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Found 1 result

  1. Its going to be a new year soon, also happy new year to everyone who read this. I am back from my slumber thanks to my dreadful exams as an engineer for whole years. Anyways, We are making an Ereda Island suggestion for the new year obviously. Why I said we, because I am not the only one who made this topic, but everyone on Ereda Island Research Center Discord channel made by @HonorPanda discussing together until this thread exist, waiting for other players's another suggestion too. So this is our topic: Ereda Island New Year Suggestion for Void Elsword These are our backgrounds why we made this topic. The first one is obviously "Ereda is Dead" and the second one is some outdated rewards still exist even the oldest one. But we have some suggestion that some players might need in the long run which our main priority, they are mostly on Crafting category but few of them are Exchange category. All those stuff should be added into Void's Naeun's Crafting and Exchange menus. Our those suggestion are: We also want these "dummied exchange" which a leftover from S2 Ereda to be removed on NPC Camilla, they are like this: Another suggestion which not our main priority is allowing every players to queue Ereda Island as a team. The reason is simple, some players might wanting a Premade vs Premade match just for intense competitive gameplay. Since this is not our main priority, it is alright if this not exist in Void Elsword. We know it's extremely hard to modify it, but it would change Void's Ereda dramatically if this happened. But the first priority is revamp Ereda Rewards for Void Elsword! S/O to every members of Ereda Island Research Center Discord Channel who encouraged me to made this topic. All players opinions also welcomed. We are waiting for it. .w./ Eleunora