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Found 7 results

  1. We have a daily quest for most farmable dungeons. Henir Secret Dungeons (also has weekly) Heroic Dungeons These daily/weekly quests provide extra rewards for players for running the specific dungeons everyday, and it also provides an incentive to put up with the daily grinding. I know that Elrianode is not one of the "special dungeons" like Henir, but in its properties, it's very similar to Heroic: You need to farm dungeons to get drops or materials for crafting the equips (El-Tears/Dust) You need to do a lot of farming and it's RNG-based. Tickets are required (for 11-3 and 11-5) So I think a daily (or weekly) quest similar to the Heroic daily quest would be not too far-fetched. I was thinking something along the lines of "[Daily] Clear Elrianode dungeons (0/3)". As for the reward, it could be a range of things and I'm open to suggestions. Possiblities could be (for a daily quest): Elrianode Defense Request (people complain about the droprate a lot from what I've seen. I know we just got some from the event, but I'm looking into the future here, unless Void plans on regularly giving out Defense Requests) a certain amount of "Fragment Powder" (Choose color) (similar to getting Time- and Space Crystals from Henir quest) Cube containing random El Tear fragment (completely random) OR choose a color, get a cube containing a random El-Tear fragment of the chosen color. (I see the cube concept as similar to Heroic Equipment storage) Possibly also a combination of the above (something like 2 Defense Request and an El-Tear Fragment cube). Elrianode is the strongest armor set in the game currently, and a lot of people want one. That's why I think implementing this would be beneficial to a large amount of people. Now, I was very minimalistic when writing this suggestion. Maybe a single additional El-Tear each day won't help as much. But that's subject to discussion. I look forward to hearing your opinion. EDIT: Proposals by @Crimson-Avenger and @Bloody-Queen As for me, I really like these proposed quest ideas. I also support the Hero Coin / Apink Card idea from @FrozenK. The Apink card system really could need a buff. Special thanks to @draco123 @Crimson-Avenger @FrozenK @Bloody-Queen for fleshing out the idea and discussing merits/demerits of specific contents and rewards, as well as keeping the thread alive during my absence.
  2. Hennon: The combination of the Primal El and the Dark El... You will be my new test subjects!! Aargh...!! Kughhhhhh!! I didn't expect to use this power here... Post your clear time and video down below if you even tried to complete this dungeon. (Solo/Party)
  3. Post your clear time and video down below if you have completed this dungeon. (Solo/Party and No/Queue Buff).
  4. Title. My general bankshare suggestion is ignored as always so I want to make a separate thread to emphasize on the importance of this. This isn't Elrianode armor where fear of bugs etc may be a problem, these are accessories that were never supposed to be unbankshareable (honestly no idea what KoG is thinking with this kind of stuff). Inb4 -1s cause mah balance. Probably my simplest suggestion so far.
  5. I really have this problem becuz i'm not rich by someone i want to play another char but the full gear is in main char can't sharebank T_T
  6. Since this server isn't planning on allowing us to bankshare the new gear, would it be possible to remove the [Sealing Impossible] identification? People will load up to buy Gold Seals and the staff will get extra income from it.