvP you have to accept it we have daily people and groups which are asking for Dungeons / SDs / Henir / Debrian Laboratory so feel free to ask or join too. • Everyone may have a maximum of 2 characters in the Guild, as long as both characters are actively played. • If you have problems with an Member we ask you to talk to an Admin or the Guildmaster. • Also, it should be clear that staying inactive (7 days/ people which are not capped 3 days) will get you kicked out of the guild. If you are facing problems that keep you from coming online, you could tell that to a Admin / Guildmaster or in our discord #abscence channel so you won't be kicked. Otherwise you can always rejoin the Guild per request and get your rank back! • Once you decide to put something in the Guildbank it doesn't belong to you anymore, its free for everyone to take it out. • Also please do not put trash into the Guildbank (i.e. drops like ingredients). If you keep putting trash into it after a warning you will be degraded of your rank. • As you may know, you have a 7 day limitation where you can not take anything from the Guild Storage. If u need something, ask any of the higher ranks if they could get it for you. • Everyone who leaves the Guild and wants to come back has to give a reason why he or she wants to come back and why the person left. • Also Officers can activate the Guild buffs GM>Admin>Officer but keep in mind that people who wants to use the Guild buff should hand in their Guild Coins too. We won't let other people have to fund the buffs for everyone. Admin ~ They are choosen by our Guild Master Officer ~ Trusted Players who have been in our Guild for a while. Veteran ~ Been in Guild for 1-2 weeks depends on your activity. Member ~ It is given once you joined us. „I am a kind-hearted person who is always there for everyone but also often afk in Game. I hate PvE and mostly just chill or play PvP. I am glad to help out if needed. I would be happy to see you around our Guild soon!” „Hia! I am L0YAL. Do not be afraid to approach me in game if you need a hand getting through a dungeon or just need advice. I am here to help!” „Hey - I'm also known as Jaqi. I'm a kind and indulgent Person if you're the same to me. Also I like to draw a lot but mostly just chill around in rooms or either farm the shit out of Events. I'm glad to make new friends to chat and farm with. I hope to see you around soon!” In Game Name: Age (optional): Gender: Country/Timezone: Previous Guild (optional): About yourself: Artworks made by Marumi ~ Ty for the awesome work!
  3. Surviving

    [Torment]- *fedora tip* "M'lady"

    [Torment] I'll keep it short and sweet, so...We are a level 19 hybrid guild with mafia/fedora tipping vibes~ Edit: We have achieved level 19 on August 12, 2018!~ Like all hybrid guilds, Torment is a home for many. However, we do have requirements set: -You must be active! (7 days is our limit of inactivity unless you are excused.) -You must be productive! Nothing gets done by itself now. -Be fun, and talkative! We love having conversations and helping out. The Godfather Delaware/Yinia The Guild Master. As a GM, he loves to interact with his guild members on Discord. However, he does have some overprotective instincts for his co-leads. You may also catch him on his Tempest Buster-- Yinia! Don't be afraid to ask if he can help you do dungeons! He'd love to help ya. The Godmothers Surviving (L) and Taint (R) As the Godmothers, they are the co-leads of Torment. With two co-leads in mind, Traditional and Survi are the right-hand/left-hand women respectively. In-game, Surviving is the co-GM and chief of the Admin staff that we have (Hi, that's me! Just generalizing.) Taint is our Discord Mod, and is willing to assist in matters so long as you don't bother her. You may reach out to her for issues or real Raven help. c: DON'T PESTER HER IN-GAME. The Consigliere Marmilade The head admin of our guild. She is very protective of her fluffy buddy stash and will shoot or stomp on whoever tries to take the cuteness away from her. She also serves a purpose as an Assistant Discord Mod for our server, so you are more than welcome to tell her if something is wrong, and Claw isn't on. We're constantly striving for members to be unbiased, and friendly like her. Secretaries Of Operations Modal (L) and Adashinu (R) The server admins of our Discord, and in-game ones as well! Both Adashinu and Modal have a purpose being the main "FAQ" go-to Staff. If you need a rank adjusted, you can ping their role (same name as their role here) with an updated form showing how long you've been in [Torment]. Please see the Permissions section to find out how you can get promoted~! The Capo Row 1: BaseYika (L), ArtEE (C), and Thotful (R) BaseYika and Thotful have been loyal to our guild and will continue to help others out. Even though they become teasing targets, they make everyone's day better. ArtEE is one of our new veteran admins, and she's really good at being a derpy, bright woman. If you ask nicely or bribe with some sweets, she'll PvP OR dungeon with you! Row 2: AwakenedWill/Bolek (L) and TruSlut (R) These two are the traps of the guild, and our brand new admins as of 09/10/2018! (We call them traps because of their Gaia avis.) AwakenedWill loves sparring, and TruSlut loves everything, especially his bae. 'Nuff said. 1. We follow the Official Void Elsword rules. This means no scammers, hackers, or complete assholes. 2. Stay active. If you end up being gone without notice, we will kick you. No questions asked whatsoever. 3. Do not talk back to a guild staff member, or really just anyone. If there's drama, take it to a private place. 4. Whatever happens in [Torment], stays in there. Just like in Las Vegas, keep it that way unless permission's given. 5. Do not beg for a higher position. Mafia members earn their ranks, and so will you--especially for admin roles. 6. If you have a Discord, join the server. You will have to follow those rules too. 7. Don't be a South Park redneck 2.0. This includes homophobia, racism, gender ignorance, etc. 8. Don't try to be your own authority. Follow the rules. As long as they're followed, we're okay. 9. No salt allowed outside of the guild. You will be making a bad name for [Torment] if you even think about it. 10. Do not steal valuable items from the guild bank unless you get granted permission to. 11. Be productive and contribute to our guild's growth-- don't just be a lazy ass. 12. Respect everyone. This relates to rule #7, but it is highly recommended you do this too. 13. EFFECTIVE AS OF 08/09/2018: If you invite people while admins are afk or offline, you MUST post it in our Discord recruiting logs! We hate to miss out on giving people ranks. 2/5 2/5 5/5* *This is to help people farm ERP, or level in general. 2/5 2/5 3/5 5/5 3/5 Thanks to our GM for providing screenshots for us and discovering the "Manage" tab, we have permissions set up! You may be wondering why everyone's allowed to invite, and the purpose of expanded storage, right? Well, it makes it more convenient to invite friends and take/store items, especially if an admin or officer isn't on to ask about either subject. We hope to see everyone use these permissions to the best of their ability without abuse. Ranks and how to achieve them for better permissions (without inviting people!): Initiate: Newcomer of the guild, and those who don't get ranks or are punished in-game. Follower: Granted after joining. However, it can be taken away for doing anything against rules. Associate: You will receive this after staying in the guild for a week and making an updated intro with the length of membership on Discord. Soldier: Veterans will get this after staying in the guild for a month, with yet another updated intro so that we can keep record of it. Capo: Can only be given to those who the Co-GMs, head admin, and GM see fit. Applications have been open since September 6th. Godfather: That's our GM! It will only go to him. However, there will be times he's not online, as he has multiple jobs in real-life. Please follow the format below. You may copy-paste it to the best of your ability. If you have multiple characters, you can fill out multiple forms, just keep it in minimal amounts of posts on the thread! IGN: Level: Class: Main/Alt?: What made you want to join?: Availability for being invited: Discord tag?: [Nacreous] [Intention] If you wish to become allies, please contact one of our staff members in-game or on Discord! Although we are making our Discord server public, we do wish to keep it to allies/guild members as much as possible. If you aren't in the guild, you will receive a Guest Role after you make an introduction. If you are in the guild, you'll receive one of the Mafia-themed member roles. Anyone can join as long as they follow the rules! We also have the following contests/events in the server: TBA~ We're currently coming up with ideas. Please vote here for a potential event in the future! Guild members can make their own events as long as they talk to either the Co-GMs, or the GM! TO JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER, CLICK THE FLOWER BELOW: If the link above does not work, please click here! Thanks for coming to view/support us!
  4. AVISO: GUILD BORRADA!! Introducción de la Guild ♥ Bienvenidos sean todos a nuestra pequeña guild dentro del mundo de VoidEls ♥ Esta guild fue establecida el 01/11/2017 y somos actualmente de Nivel 13. Somos activos en el juego y además tenemos un servidor de Discord donde pasamos la mayoría del tiempo. En la fecha, 14/09/2018, el nombre de la Guild 『PapasFritas』se cambió y pasó a ser 『CherryBlossoms』 Nota: Para entrar a nuestro servidor de Discord deberás consultar a los Administradores o el GM dentro del juego. Enfoque de la Guild Como somos un gremio enfocado en PvE, estas son nuestras skills activas: Nota: Siempre tenemos activo el Servicio de Greater Gnosis Blessing (15 días) Reglas y Regulaciones de la Guild Nos regimos en base a las reglas de VoidEls que puedes leer en este enlace. Además, tenemos ciertas reglas para mantener el orden y buenos comportamientos dentro de ésta: — Límite de días de inactividad se ha definido a 15 días máximos — La cantidad de personajes por persona se ha limitado a 3 — Los rangos serán asignados por los administradores o el GM de acuerdo a reglas dentro de la Administración. — Cualquier hecho que ocurra dentro de la guild y alguien notifique que fue en contra suya, se llevará a cabo una reunión con dichas personas Nota: El servidor de Discord tiene sus propias reglas que están estipuladas en el servidor mismo. Miembros partes de la Administración Actualmente estos son los miembros administrativos: — Bugambilia : Guild Master y la Jefesita del lugar, te ayudará siempre que pueda en lo que necesites del juego. (PJ: Aisha ~ Metamorphy) — Anna624 : Administrador, no le gusta el PvP pero siempre ayudará en PvE. (PJ: Rose ~ Prime Operator) Reclutamiento Si quieres ser partícipe de nuestro gremio te pedimos que respondas el post o mandes por mensaje privado los siguientes datos: — IGN: — Clase: — Lenguaje(s): — Zona Horaria o País*: — Edad*: — Por qué me gustaría unirme: * Estos datos son opcionales para el ingreso a nuestra guild. Actualizaciones 01/11/2017 : Guild Establecida. 09/08/2018 : Publicado Post en el Foro. 13/09/2018 : Limpieza completa de Guild y se cambió el nombre de PapasFritas a CherryBlossoms. 14/09/2018 : Actualización del post. 04/01/2019 : Actualización del post. Guild borrada.
  5. Welcome to [BakaArmy] We are still a little group Of People that have fun in VoidEls together and farm a lot of Dungeons. Our Army is a mix of Germans and Soldiers all around the world, that needs to expand their forces. We planing to do lots of Events and help our Members to Level Up and Farming set with them so that they can have fun here too. Our Team General of the Army KucaMento (CBS) Generals Zainova (VC) Garesis (BH) Levu (EM) YukiYumeji (CrA) Chief Medic/Discord Admin Nirvaxstiel (DiE) We are A LvL 5 PvE guild and we are looking Forward to work with you together. You can join our Discord Server here See you on The Battlefield ( owo)7
  6. Surreal

    [Soft] The Softest Guild!

    Small Update about Soft's Activity: Soft was a rather active guild, but my activity died out due to computer issues. Because of that, I told my staff (who are equally busy) to consider it a hiatus. I had taken a break from Void to keep my computer from crashing frequently, and luckily the issue seems to have been resolved. With that, I'll be looking forward to bringing Soft back to the vibrant Guild it once was. Welcome to the [Soft] Guild Thread! I find it that long threads don't really affect how well the Guild goes, so I'm going to keep this minimalist! Who Are We? We are a Level 5 PVE Guild, created a couple months ago but our activity went down after a loss of interest in Void. Since then, I returned to being active during the winter event and took the leadership position of the Guild. The goal is the same: a guild meant for people to make friends and play with each other! Our Guild Skills Since we are only level 8, we currently have 2 skills maxed out for PVE: Alchemy Specialist 5/5 Comrade's Cheer 5/5 Critical Counter 5/5 We will have Gnosis Blessing active at all times! Rules We don't have a list of rules that one must need to follow, it's a simple matter of common sense and kindness to others. If we see you acting against the wishes of our simple rules you will be kicked from our Guild. Having fun is fine, but once your intent becomes malicious keep it to yourself or leave! Want to join [Soft] yet? Then apply! Provide the IGN of the character you want invited on this thread, or apply on board! If you want the fastest results informing us on this thread is your best bet. While you're at it, you might as well join our Discord! Guests are currently allowed to join without joining the Guild but this is subject to change. - We wish to keep things simple from here on out, so we hope you are convinced to join us the beginning of the softest experience on Void.
  7. ABOUT Tragic is a Guild made up of lot's of amazing & friendly people! we're currently recruiting & have plenty of room for some new recruits. Our main goal as a Guild is for us to all get along & look forward to what Void has in store for us. If that goal doesn't stretch too far away from yours, then this is the perfect Guild for you! | Additional information. ★ The Guild is currently level 15 & continues to grow. ★ Yes, we do have a Discord! only available to those who have joined. ★ Our aim is for Hybrid, information for our skills are within the Discord. ★ We're just a huge group of dorks honestly, so don't be afraid to talk with us! ★ Rules & more information can all be found within the Discord. ABOUT As you know, the staff play a huge role in Guild to help keep it all together. Thus, here is a little sneak peak about the current staff! Guild Master IGN: Emi Goal: My goal as the Guild Master is to create a place where everyone can get along & feel welcomed. To make this Guild feel welcoming & fun. I try my absolute best to always make sure everyone is feeling their best & having a good time, I just want everyone to get along & feel as though they're in a place where they can just be themselves & have fun. About: Hello my name's Emily, although I usually just go by "Emi" & if it wasn't obvious enough, I'm the Guild Master! I'm a pretty big dork not gonna lie, I enjoy just spending time with everyone & having fun. I'm usually really energetic & positive to be around, & I literally cry over everything. Probably the hugest Lu enthusiast on Void and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not sexually harassing my best friend Mir. Don't worry- I swear it's consensual! ★ Forum Account: Admin IGN: Ailyanilla Goal: To keep any drama out of Emi's Guild & helping her out to keep this place friendly & active! I plan to achieve this by talking to people if they have a problem & help them solve it. About: I absolutely adore animals, my favorite being a cat. I enjoy listening to music & hanging out with all my friends, dressing up my Aisha in game. I use to be really shy before I met Emi & everyone else, I've come a long way & I'm really proud! & no- it's isn't consensual Emi >_> Forum Account: Admin IGN: Skynion Goal: I want to make the guild a friendly & fun environment to be in. I always try to make everyone laugh by MEMEING & I'm always down to help someone in need! About: I'm a guy who just likes A E S T H E T I C things whether it be graphic art, video edits and such. I love helping people and making people laugh and I do just that with everyone I meet &talk too. Also I play Smash Bros competitively and plEASE SUB TO MY TWITCH I NEED $$$$$$ Forum Account: Admin IGN: xAnonx Goal: To get people active in both the discord and in-game. About: I'm just a friendly black guy that plays PC & PS4 games, with a tendency to meme A LOT. I will try to help my Guildies to the best of my ability, no messing with my beloved friends though that's for damn sure. Forum Account: Admin IGN: Dislinked Goal: Don't really know if this can be considered a goal however, I'd like the guild members to be able to accept anyone who comes into it or such like that. Other than that, for them to have fun in the guild! ♥ About: Don't feel afraid to approach me at anytime I'm online, if that may be to help, talk or just anything I'll be there! you will learn more things about me in the guild as you join. ♥ Forum Account: Admin IGN: Adric Goal: To keep the Guild an active, drama-free & friendly place. About: I'm not really that well-versed with anything relating to Elsword, but I'll help in any way I can. I'm a huge dork that makes stupid jokes 24/7. I'm the biggest weeb, I'll splurge about my waifu at the drop of a hat. & I'd say I'm a pretty nice guy, I hope we can get along well. SPEaKing OF WAIfu's E M I L Y IS NUMBeR oNE. Forum Account: Wanna join? here's how! please follow the format giving below. ★ IGN: ★ Timezone: ★ About yourself: ★ Why you'd like to join us: ★ That's it for now, we'll be sure to add anything else if need be. We hope to see you in game! ★ (if you need to contact me, my Discord is "emi#9569") Huge thanks to @Skynion for the amazing edits. All art belongs to respected owners!
  8. Currently Recruiting! 「The Law」 +Announcements+ +About Us+ Rules Allies Ranks Skills +Discord+ +Government+ +Events+ +Application+ 10/01/18: Aenox and Okia are now Administrators! Congratulations! 10/01/18: Politic logged on and declared members that are inactive for more than 5 days will be kicked! 「Rules」 Opinions. Respect them and the person giving the opinion. If you don't like it you can beat them over the head with it in PMs, just keep it out of guild chat. Drama. As entertaining as it is, keep it out of guild chat. No one wants to see it. Drama x2. Our guild is not defined by one or two members. If a member is acting out of line contact an Administrator or the Guild Master to resolve the issue. Languages. We do not mind if your English isn't the best, our Administrators speak Engrish on a daily basis. As long as you can understand basic English then you're welcome to join. Inactivity. If you are inactive for more than 5 days and want to remain in the guild, please join the guild Discord as we have an Absence List to keep track of players with an absence reason. Official Rules. As always, do not break them. We will not hesitate to file a ban report if a member is caught breaking any of these rules. As for mega spam, well, we've all broken that rule. Guild Bank. Put junk in here and we'll have all sorts of problems. Please do not take items out of the Guild Bank in bulk, we do not want to have to demote everyone to Member to limit the amount of items you can put in and take out. Items put in the Guild Bank become guild property and are meant to be shared, if you plan on reselling an item in the Guild bank for your own profit you will be kicked without warning. Characters. We don't care if it's a main or an alt, just please be active and contribute to the guild or socialise with the members. Recruiting. As of right now everyone in the guild has the ability to recruit. Do not purposefully invite rule breakers as it will result in banning you and them from the guild. Salt. We have a vent channel in the guild Discord. Use it. We do not want to have to repeatedly tell people to not openly flame or insult people or guilds in the guild chat. 「Allies」 TBA. 「Ranks」 Guild Master - Politic quit thread when Administrator - We don't accept applications for this rank as of right now. Officer - Default rank everyone gets. Veteran - Given to people who have broken one of the guild rules. Member - Default rank if Guild Bank rules are broken. Initiate - This is your last warning after you've broken more than one guild rule. 「Skills」 Don't forget to make an introduction when joining! This is where most of our members socialise. If you're a Guild Master you can also request for a Guild Alliance by sending our Guild Master a message through Discord. If you're not interested in joining our guild that's understandable, our guild may not be for everyone, however if you'd still like to be a guest feel free to join the Discord and chat with us! We need to harass this man to log on. If we could kick our own GM for inactivity he would be long gone. Jk we still love you Poli but get on more you lazy ass <3 Myko is a lovely dear that takes care of and keeps the guild Discord in check. Myko has been a long time member of Nation and should be referred to as S E N P A I-/shot How'd this guy get admin? Either way hes the guild tree, if you have a dog feel free to park it next to him, he won't notice a thing. Donate height. The first thing she said after becoming admin was "oh great responsibilities". If we bribe her enough she'll do her job as an admin, maybe. Jk we love you Livi <3 Oh but this isn't everyone! We have 4 other admins that need a special s/o for all the hard work they've done! Totallynotbecausei'mtoolazytomakemoreiconsohno. Vernce, Jon, Jorogumo and Boobreyja have all put an equal amount of effort into the guild! They'll get their icons soon enough! TBA! IGN: Name: Timezone: Gender (Optional): Age (Optional): About you (Optional):
  9. NovoGroudon

    Discord to VoidEls

    Ran and Staff, well you could make a discord to be able to give us the news, maintenance and warnings! It would be really cool. And we could also communicate with several other players and interact, as well as we could increase our Market.
  10. [Valentine] | Level 14 PvE Guild ♥ Valentine was founded in June 2014, as a PvE guild for a couple of friends. Most of those friends left, but two lonely soldiers remained in Valentine. Now we are trying to make it reborn. Join us! The guild has a cute name, 'cause we are cute. We don't like fights nor drama, &, most important, we don't tolerate prejudice of any kind. We are all like family. ♥ [Who] are we looking for? We want to make new friends to play and have fun together. We miss the good old times when we had people to share stuff with. We want to connect, talk, be really good friends, help, play together, and all that. On the other side, we don't mind if you are not talkative, or if you're not in your best moment for making new friends. We respect that, and it's not a problem as long as you are an active player. Alts are permitted, as long as you're active on them. We use discord. [Skills] with gnosis' blessing We use Gnosis Blessing*, and this is the skills now active in guild: Harmonious Spirit Lv.5 Concentrated Mana Lv.5 Alchemy Specialist Lv.5 Comrade's Cheer Lv.4 *sometimes, our guild master may forget about it, so, if u notice, tell them. [Guild Rules] Well, it's always good to make some stuff as clear as possible. Don't break our heart We are friends here. We like to help each other, we make stupid talks, jokes and all that. We don't tolerate disrespectful people. Prejudice of any kind will never be allowed. Be active We want active players to help us to make this guild reborn. If you're inactive for 7 days, we will kick you. If you need to be inactive for a long time, let the guild master know. Do not beg or ask for money/stuff We are so sick and tired of people asking us for money, costumes, etc. & we try to be friendly and help each other, and then the person leaves. So, now, it's forbidden to ask stuff. We can help doing dungeons, dailies and etc. But if you're not family yet, no way we can help in any other way. Remember: we all play a lot or put real money in the game, we can't just give it to you. If you want something, work for it. ~ Maximum we do is buying stuff for you to buy from us later for the same price. ~ Issues with members If you have problems with a guildie, talk to admins or guild master. Don't break Game's rules We don't allow hackers, scammers or any bad people here. If you ever see some Valentine's member doing any bad thing, let the guild master, or admins know. Immediately. [Guild's Bank Rules] Do not put trash in the bank. If you do so, you will be warned and be punished being "Initiate" for one week. If you break it again, you will be banned. Trash is pretty much everything that is not listed below. What can you put in Guild's Bank? Consumable: Mana Elixirs, Apples, Alchemist Crafts, Orb bags Items: Treasure Hunter stuff, Barrier & Henir fragment Special: GoD Potions (wonder drugs), Shards, Pet Food, Amulets, Magic Stones, Blessed Enhancement Stones, Blessed Scrolls, Fluorites Equipment: Unique Hero Gear & El tears (be selective, please) BIG P.S.: Do not withdraw more than you contribute, or you will be warned ~ you will have to give it back or pay for it (for the person who put it there, of course). [Staff] IGN: Liesel, Ayan & Holle Rad, the person who is writing this post, is Valentine's Guild Master. I'm a Code Battle Seraph lover, who also plays Asura and Erbluhen Emotion. I play with some friends, but I love making some new ones. I love to help people playing with some characters I know how to play, doing dungeons and all that stuff. I'm talkative af sometimes, so forgive me about that. My role in the guild is to keep it in order, so, I may be the one who says no sometimes. But I'm nice tho. IGN: Anreon, Anruon & Anryon J is the Head Admin of Valentine & a beloved friend with some... weird behaviour. He asked me to tell he is sexy, quiet, handsome & Chinese. Well, he is actually a quiet person, but he lied about the rest. If u conquer their heart, it will be yours. He also likes to play together and put some order in the house. He loves organization. YOU.COULD.NEVER.IMAGINE. He plays with all Ain's classes and loves Eve (who doesn't?). P.S.: We know our staff is little at the moment, but we are just coming back. We need to make Valentine reborn. [Events] We are planning to make some events as soon as we have a good number of members. We still don't know exactly what we will do tho. It will be openned to discussion between guildies. ♥ [Applications] IGN:Class + Level:Main or Alt:Country (optional):Age (optional): Why this guild caught your attention: You can apply in game too, in advertising. ♥
  11. [MidnightBlade], a chill PvE guild created on the 14.08.2015. Due some private reasons, it became dead for a while, but now with a new lead it shall become an active guild once again. At the founding of the guild, it was decided that it will be a hybrid one, but over the time it became a pure PvE one, but fun sparing times and some fun guild pvp tournaments occur from time to time as well. So as a PvE guild ofc we do our daily fun of Henir, Heroics and SDs, sometimes as well some Ereda. ~Current guild LvL: 11~ > Follow the official VoidEls rules (any official rule breaking is not tolerable and will end up with being expelled from the guild) > Related to the 1st rule, if by any chance a hacker is found in the guild, there won’t be any hesitation to report him/her, and expel from the guild. Behaviour > Respect and you will be respected. Since we are a chill guild, joking, teasing and everything else is allowed, but please keep in mind not to cross the line (as in insulting, cursing, racism, underestimating your guild members), those are not tolerable. Try not to argue, but if anything as such happens, please inform the Guild Staff, so everything will be solved peacefully within the guild. > Beggers are not really the most loved people, so please try not to become one, and if its for help, u must understand that not everyone is available 24/7. Guild ranks: - Initiate is a rank we don’t use, only those who break a rule, or raid the bank will get demoted to initiate, and need to work their way up again. - Member, rank that is appointed to every new member upon joining, new players stay at this rank usually for a week. - Veteran, rank appointed to member who have been active and over a week in the guild. - Officer, rank appointed to members who have been for a while in the guild, active, talkative, contribute and help. Having discord is a must for officer rank. - Administrator, special rank, with which come many obligations, it’s appointed to players who have been in the guild for a while, being helpful, trusted, know how to deal with situations, supportful, initiate guild events, and hold them as well. Guild Bank > You are free to take what u need, don’t be greedy and take stacks of something, ask before taking~ > Don’t forget to share too. > Please do not put junk in the guild bank, it’s not a trash can. Inactivity > Allowed inactivity is 10 days (for now), please inform the guild staff about your planned absences, it may save you from your expel. > Number of allowed characters in the guild is: 3 > Most important rule: Be yourself and have fun < The Guild Master, our master, the one with the power to make you kneel, but we call her Eli. She’s usually sweet and bubbly, but a warning, she’s hiding a devil inside her so try not to tick her off. She loves Eve, Ara and Rena (Also Raven). She also likes Shiba Tatsuya, Gray Fullbuster, her ex, you, the guild and her nekos. She’s always online everyday so if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask her, she’s really strong if you’re asking. She is also expert at selling and trading, it’s in her blood so don’t ask me about it. She most likely spends her time opening IBs, and her luck stats is at max. If someone is bullying you, don’t worry, the guild leader is there to save you with her energy needles. Oh and we forgot to mention she likes to stalk people.However, if she didn’t find someone to tease, you might be her next victim, so hide before she sees you.(I had more to say, but she deleted it XD) The Admin who spends her time creating new characters, so don’t get shocked if she has new one. She also likes to stalk, something she’s in common with the guild master. She’s the guild master’s rival for Shiba Tatsuya and Gray Fullbuster (but she’s winning it, although it was agreed that they would share). She spends her free time reading manga and eating. She is a sweet loving person who likes to helps others, so do not hesitate to ask for her assistance if its needed. Oh you can call her Alke instead of that big name, she is the guild master’s favourite cuddle doll. A sweet creature, loved by everyone, specially the GM, well of course ‘cause they are sisters. So making Suwanna sad isn’t recommended. She is usually shy at first but when she gets to know you better, she opens up a bit. She may seem very innocent at first, but that is not the case. She is actually very perv, as it’s proved in few situations, and well considering who is her sister it is not surprising, guess it runs in the family. And well Suwanna is really nice, usually doesn’t know to say no, so will always help if she can. The Grind Master between the admins, when he sets the sights to get something, finish something, he doesn’t give up, even if it takes him hours. He is our carry lord as well. So whenever u have trouble leveling, do not forget to call him. He is a straightforward person, always says what’s on his mind, sometimes knows to be a lil harsh with choosing words, but forgive him that. Oh and he is as well a perv, looking up to his sisters (Suwanna and Amiliana). The youngest of the siblings, but the most perv one too. He is usually stubborn, so if he sometimes makes a fuss, loses his sense of judgement, tell him off to Suwanna or Amiliana~ - (There were prior alliances, but since we got new leading (GM and GAs, we going back to the start, so we apologize for not mentioning anyone, but u can always contact us again to renew our prior alliance) Gnosis: always in use. Each usage, guild members choose which skill to use it on. > The guild has an active discord server which everyone may join, being a guild member or a guest everyone is welcome (just don’t make problems~) < Guild Discord Link: CLICK HERE -TBA- You just have to fill this in~ IGN: Level & class: Age (optional): Timezone (optional): What made you decide to join us?: ~~Or just contact the GM or the GAs ingame~~ S/O to @Kreinl for doing our GM/GAs siggys~
  12. OfficerCovenant

    [Covenant] A new Journey! PvE/PvP

    We are a Level 12 Hybrid Guild, that means we are focused on both, PvE and PvP. We try to have Gnosis Blessing always up so we can enjoy the full potential of the current Guild skills. With that said, I will give you guys a screenshot on what Guild Skills we are skilled. When time comes we also level up and then we focus on more skills or reset the whole skill tree to set up better skills. Everyone can join the Guild and we also don't have an inactivity limit as we're not that big right now. However, you do get kicked if we are in need of space, if you're the last person on the last page. But don't worry, we will notify you per ingame mail or per discord DM's. You can have up to 3 characters in the Guild. We also do have, like most of the guilds here in Void, a Discord Server. But it's not really a pure Guild Server. More like a little Community Discord than a Guild Discord. >>[CLICK]<< 0) Follow the Game's Official Rules. 1) No scamming, hacking etc. 2) No drama please, and respect your guildmates. 3) If you have a problem with any of the members, tell an Admin or the Guild Master. 4) English is the only language allowed in the guild chat so that no one feels left out. 5) Guild hoppers are not accepted and will be banned from the guild afterwards. 6) Do not insult other guilds because of salt or such. 7) Don't beg. We understand that not everyone is rich or can load up EC but to beg your guildmates that they give you some stuff is not cool. 8) Don't take a whole stack of an item from the guild bank. maximun is 200 pieces of an item. Breaking the rules will follow to a warning and if keep breaking the rules you will be kicked from the guild. Initiate A temporary rank for those who gave us an abscent note. Member Given to members when they first join the guild. Veteran Given to members when they are talkative. Officer Given to members that are very active and helpful. Administrator To receive this rank you must have all of the qualities as the other ranks. You must be loyal to the Guild and get along with all guildies. Alts cannot recieve this Rank. You also has to be in our Discord Server. Guild Master @Subarashii's rank. Explains itself, I guess. If you want to ally just PM me or @Subarashii If you're just a Member/Veteran/Officer then please refrain from asking us! ♦ IGN: ♦ Class: ♦ Level: ♦ Will you join the Discord? ♦ About me:
  13. [MidnightBlade] was established on the 14.08.2015, but due to private reasons it started being a proper guild around November 2016. Guild was firstly supposed to be hybrid, but our guild skills lead us more to PvE, and so it shall stay. So we really are a PvE guild that does Henir/SDs/Heroics. But hey we don’t just do that, from time to time we also have random fun sparring sessions and there will be some random just for fun PvP tournaments within the guild. But what’s important, supporting and helping each other while having fun is what we wanna do, disrespect isn’t an option, all our members are like family~ ~Current guild LvL: 10~ ~The guild has an active discord channel, where u’ll be invited upon joining us~ >Follow the official VoidEls rules (any official rule breaking is not tolerable and will end up with being expelled from the guild) >Going back to the 1st rule, hackers are not welcome in the guild, any proof we find that you (a member) are using hacks, it follow an automatic kick from the guild, and ofc reporting to the staff. Behaviour: Respect and u will be respected. Joking is naturally allowed, but pls do not cross the line (no racism, cursing, underestimating other guild members). Try not to argue with your guild mates, if any argue occur pls talk to the GM or any GA so we solve it within the guild walls. If u even have some other problems, and need help, do not hesitate to ask, but consider the possibility that the others might be busy and can not help u every time. Guild Bank U are free to take whatever u may need, but please do not forget to share as well cuz u are not the only one that might need stuff, bank raiders are not the most loved ppl around here. On a note, if u wanna take more valuable stuff, pls ask before doing so. Inactivity Allowed inactivity is 10days, after that a nice kick is following, except for those who informed the GM and GAs about their absence, and if they by any chance got kicked by accident, rejoining is always a possibility. Number of allowed chars inside the guild: 3 Guild ranks: ~Initiate and Member are not being in use (except for Initiate, those who were appointed with that rank probably broke a rule that doesn’t count in immediate kicking) ~ Veteran: appointed to all members that join ~ Officer: appointed to the members who are already in the guild for a longer time, were active and gained the GMs trust. ~Admin: Appointed to the few ppl that were specially active, helped improve the guild to be a better place, are being fully trusted by the GM, and know how to handle troublemakers. >And the most important rule: Be yourself and have fun~ Usually an easy going person (tho when the situation calls for it, can be serious too), straightforward, willing to help if i can at that moment. Treating all members the same. Regarding the rules, always trying to talk it out at 1st, but if no results from that, without care of who it might be *gets a ban hammer prepared* Another special “powah”: Making everything innocent sound perverted. Oh and Hobby: Stalking everyone~ As a first impression he might seem like a shy person, but he is not, just a lazy one that doesn’t join talks until u talk to him directly. Rather staying by the sides observing the situations, so members don’t start argues. Actually a very caring person, always helping those who need help. When u get to know him better, u will note he is actually a very open person. Hobby: stalking the GM, and being a “completionist” (self proclaimed, and that word probably doesn’t even exist) everything he starts, he needs to complete 100%. Ellaren, actually being Astral/Ascard the GM of LunarSpectrum. Usually a very straightforward person, everything he thinks, he will say it directly to u. But becomes shy when he needs to voice chat with us on discord. Hobby: Spending 24/7 in front of the board, merchanting. Our newest admin member. He is a really talkative person, shyness lvl: -100%. Loves making jokes about anything or anyone, so beware not to fall in his claws :3 Even of that teasing side of him he still likes to help whenever he can, so don’t be shy. We forgot to mention his jokes usually can be interpreted as perv but that’s to expect of someone who has been appointed as admin from the GM. Hobby: teasing everyone, specially the GM. Guild Master: Ascard Forum: [Astral|Zephyr] Class: BM LvL: 99 Guild Master: Boobies Forum: Demon Class: BH LvL: 99 Guild Master: Tifaa Forum: Tifaa Class: GA LvL: 99 Guild Master: Nyxilis Forum: Nyxilis Class: AS LvL: 99 [We don’t bite, so we are always up for more friends (alliances) so don’t be shy to talk to us :3] ----- It is easy~ You just have to fill this in~ IGN: Level & class: Age (optional): Timezone (optional): What made you decide to join us?:
  14. Before you ask, no we are not truly rivals. We were originally going to become SET, but since our GM is a very competitive person he decided to name our guild, [Rivalis], because it was close to ''Rivals''. Despite our name, We are actually friendly people who don't mind helping, socializing with members. We are a PvE Guild, However, when we reach to level 15, we will become Hybrid. Follow all VoidElsword Official Rules. Be kind! • Members: 19x/200 • Level: 13 • Guild Storage: All unlocked • Gnossis Blessing: Always on •Future Guild Skills: [1/5] Balanced Physique [5/5] Alchemy Specialist [4/5] Mana Gain [5/5] Critical Counter [5/5] Hand of Midas or [5/5] Wrath •Current Guild Skills: 1. Be kind! That's probably one of the easiest, basically the ones that are nice and keep a good language, Are the ones that will have the fastest promotions around, we simply love nice people! They are always the ones that we keep in touch with the most! 2. Be active! Yes, that's one of the things you'll need if you wanna keep in touch with us! We kick people that are inactive over 7 days unless they post an absence application. You know where that is already probably, on our Discord of course! 3. English only! We're not against other languages, but we'd like to keep the language in English only, So everyone can understand and not end up creating confusion between each other. Yes we do want talkative and socializing members, but we won't be able to reply if we don't know what you're saying! 4. Don't rob the Guild storage! Some people work hard for that for that stuff! Don't just take our expensive goods and run for it! We only allow up to 30 stacks taken from the Guild storage, due to many people withdrawing stuff and not sharing with the others we've come up to this. Taking more than 30 or putting stuff that we don't allow will end up getting you demoted to initiate. Please make sure you read what we allow and not allow down below. 5. Don't add too many characters! There's only like a restricted/limited amount of member slots in the guild, There's also a good amount of people that wanna join, Don't take their chance with one of your alts that you won't be using! We allow only 2 characters per player in the Guild, keep that in mind! 6. Follow all Void Elsword Official Rules. I mean, hey! You won't be able to follow the Guild rules if you can't follow the Server ones to begin with, we don't like hackers and scammers, You're gonna get reported and kicked from the Guild immediately! [Void Elsword Rules] Now let's introduce our Staff! Golden, also known as Tickling, Known as one of the individuals that has been running the Guild on the NA and UK server for quite a while, after quitting both of those servers and moving to Void, he established the Guild there. He is quite an understandable person and quite social, When you have special requests, he'll always be the right choice to pick! Roy, willing to help the guild since he's joined back in the old days when [Rivalis] used to be a really small guild. He is quite understanding and always pays attention. Not only does he have enough social power, he also does everything else very well. Softly approachable person and quite social, Whenever there are any in-Guild requests, He will always run into his Admin duty and do quality work. Even though she ain't quite the fluent English speaker, She still does her best to support the Guild in everyway she can. She is frequently helping out Guild members and giving them the best service that they can get. Luna can be Shy at times, but she will take the lead if need be. She is also a very good person to talk to. If you need any help or a few tips, talk to her! Ryleona is one of those kinds of people that don't talk too often. He tends to chill and listen to other people's conversations only, but if you have any Questions or need a problem solved-- Feel free to ask him anything. If you want to ally with us, please contact our GM. Applying is done through our website. We make people apply through a Guild quiz. If you get everything right, you will achieve the member rank. If you don't, then you'll just have to retry or stay at Initiate rank. Yes, we do have a Discord, which is open to all Voidlings.
  15. Arvanta

    [Tiramisu] Cake Addicted~ Lvl 4

    “Cake Addicted” -Tiramisu Level 4 We are a Level 4 Hybrid Guild. We like to be more family based if anything. Due to only being level three, this is what our guild skills currently look like: [Will take SC l8r] We will invest points in the future based on what our members decide. 1.Respect Void’s Official Rules 2.Respect our staff and every member 3.Do not purposely create drama 4.Ask for help but don’t get mad when we can’t help with that specific thing 5.Keep our bank nice and neat. No junk. 6.Please do not be rude to other guilds, we are all friendly here. Movie & Anime Night~ Every Saturday, we will have an anime night! Anime~ Decided by GM Every other sunday, we will have a movie night! Movie~ Decided by members Admin Application~ People will fill out the form on discord if they would like to be our next Admin. Our GM & current Admin will then pick out one of them, Discord!~ This is open to anyone atm. Please obey the rules (they will be in the discord) Linku~ [Poetry] [Cherish] [MidnightOwls] [Instability] [Xepharas] [Lush] Wanna be allies?: DM me including your guild name! Ign: Arvanta Class: Sakra Devanam This GM...may or may not be the most adorablest thing you have ever seen. Always seems to blush whenever someone hugs or even touches her, you might die from cuteness. On the other hand, she is a total badass with her SD. Overall she is nice and friendly. Besides in PVP because then...she’ll rekt you Ign:Hyriee Class:Diabla & Demonio Aka Hy, this dude is super freaking friendly. Blue is convinced he might be an angel. Though, he’s badass in PVP, as do the rest of the staff. Just recently coming back to shitsword 2.0, Hy is relearning the basics. It’s kind of funny to watch tbh. Overall, he’s a great and nice guy. Unless you touch his Lu, he’ll bitch slap you. Ign: Blulu Class: Asura Blue is nice but she does have sarcasm. She is mostly known as “The Ara Version of Tomward”. Mostly because she has 20 Aras and still needs more. Warning~ Do not touch her boyfriend or she will torture you alive. “What’s 1000-7?” Ign: Class: Why do you want to join?: What is your favorite cake?:
  16. Welcome to [Euphoric]! We are a Level 13 Hybrid | Family guild! Established on [23/05/15], we are previously known as [Melodic]. On [06/07/15], we were officially reborn as [Euphoric]! Euphoric, or euphoria, derives from the Greek term euphoros, meaning 'well and healthy'. In today's terms, it is 'a state of intense excitement or happiness'. Our guild crest, hand drawn and edited by @Stay, represents the guild and what it stands for. The heart-shaped sigil represents love and friendship, elements commonly associated with happiness and joy. The wing-like appendixes on either side of the heart sigil represents the wings of a phoenix, representing flight, freedom and rebirth. Together, the crest is made to reflect the guild motto: rise from the ashes; arise to euphoria. Our aim is to achieve the state of euphoria; to create a guild environment where you can be happy and comfortable, and leave your troubles behind. We offer you our friendship and family; in return, we ask for you to engage yourself with us to your highest ability. We have very helpful and loyal members who will not hesitate to assist and chat. We have members from all over the world, so regardless of your timezone, you will definitely find company! Table of Contents Hybrid | Family Guild Level: 13 Skills: Discord We are most active and talkative on Discord, so it is highly recommended that when you join the guild you join our Discord server too! You may not join our Discord server without first joining in-game, however. The link to our Discord server will be provided in-game, in guild messages. [Euphoric] generally follows the three-strike system. The three-strike system (or TSS) is designed to give three warnings before a permanent ban from the guild. 1st strike will be given when a rule is broken; if behaviour continues the 2nd strike will be given; followed by a temporary change to 'Apprentice' rank as the 3rd strike before permanent expulsion from the guild. Official Void Rules Please follow all [Official Void Rules]. Breaking these rules, in the worst case scenario (e.g. hacking or scamming), will result in a automatic kick without warning. Behaviour Please treat all guildies with kindness and respect. Any form of racism, sexism, ageism, etc. will not be tolerated. If you do happen to have issues with another guildy, please take it up with them privately, or talk to the GM or one of the Admins about it. Please do NOT start unnecessary drama in the guild chat/Discord chat; we do not want to kill the mood. Joking around is obviously fine, however you must accept and respect that not everyone may be comfortable with particular jokes. Know when to stop. Begging will not be tolerated either. It is our right to refuse to give or help. Excessive begging may result in warnings/kicks. Inactivity If you are inactive for 14 days or more you may be kicked if we happen to need room. Admins are the only exception to this rule. If you are going to be away for more than 7 days, it is recommended that you notify us beforehand. If you are going to be away for more than 14 days, it is absolutely necessary that you inform us beforehand. The kicking 'order' is by days of inactivity > rank > level. Language While we accept people from all nations, English is the primary language spoken in this guild. Therefore, it would be highly recommended that you are a English-speaker if you want to join the guild. Guild Bank The guild bank is accessible any member of the guild; however, you store at your own risk. Once your item is stored in the guild bank it is considered guild property, and therefore accessible to any member of the guild. Out of courtesy however, it is still recommended that you ask the owner of the item for permission to take it out of the guild bank. Guild Rank Your guild rank is determined by your activeness, activity, contributions and loyalty within the guild. You may request to have your rank changed, however do not take it personally if we refuse. It is the right of the GM and Admins to refuse to give you a particular rank. It is possible to jump or skip ranks if a GM or Admin feels that you have met the requirements of that specific rank. Given as a third and final warning to members. Also used to mark members who are absent on notice. You will be given this rank upon joining. Given to those who have been members for 7 days or more. Given to those who have shown and proved loyalty to the guild. Personally selected by the GM and the Admins. You are more likely to be considered for this role if: ➳ you have been in the guild for a considerable amount of time ➳ you are friendly to all members ➳ you regularly assist other members ➳ you are fully committed to this guild ➳ you contribute good suggestions to maintain and improve the guild Please follow the official bump rules when bumping this thread. Bump once every 24 hours or after it passes page 3 of the sub-forum, whichever comes first. Mythos | PvP | L Homecoming | Hybrid | Greeting Yum | Hybrid | Jennasaur Because we are unsure of the activity of some of our guild alliances, we have not included them all. If you were previously aligned with us and are still active, please let us know! We are always looking for more guild allies however, so if you are interested, please PM the GM or one of the Admins! If you would like to join our guild, please fill out this application. IGN: Class: Language(s): Timezone: Age (optional): About me: Why you decided to join (optional):
  17. StomachAcid

    LF> Hybrid guild

    Finally coming back to this game, also i'm pretty picky. Looking for a hybrid guild of course because i don't think i can enjoy this game by just doing one part. Discord is preferred, and it would be nice if it was pretty active as well. Was looking at guilds earlier, but i'm still not sure about it. If you want to invite me, let me know here. Might not reply until later tonight though. Thanks for reading(if you did).
  18. We will shine through no matter what. Nothing will stop us from doing so, we will not let the darkness fills our hearts and devour us. Hello! This is [Resistance], a relaunched lv13 full PvE guild. The guild took a break for a while as the GM and admins went to play other games but now we’re back with a new name! We chose our guild name due to some events which occured and it symbolizes our feelings toward these events, also we picked the mind carer Poyo as our mascot! We do all kinds of PvE! SDs, heroic, henir, level carry, title hunting and ereda~ The guild has itself several kind peeps with who you can run your dailies. We don’t mind if you are geared or not after all, we're here for each other and we will improve together! note: we have changed from crit counter to anger due to having problems with our FPS (it rapidly drops from max to minimal during the use) believe it or not in party play when it procs multiple times it's able to kill not only our FPS... ofc no hackers, scammers etc. but other than void official rules we also have our own -Inactivity is set at 7days, without telling us why you can’t be online. This doesn’t protect you from being kicked out of the guild at all. If we need a free spot, you’ll get kick BUT once you can play again you will have a high priority to be reinvited and getting your rank back. -Members can have their main+1 alt. -Do not flame your fellow members in the guild, same goes for other guilds and their members. If you play pvp don’t forget you are a member of a guild and you don’t wanna cause yourself and your guild bad reputation with flaming in arena. Respect your enemies~! -Also respect your guild mates if they say “no” stop with whatever you are doing and they don’t like. We are not against jokes but if it’s bad joke just stop it and apologize. We all are humans and everyone takes jokes in a different way -Keep drama to minimum. If there is any problem, contact any of our admins, we are here for the guild. -Don’t beg. Nobody likes if anyone begs you can ask if someone will lend you but if there is no answer or “no” then it’s a NO and don’t keep spamming it, thanks. -Contribute to your new family. Be it in the form of materials, time spent helping a low level to cap, organizing SD/Henir/Heroic. -The guild chest is a public bank it is for everyone. Not only for a single person do not withdraw all the stacks of a specific item unless you have the admins permissions. Item Withdrawal is capped at 200 Exceeding this would result in either a fair trade (Example Crafted Elixirs = 20 Silver TH Coins) failure to do the fair trade would result in Admins requesting the return of the excess items and failure to return the excess would result in Expulsion from the guild. Elemental shards are capped at 200 for the guild bank needing more would require the assistance of an admin since we have a separate bank for extra shards. - Initiates Usually you will not get this rank unless you break rules! - Members Default role for new members. - Veterans Given after about one week in guild. - Officers Those who are addicted to PvE, show that they are dedicated to the guild - Admin We are a guild based on democracy, picking an admin isn’t only one’s decision. Staff decide about if the specific person who has proven activity is suitable to become an admin and be there for his guildies. *note: also for this rank is required active using discord for fast communication - Guild Master DNS servers are not responding. Please check your internet connection or contact the owner of the website. “I’m the s-secretary...!” Hi, I’m Lythan/Aoros. I’ve being playing Elsword for around 6 years now. (Gosh Chung is always bringing me back to this game… he’s way too adorable, go the hell KoG D:) I used to do some PvP but one day I realized… Am I a masochist…? Is it really worth the annoyance/flaming/bitching to do PvP…? The answer is: No way I’d tell the whole forum about this LOL. But I quit PvP, that’s basicly what I want to say. I prefer PvE by a LOT(minus Henir, that’s just a pain in the ass for me), especially Heroic dungeons~. I get a thrill from doing difficult things. I like helping people out as well… when I’m not afk that is XD. I hope you enjoy your stay in [Resistance] ♪. “Pick your poison.” Rei, Ryan-Lapua Yukiro the longest name in history represents names of both hers mains and nickname itself. 'ello there despite of my long name everyone calls me Rei/Yuki/Ryan (i love this name sadly can’t use it irl) so pick your choice~ I’m not gonna say how long i play this game let’s just say i remember season 2. I’m purely PvE oriented as most of us i love spending time in dungeons and farm something or just carry. But i’m also spending my time at our discord by chatting with others. Also i prefer democracy in our guild and i respect admins and their opinions. Ps: i tend to change my chars in guild 'cause i have a lot of exp lights, saying no to free grind (both guild lv and ERP) is a SIN! So if you see any unfamiliar name with GM rank, it's me, don't worry there wasn't any invasion. "I'll protect all who i love." Haro, I'm Baekheon (but u can call me Shi uwu) I'm a main Chung player for 2/3 years i think, more PvE than PvP, ahm, i'm shy, i like to help, and i'm lazy sometimes too -qq Other than playing Chung i have a lot of alts (i love them all especialy Ara hnng qq) I'm trying to gear them up qwq and it sometimes leads others to tease me about that. I mostly spend time at my main DC, hanging out with peeps in Altera. Out of Elsword, i like to read Shoujo/Shonen manga, chatting with some friends/guildies and listen to some music (most Kpop and Japanese music in general) “I hate fish!” Hey I’m Shiro, at least that’s what everyone is calling me. I like doing any kind of PvE, be it henir/SD/Hero/grinding titles/lvling or even helping people. What I don’t like is PvP and people that touch my Lu. Stay away from her, she’s mine. You can have Ciel though. My main job is the administrative of our discord server (i'm hidden, i'm a watcher!) But i'm there always, so if you need me don't hesitate to ping me. Also i like glasses and cute stuffs, anything what’s cute is mine. I hate cockroaches they make me go berserk! IGN | Class | main/alt: Age: Timezone: Reason why you want to join: How often do you play: Expectations on joining us: What could a seal do with a bunch of chocolate?: The last question is for fun think about it for a while Ya know that popular program which was a couple of months ago still unknown and people kept using skype and such? We decided to make our own server too~ Keep in touch at anytime Poyo♪
  19. Hi, welcome to the [Masamune] recruitment thread Are you lit enough to take your time and go trough this thread? If you answered yes,then I welcome you with all my might and hope that you make it yourself comfortable. Overview: Guild Type: Hybrid Guild Level: 9 Our Guild has a focus on both PvE and PvP to satsify our Guild Members in terms of Guild Skill Layout. Which leads us to -> Our Skills: (Gnosis is always active aswell!) Members of [Masamune] Guild Master Administrators Ranking System of the Guild Member: given if you are under Lv.25 Veteran; You are made an elite upon arrival into the guild. Officer: must be active,talk active,friendly and helpful. Admin: Admins are chosen by the Guild Master. 1) Be active 2) Have fun We have a seven (7) day inactivity kick. You may be kicked in (6) days if space is needed. This applies to everyone. If you are kicked and can be active again, we're happy to re-add you. Please note: If you leave a message in #absences on the guild Discord stating your reason for inactivity, you will have priority add and retain your rank as soon as space is available. 3) Keep the drama to a minimum. If you have an issue with someone or something, contact an admin! That's what we're here for. 4) Be respectful! Don't harass! Treat every member with respect and dignity. Yes we horse around a lot and we poke fun at each other but when someone says, "Stop" or "No" or "Don't"... Stop! and You Continue to antaginize You will be kicked swiftly and without mercy for violating this rule. 5) Guild Storage The Guild Bank is for everyone. Limit what you store to necessary items. Some examples are Wonder Drugs, Recovery Potions, Elixirs, Seraphs, Mithril, etc... Very important, don't be GREEDY from the Guild Bank. These items are to help our Guild/Family. If you see anything Stacked over 100!!! in the Guild Bank, DON'T TAKE THEM ALL! @everyone Take what you need and leave the rest for your new family. If you do need an excessive amount of items ask first before taking them all. 6) Contribute! Contribute to your new family. Be it in the form of materials or time spent helping a low level cap. Organize SD parties when not in Raid. Organize Raid parties! Buff during Raid parties. We notice and we're always appreciative! 7) Nobody may recruit or be recruited during the last week of any raid phase. 8) Officers are allowed to recruit if they are given permission to do so by the GM or an admin. 9) Habitual guild hopping will not be tolerate Application Format: IGN: Level: Age: Gender: Timzone: Main/alt: If you had to choose would you choose PvP or PvE, and why: Join us now!
  20. Accalia

    Birthday Tourney

    I'll be holding a 1v1 Tourney on December 19th. For those of you who want to join please message me on Discord: SublimeBunny#2905. I have the rules set up so that it will be an AMAZING tourney for us to have right before Christmas ^^ . Also as stated in the rules any misconduct/bad behavior will be reported to the GS's. I want us to have a great time before Christmas, so let's not have harassment, and such going on ok? I will not be taking part in the tourney as a player, but I will be watching to make sure that the battles go fairly and without a problem ^^ . For those of you who do join...GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE TRAINING YOU'VE BEEN DOING SHINE IN THIS 1V1 TOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to everyone ^^b
  21. Picture not by me~ [Sᴘᴀʀᴋ] ~ Ignite justice within your hearts ~ ~ Who are we? ~ [Spark] is a new, fresh guild aimed towards pure PvE players. We do not go for just a guild where you can talk to people, but where you can meet up for dailies, events and sparring matches. I am also working on a discord server right now, meaning that you can be invited whenever you wish to! That being said, we do want to keep conversations up at all times should there be a few people online. So don't be shy, we don't bite~! ~ Why not choose another guild? ~ A question that I always asked myself when I was looking for a guild myself. I liked what they promised: Dailies, chats, events. But they never really held it. "Weekly" events became irregular, maybe once a month. Dailies were done, but only in a single, pre-set group of the GM and three admins/friends. Guildies didn't talk a lot, only old players that knew eachother. It didn't feel like a family. And I want to make a guild that promises those things and keeps them. It is for you to find out if we do - and if we don't, speak up! ~ Rules & Ranks ~ 1. Avoid any unnecessary drama. It's okay to have a bad day, and please respect that if you're the one talking with the person that's causing drama, but make sure to either take it to PMs or talk to me about it if there should be a major problem. I will hear out both sides, so don't expect me to jump to your aid immediately. 2. Be active. Especially in the first few days, I will kick a lot. If you are below Lv80 and don't show any signs of leveling while also being mute, I will kick you once you log out for a few hours unless you tell me why. If you're below Lv35, this will also count even if you were leveling, assuming that you already grew bored of the character. This is simply to keep the guild from random afk'ers. If you wish to be added back, this is always possible. 3. Don't beg for stuff. This ranges from ranks over free stuff to leveling help. It is okay to ask for help, but don't ask more than once. This is just to avoid spam in general. 4. Use the guild tab "Message" to Sell, Buy and Trade. Don't spam the chat with your offers. This also counts for login messages. Anything inappropriate and s/t/b-involved will have to be deleted/changed. 5. Leave the guild bank free of junk. Especially gear and Materials(unless they are Treasure Hunter stuff) are strictly forbidden to be put in the bank. Plus, do not take out tons of one item stack. As a rule of thumb, take 25% max unless an admin or I allow you otherwise. For treasure hunter stuff, only Blacksmiths and Alchemists are allowed to take mithrils/elixirs. Regarding Ranks: Guild Master: That's me. Spot taken. Admin: Only for highly-active, mature and helpful people. I will personally ask people who I seem are suited. You may suggest anyone but yourself, though. Veteran: Active for at least a week, needs discord. Ask for it once the week is over. Elite: Talkactive OR with discord. Ask for it if it's not given automatically by Admins/Me. Member: The default rank until you ask/qualify for another. Apprentice: The rank you'll get if I forgot to put you as a member, or if you need to be punished. ~ Application form ~ IGN: Profession: Any reputation so far?: About you(optional): Discord(optional): Suggestions for the guild(optional):
  22. Cyberus


    First of all, I'd like to invite you to our discord server. I'll post a link to it at the bottom of this post here. We take all comers, and are a hybrid guild of PVP and PVE. We focus on bringing new elsword players into the fold, and rekindling the love older players had for the game. We are NOT a neo-nazi regime. We refuse to trash other guilds or take part in drama between guilds, and drama WITHIN this guild will be dealt with quickly and sternly. Trolls are treated all the same. We are adults, and we will conduct ourselves as such, and we expect the same from our members. The voice chat is open and free. We have multiple rooms as well as a place for streamers and youtubers to look for partners and fellow players to stream with or collab with. We also play other games, as AeonZero Entertainment isn't just a guild here in elsword, but a guild in practically everything and anything we can dip our hands into! We've previously hosted guilds in the original Elsword NA server, Grand chase, Grand chase Reborn, Combat arms, and Dynasty Warriors Online (Before it closed.) Now, we also recruit Paladins: Champions of the realm players, Overwatch players, League of legends players, Battleborn players, And essentially ANYTHING that supports competition level play. We also specialize in media creation! From music, to entertainment videos, at Aeon Zero, we want to create a COMMUNITY, not just a guild tag.So please, if you plan to join Aeon Zero Entertainment, keep in mind that we expect only the best from you in manners. We want to make it a safe place for new players to learn and grow, and for professional players to keep their cool~ The rules are simple. Don't scream at your fellow players, and don't be a douchebag~ Think you can keep up with that? Great! So come on in and join us! What are you waiting for?!
  23. This goes for the official Discord server. Currently the GS's and the Forum Mods are in charge of the Discord server. But people sometimes ask them for problems, and they get no response back. I know that they're too busy for things in the Discord server. So what I was thinking was to add separate Discord Mods to be in charge of the server, so the current staff don't have much to worry about things there. This is based just by my opinion, so you can also add yours if you like.